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Write tests. Not too many. Mostly integration. (kentcdodds.com)
Jul 17, 2019
Guillermo Rauch tweeted this a while back. Let's take a dive into what it means.
How to use the useState React hook (flaviocopes.com)
Jul 17, 2019
Find out what the useState React hook is useful for, and how to work with it!
Next.js Practical Introduction: Pages and Layout (auth0.com)
Jul 16, 2019
Learn how to use Next.js to create server-side rendered React applications.
  • Dan Arias
Re-writing React Navigation Stack (blog.expo.io)
Jul 16, 2019
Recently I’ve been working with with Michał Osadnik on a new version of the stack navigator, which lives under the react-navigation-stack repo as a standalone package.
  • Satyajit Sahoo
Redux with Code-Splitting and Type Checking (blogs.dropbox.com)
Jul 16, 2019
This article assumes a working knowledge of Redux, React, React-Redux, TypeScript, and uses a little bit of Lodash for convenience.
  • Matthew Gerstman
Adding Sitemaps to Gatsby Websites (alligator.io)
Jul 15, 2019
Thankfully, adding a sitemap to a Gatsby.js project is incredibly simple! Let’s go over how in the post below.
  • Daniel Stout

Latest Video Guides & Talks

Build a site showcase Gatsby theme (part 1) (youtube.com)
Jul 16, 2019
For the Theme Jam website, we need to build a showcase. Since submissions are being tracked in Airtable, we’ll build a Gatsby theme to load Airtable data and display showcase entries.
  • Jason Lengstorf
Docs and examples in Gatsby themes (youtube.com)
Jul 16, 2019
How do you create clear, helpful documentation and demos for Gatsby themes? In this livestream, Horacio Herrera pairs with Jason to add documentation and an example to a theme.
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Horacio Herrera
BBC iPlayer - “Can it be done in React Native?” (youtube.com)
Jul 16, 2019
In this video, we are building the BBC iPlayer using React Native.
Intermediate React and Firebase Tutorial - Build an Evernote Clone (youtube.com)
Jul 15, 2019
In this intermediate React.js tutorial, we create a clone of the popular note-taking application Evernote. This app will allow us to create notes with a full text editor, and update live to a database using Firebase.
  • Zack Wilson
React Native CLI - A Community Takeover (youtube.com)
Jul 15, 2019
Talk at React Native Wrocław Meetup
  • Michał Pierzchała
React Native, Your UX Superhero (youtube.com)
Jul 15, 2019
Talk at React Native Wrocław Meetup
  • Noemi Rozpara

Latest Books & Guides

web.dev React guide (web.dev)
May 08, 2019
Build performant and progressive React applications.
  • Houssein Djirdeh
Reintroducing React (leanpub.com)
May 02, 2019
Modern React with Every React Update Since v16 Demystified (includes advanced hooks)
  • Ohans Emmanuel
React Hooks CheatSheet (react-hooks-cheatsheet.com)
Apr 14, 2019
React hooks cheatsheet with live editable examples.
  • Ohans Emmanuel
React Native in Action (manning.com)Get it on Amazon
Mar 25, 2019
React Native in Action gives iOS, Android, and web developers the knowledge and confidence they need to begin building high-quality iOS and Android apps using the React Native framework.
React Explained (ostraining.com)
Mar 19, 2019
React Explained is a fun and enjoyable introduction to React, which is the Javascript framework of choice for WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and thousands of developers.
  • Zac Gordon
Complete Intro to React v5 Notes (btholt.github.io)
Mar 13, 2019
Notes for the Complete Intro to React v5 course on Frontend Masters.

Latest Courses & Video Series

Complete React Developer in 2019 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) (udemy.com)
Jul 01, 2019
Become a Senior React Developer! Build a massive E-commerce app with Redux, Hooks, GraphQL, ContextAPI, Stripe, Firebase.
  • Andrei Neagoie
  • Yihua Zhang
VR Applications using React 360 (egghead.io)
Jun 25, 2019
In this course, Tomasz Łakomy will show you how to use React 360 to create amazing 3D and VR experiences. You’ll build on your React foundation, using the component formatting you already know, and push it to another dimension to create web apps that can be enjoyed across mobile, desktop, and VR headsets. And you won’t need to use crazy complex tools like WebGL to do it — just React!
  • Tomasz Łakomy
UI Interactions in Framer Playground (designcode.io)
Jun 11, 2019
Create powerful design and code components for your app and design system using Framer X. Learn how to design and animate an app from scratch and use React to create production-ready components.
  • Meng To
Intermediate React, v2 (frontendmasters.com)
Jun 11, 2019
Learn to build scalable React applications using the latest tools and techniques available in the React ecosystem! This is a modular course where you can pick and choose the various pieces of the react ecosystem you want to learn.
Microservices with Docker, Flask, and React (testdriven.io)
Jun 05, 2019
In this course, you will learn how to quickly spin up a reproducible development environment with Docker to manage a number of microservices. Once the app is up and running locally, you'll learn how to deploy it to an Amazon EC2 instance. Finally, we'll look at scaling the services on Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and adding AWS Lambda.
  • Michael Herman
    Complete Intro to React, v5 (frontendmasters.com)
    Jun 04, 2019
    Learn to build real-world applications using modern React! Much more than an intro, you’ll start from the ground up, getting all the way to using the latest features in React, including hooks, effects, context, and portals.

