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Trying out React 18 Alpha (swizec.com)
Jun 11, 2021
React 18 is here! That's the one with concurrent mode.
Trying Out React 18 Alpha Release (blog.bitsrc.io)
Jun 11, 2021
This tutorial will help you learn the new features already present in React 18 Alpha that I’ve been able to try myself.
  • Nathan Sebhastian
The Plan for React 18 (reactjs.org)
Jun 08, 2021
The React team is excited to share a few updates.
Introducing Zero-Bundle-Size React Server Components (reactjs.org)
Dec 21, 2020
2020 has been a long year. As it comes to an end we wanted to share a special Holiday Update on our research into zero-bundle-size React Server Components.
Upgrading to React 17 and Webpack 5 (blog.bitsrc.io)
Dec 09, 2020
How I upgraded my project to React 17 and Webpack 5.
  • Chameera Dulanga
New JSX Enhancements in React 17 (blog.bitsrc.io)
Dec 07, 2020
What’s New for JSX in React 17 and Why You Should Care
  • Dilantha Prasanjith
React v17.0 (reactjs.org)
Oct 20, 2020
Today, we are releasing React 17! We’ve written at length about the role of the React 17 release and the changes it contains in the React 17 RC blog post.
What’s new in React v17, and the road to v18 (blog.logrocket.com)
Sep 25, 2020
A few weeks ago, the React team released the library’s latest version, React v17.0 RC. In this post, we will look into the new changes and updates this new release shipped with.
  • Nwose Lotanna
Diving into the new JSX transform (blog.logrocket.com)
Sep 24, 2020
With React 17, you no longer need to import React in your files to use React. Confused? This article will tell you what you need to know in order to migrate both your code and knowledge to this new way of doing things.
  • Kristofer Selbekk
React v17.0 Release Candidate: No New Features (reactjs.org)
Aug 10, 2020
Today, we are publishing the first Release Candidate for React 17. It has been two and a half years since the previous major release of React, which is a long time even by our standards! In this blog post, we will describe the role of this major release, what changes you can expect in it, and how you can try this release.
React v16.13.0 (reactjs.org)
Feb 26, 2020
Today we are releasing React 16.13.0. It contains bugfixes and new deprecation warnings to help prepare for a future major release.
  • Sunil Pai
Preparing for the Future with React Prereleases (reactjs.org)
Oct 22, 2019
To share upcoming changes with our partners in the React ecosystem, we’re establishing official prerelease channels. We hope this process will help us make changes to React with confidence, and give developers the opportunity to try out experimental features.
What's New in React 16.9: The UNSAFE Update (scotch.io)
Aug 14, 2019
As we prepare for React v17, the React core team continues to make incremental changes and recently released React 16.9.0. This release builds on previous versions with a number of deprecations, new features and bug fixes.
  • Austin Roy
React v16.9.0 and the Roadmap Update (reactjs.org)
Aug 08, 2019
Today we are releasing React 16.9. It contains several new features, bugfixes, and new deprecation warnings to help prepare for a future major release.
The future of React, unfolding with Suspense (blog.logrocket.com)
Jun 11, 2019
This won’t be just another article on how to write Hooks, but rather what to expect in the future of React! If you have never heard of Hooks, or any other new API in React, this article will be a great start to get you excited about the future.
  • Lusan Das
React Native Open Source Update March 2019 (facebook.github.io)
Mar 01, 2019
We announced our React Native Open Source roadmap in Q4 2018 after deciding to invest more in the React Native open source community. In the past two months, we made more progress than we expected. Read on for more details.
  • Christoph Nakazawa
React v16.8: The One With Hooks (reactjs.org)
Feb 06, 2019
With React 16.8, React Hooks are available in a stable release!
UI as an afterthought (michel.codes)
Feb 05, 2019
A question people ask me regularly: “How do all the new React features (context, hooks, suspense) affect how we build (web) apps in the future? Do they make state management libraries like Redux or MobX obsolete?” With this post, I’ll try to answer that question once and for all!
React v16.7: No, This Is Not the One With Hooks (reactjs.org)
Dec 19, 2018
Our latest release includes an important performance bugfix for React.lazy. Although there are no API changes, we’re releasing it as a minor instead of a patch.
React 16.x Roadmap (reactjs.org)
Nov 27, 2018
You might have heard about features like “Hooks”, “Suspense”, and “Concurrent Rendering” in the previous blog posts and talks. In this post, we’ll look at how they fit together and the expected timeline for their availability in a stable release of React.
React v16.6.0: lazy, memo and contextType (reactjs.org)
Oct 23, 2018
Today we’re releasing React 16.6 with a few new convenient features. A form of PureComponent/shouldComponentUpdate for function components, a way to do code splitting using Suspense and an easier way to consume Context from class components.
Create React App 2.0: Babel 7, Sass, and More (reactjs.org)
Oct 01, 2018
Create React App 2.0 has been released today, and it brings a year’s worth of improvements in a single dependency update.
Why React16 is a blessing to React developers (medium.freecodecamp.org)
Sep 13, 2018
Just like how people are excited about updating their mobile apps and OS, developers should also be excited to update their frameworks. The…
  • Harsh Makadia
Introducing the React Profiler (reactjs.org)
Sep 10, 2018
React 16.5 adds support for a new DevTools profiler plugin. This plugin uses React’s experimental Profiler API to collect timing information about each component that’s rendered in order to identify performance bottlenecks in React applications. It will be fully compatible with our upcoming time slicing and suspense features.
React v16.4.2: Server-side vulnerability fix (reactjs.org)
Aug 01, 2018
We discovered a minor vulnerability that might affect some apps using ReactDOMServer. We are releasing a patch version for every affected React minor release so that you can upgrade with no friction. Read on for more details.
Time slice and Suspense API – What’s coming in React 17? (blog.pusher.com)
Jun 12, 2018
In this tutorial, we will explore what’s new in React 17 along with Time Slice and Suspense API.
React v16.4.0: Pointer Events (reactjs.org)
May 23, 2018
The latest minor release adds support for an oft-requested feature: pointer events!
React v16.3.0: New lifecycles and context API (reactjs.org)
Mar 29, 2018
In React 16.3.0, we are adding a few new lifecycle methods to assist with that migration. We are also introducing new APIs for long requested features: an official context API, a ref forwarding API, and an ergonomic ref API.
Sneak Peek: Beyond React 16 (reactjs.org)
Mar 01, 2018
Dan Abramov from our team just spoke at JSConf Iceland 2018 with a preview of some new features we’ve been working on in React. The talk opens with a question: “With vast differences in computing power and network speed, how do we deliver the best user experience for everyone?”
Behind the Scenes: Improving the Repository Infrastructure (reactjs.org)
Dec 15, 2017
As we worked on React 16, we revamped the folder structure and much of the build tooling in the React repository.
Introducing the React RFC Process (reactjs.org)
Dec 07, 2017
We’re adopting an RFC (“request for comments”) process for contributing ideas to React.
React v16.2.0: Improved Support for Fragments (reactjs.org)
Nov 28, 2017
React 16.2 is now available! The biggest addition is improved support for returning multiple children from a component’s render method. We call this feature fragments.
  • Clement Hoang
What's new in React 16? (robinwieruch.de)
Oct 05, 2017
All React 16 changes in one article. It tells you about the new return types with fragments and strings, portals in React, componentDidCatch and error boundaries for a robust error handling in React, setState with returning null and custom DOM attributes in React.
React v16.0 (reactjs.org)
Sep 26, 2017
We’re excited to announce the release of React v16.0! Among the changes are some long-standing feature requests, including fragments, error boundaries, portals, support for custom DOM attributes, improved server-side rendering, and reduced file size.
React v15.6.2 (reactjs.org)
Sep 25, 2017
Today we’re sending out React 15.6.2. In 15.6.1, we shipped a few fixes for change events and inputs that had some unintended consequences. Those regressions have been ironed out, and we’ve also included a few more fixes to improve the stability of React across all browsers.
  • Nathan Hunzaker
DOM Attributes in React 16 (reactjs.org)
Sep 08, 2017
In the past, React used to ignore unknown DOM attributes. If you wrote JSX with an attribute that React doesn’t recognize, React would just skip it.