    Latest Podcast Episodes

    Get Access with Aaron Cannon (reactpodcast.com)
    Jul 11, 2019
    This week, we talk accessibility pitfalls with Aaron Canon. Aaron is the co-founder and chief accessibility engineer at Accessible360 — where he uses his experience as a blind developer to improve real-world accessibility for all citizens of the web.
    The State Machines in React with David Khourshid (devchat.tv)
    Jul 09, 2019
    The panel discusses what a state is in React. David defines a state as a moment in time. States can change, when they do, that’s a state transition. They talk about the utility of states and thinking about your app as a state machine.
    Performance with Anna Doubkova (devchat.tv)
    Jul 09, 2019
    Anna Doubkova, a developer at Hive, shares her experience switching to React Native from React. Anna and Charles Max Wood discuss the reusability when moving from React to React Native.
    • Charles Max Wood
    • Anna Doubkova
    Embrace the PHP with Next.js, Featuring Tim Neutkens (reactpodcast.com)
    Jul 07, 2019
    We sit with Tim Neutkens, lead developer on Next.js, an open source framework, for react, by ZEIT. He tells us how you can get back to that beautiful, fun PHP experience but with all of the benefits of SSR, HMR, AMP, and so many more initialisms.
    Design Systems with Varya Stepanova (devchat.tv)
    Jul 02, 2019
    Varya talks about how a component library turns into a design system and shares some of her experience. She talks about how the concepts in a design system are influenced and created by the existing interface.
    Testing Libraries with Michał Pierzchała (devchat.tv)
    Jul 02, 2019
    Michał explains why his team built the library and the problems they were experiencing with Enzyme. Enzyme and the React Native Testing Library are compared and the pro’s and con’s of using each is considered.
    • Charles Max Wood
    • Michał Pierzchała

    Latest Library Releases

    react-on-lambda (github.com)120
    Jul 01, 2019
    A JavaScript library for building React applications in more functional way. Alternative to JSX.
    • Sultan Arziev
    react-hook-form (react-hook-form.now.sh)184
    Jul 01, 2019
    React hook form validation without the hassle.
      informed (joepuzzo.github.io)279
      Jul 01, 2019
      Informed is an extensive, simple, and efficient solution for creating basic to complex forms in react.
      • Joe Puzzo
      webpack (webpack.js.org)47190
      Jul 01, 2019
      A bundler for javascript and friends
      • Tobias Koppers
      • Sean Larkin
      @appbaseio/reactivesearch (opensource.appbase.io)2912
      Jul 01, 2019
      A React and React Native UI components library for Elasticsearch
      • Deepak Grover
      • Divyanshu Maithani
      • Dhruvdutt Jadhav
      react-native-navigation (wix.github.io)9714
      Jul 01, 2019
      A complete native navigation solution for React Native
      • Guy Carmeli
      • Daniel Zlotin
      • Wix

      Latest Jobs

      Senior React / ReactNative engineer (hire.withgoogle.com)
      Endpoint Closing / El Segundo, CA, USA
      Jul 16, 2019
      Endpoint Closing aims to modernize the escrow closing process by removing legwork, faxes and emails and bringing the complex workflows of the escrow business into a state of the art app. We’re using AWS, NodeJS and React/ReactNative to deliver high quality technology to our growing user base. If you are excited about modernizing one of the last bastions of old school low tech, we’d like to talk to you.
          Remote Senior Full-stack JavaScript Engineer (React / Node.js) (notion.so)
          Aula / Remote
          Jul 11, 2019
          Aula is a remote-first 50-person team building a social learning platform. Our mission is to enable all educators to engage all students. We’re looking for a seasoned full-stack engineer to build features across the entire stack (front-end, back-end, mobile) and challenge our thinking on architecture.
              Full Stack Software Engineer (JS) (slashdata.workable.com)
              /Data / Athens, Greece / Remote
              Jul 03, 2019
              /Data is the leading research company in the developer economy: We help the world understand developers and developers understand the world. We’re now looking for a full-time Software Engineer to help drive data and visual insights out of millions of developer data points. The position is full time, either remote or based in our Athens office, we will also consider locations within 2-3 hours of Central European Time. Requirements: 3+ years of experience developing web applications with modern JavaScript (ES6+) frameworks, proven experience with React, Redux and related technologies.
                  Frontend Developer (netdata.recruitee.com)
                  Netdata / Remote
                  Jun 27, 2019
                  Netdata is looking for talented frontend developers to join our distributed (remote) engineering team. As a frontend developer at Netdata, you will need to be passionate about web technologies, declarative/reactive programming paradigms, testable code and extreme performance. You will live and breathe within the Chrome/Firefox/Safari Developer Tools and make sure we deliver a world-class experience to the millions of people using our product on a daily basis.
                      Frontend Engineer (Product) (boards.greenhouse.io)
                      Netlify / San Francisco, US / Remote
                      Jun 20, 2019
                      We're looking for an experienced frontend engineer to work across everything from the core Netlify product, to our additional properties and Open Source projects. Our core tools at Netlify are React and Redux with a dash of Webpack and a whiff of Babel, but it’s more important that you have a solid foundation as a web developer and a good sense of architecture and clean code.
                          Software Engineer (Frontend | React) (boards.greenhouse.io)
                          Anchorage / San Francisco, US
                          Jun 19, 2019
                          Role Description: Create an intuitive user experience that simplifies complex data into digestible, actionable insights. Build high fidelity data visualizations from the ground up, including: maps, charts, graphs, videos, and biometrics. Review code across the entire stack and engineering organization while actively participating in product development. Find the right balance between progress (i.e. shipping quickly) and perfection (i.e. measuring twice).