Error Handling in React 16 (reactjs.org)
Jul 26, 2017
As React 16 release is getting closer, we would like to announce a few changes to how React handles JavaScript errors inside components. These changes are included in React 16 beta versions, and will be a part of React 16.
What's New in Create React App (reactjs.org)
May 18, 2017
Less than a year ago, we introduced Create React App as an officially supported way to create apps with zero configuration. The project has since enjoyed tremendous growth, with over 950 commits by more than 250 contributors.
React v15.5.0 (reactjs.org)
Apr 07, 2017
It’s been exactly one year since the last breaking change to React. Our next major release, React 16, will include some exciting improvements, including a complete rewrite of React’s internals. We take stability seriously, and are committed to bringing those improvements to all of our users with minimal effort.
React v15.4.0 (reactjs.org)
Nov 16, 2016
Today we are releasing React 15.4.0.

Video Guides & Talks

What You NEED To Know About React 18 (youtube.com)
Jun 14, 2021
React 18 was announced! I'm very excited! There's a lot to learn about, but right now there's 4 things you NEED to know today.
  • Harry Wolff
React 17 (youtube.com)
Sep 11, 2020
React 17 is coming, so let's talk about all the new features that will be available!!
Code Review: React 17 Gradual Upgrade Demo (youtube.com)
Aug 24, 2020
We're back! More code review! This one is a great one - walking through how the React Gradual Upgrade demo works!
  • Harry Wolff
React 17’s Best New Feature: Gradual Upgrades (youtube.com)
Aug 17, 2020
React 17 RC is out! The blog post says no new features but I disagree! I think it's ability to better support gradual upgrades is an awesome new feature!
  • Harry Wolff
React Fiber Deep Dive with Dan Abramov (youtube.com)
Jun 26, 2019
In this deep dive you'll learn how to contribute to React Fiber, and implement a new rendering mode for React.
What's New in React 16.3.0 (youtube.com)
Mar 30, 2018
In this video we’ll look at "what's new" in React version 16.3. It turns out there are a lot of new features packed in this release. There is a new Context API, some new ref APIs, new and updated lifecycle methods, a new strict mode component, an experimental async mode component, and an updated version of React DevTools.
The Guide to React 16's New Features (youtube.com)
Dec 11, 2017
React 16 was released at the end of September and it's a very big release! It's packed with new features, such as being able to return strings and fragments from components.
  • Harry Wolff

Podcast Episodes

Sunil Pai on The Future of UI Frameworks (reactpodcast.com)
Dec 05, 2019
Today, Sunil and I dive into the future of React as a UI framework, how Concurrent mode marks a shift in focus from developer experience to user experience, and what it'll take to finally get better designer tooling for React.
Facebook React with Dan Abramov (softwareengineeringdaily.com)
May 16, 2019
After seeing the initial traction, Facebook invested heavily into React, creating entire teams within the company whose goal was to improve React. Dan Abramov works on the React team at Facebook and joins the show to talk about how the React project is managed and his vision for the project.
Syntax Live React Edition (syntax.fm)
Apr 10, 2019
It's another live episode of Syntax in which Wes and Scott do Hook'd on Hooks, Who's Snackin' on React, Stump'd, Unpopular Opinions, Q & Eh, and more!
React Today and Tomorrow with the React Core Team (reactpodcast.com)
Oct 31, 2018
The React core team sits down with Michael Jackson to discuss React today and tomorrow. They talk Concurrent Mode, Suspense, Hooks, the new profiler tab, scheduling in the browser, React Fire, React Fusion, becoming more framework-y, appearing less JavaScript-y, and why you shouldn’t worry about the second argument of useEffect.
What's New in React (spec.fm)
Oct 30, 2018
We sync about the avalanche of changes that hit React last month and will be hitting React next month.
  • Una Kravets
  • Chris Dhanaraj
React 16 - Fiber and Beyond (thewebplatformpodcast.com)
Mar 07, 2018
In the past few years React has become a mainstay in the front end development community and React 16 has more to offer than ever. This week our hosts chat with Andrew Clark of the React core team about some of React’s history as well as some of the new exciting things in React 16 and beyond.