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A React Lift State Up & Down Example (robinwieruch.de)
May 22, 2019
In order to experience up and down lifting of local state, the following tutorial will demonstrate it with two examples.
Getting Started with React Testing Library (css-tricks.com)
May 22, 2019
We’re going to spend some time writing tests together using react-testing-library for a light to-do application I built.
  • Kingsley Silas
Using WebAssembly with React (telerik.com)
May 22, 2019
WebAssembly is one of the newest technologies to hit the web dev world with some promising new features around performance. This is a look into how we could slowly integrate the new technology into an existing React app.
  • Richard Reedy
    Adding Sound FX to Your React Apps (alligator.io)
    May 21, 2019
    In this article, learn how to incorporate sound effects in your React apps using a small library called uifx.
    • William Le
      Animated Page Transitions in Gatsby Websites (scotch.io)
      May 21, 2019
      In this tutorial, we are going to look at a few through which we can add page transitions to our Gatsby applications to make the site a little bit more interesting and fun.
      How to build a custom GatsbyJS theme (blog.logrocket.com)
      May 21, 2019
      Gatsby is a static site generator that is built with React.js, Webpack, and GraphQL. It is used for building very fast websites that have relatively static content, for example, blogs, eCommerce websites, and even company websites.
      • Obinna Ekwuno

      Latest Video Guides & Talks

      React Hooks Closure Problems (youtube.com)
      May 21, 2019
      I go over an issue you may face when using React hooks that has to do with closures.
      GraphQL + Suspense (youtube.com)
      May 21, 2019
      In this talk, Jared Palmer, Engineering Lead at The Palmer Group goes deep on the past, present, and future of data fetching in React apps. d
      Add Algolia search to your Gatsby site (youtube.com)
      May 16, 2019
      Adding custom search to your site doesn’t need to be hard! Bram Adams from the Algolia team will teach us how to implement a custom search on a Gatsby site.
      • Jason Lengstorf
      • Bram Adams
      The Great Gatsby Bootcamp - Full Gatsby.js Tutorial Course (youtube.com)
      May 15, 2019
      In this tutorial, you will learn everything you need to build and launch your first site with Gatsby. You’ll build a website from scratch and learn how to get it deployed to production.
      • Andrew Mead

      Latest Books & Guides

      web.dev React guide (web.dev)
      May 08, 2019
      Build performant and progressive React applications.
      • Houssein Djirdeh
      Reintroducing React (leanpub.com)
      May 02, 2019
      Modern React with Every React Update Since v16 Demystified (includes advanced hooks)
      • Ohans Emmanuel
      React Hooks CheatSheet (react-hooks-cheatsheet.com)
      Apr 14, 2019
      React hooks cheatsheet with live editable examples.
      • Ohans Emmanuel
      React Native in Action (manning.com)Get it on Amazon
      Mar 25, 2019
      React Native in Action gives iOS, Android, and web developers the knowledge and confidence they need to begin building high-quality iOS and Android apps using the React Native framework.
      React Explained (ostraining.com)
      Mar 19, 2019
      React Explained is a fun and enjoyable introduction to React, which is the Javascript framework of choice for WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and thousands of developers.
      • Zac Gordon
      Complete Intro to React v5 Notes (btholt.github.io)
      Mar 13, 2019
      Notes for the Complete Intro to React v5 course on Frontend Masters.

      Latest Courses & Video Series

      React Native for Designers Part 2 (designcode.io)
      May 15, 2019
      Learn to build an iOS and Android app from scratch. A 6-hour course for designers teaching custom animations, Styled Components, Redux, API data, HTML rendering with Markdown and adaptive layouts in React Native.
      • Meng To
      Framer UI Motion: Toggle (learnreact.design)
      May 08, 2019
      Learn the ins and outs of the new Framer API!
      • Linton Ye
      Animating React (leveluptutorials.com)
      May 01, 2019
      Learn practical, physics based interface animation in React with React Spring. We dive into React Spring, an exceptional modern React animations library, to build common interface animations.
      Pure Redux (daveceddia.com)
      Mar 19, 2019
      You can be productive with Redux and React, and this video course will help you do it. You’ll get hands-on practice by building an app in React, and then refactoring it to use Redux. That’ll give you the basics.
      Learn React Hooks by building a game (react.games)
      Mar 15, 2019
      The best way to learn a new tech is to build something with it. So, let's build a freaking game!
      Realtime React with Firebase (reacttraining.com)
      Mar 14, 2019
      You’ll build a fully featured, production ready chat client on top of Google Cloud's serverless infrastructure and Firebase's realtime data store. Oh, and to keep you company, we’ll build a bot to talk to that is occasionally too real.

      Latest Podcast Episodes

      Open Source It with Jon Rohan (reactpodcast.com)
      May 16, 2019
      Jon Rohan is an Engineer on the Design Systems Team at Github, building tooling for Octicons and Primer — their React component library.
        Develop Your Career with Kent C. Dodds (reactpodcast.com)
        May 09, 2019
        Chantastic asks about the approach Kent took while developing his career PayPal, what he had to give up to stay focused, and what's changed now that he's independent.
        Sebastian De Deyne - React for Vue Developers (fullstackradio.com)
        May 08, 2019
        In this episode, Adam talks to Sebastian De Deyne about learning React from the perspective of a Vue developer, and how to translate all of the Vue features you're already comfortable with to React code.
        • Adam Wathan
        • Sebastian De Deyne
        Linked Lists in the Wild: React Hooks with Conlin Durbin (devchat.tv)
        May 07, 2019
        The panel discusses Conlin’s article "Link Lists in the Wild: React Hooks".
        How to Save the Web with Expo's Brent Vatne (undefined.fm)
        May 04, 2019
        Brent Vatne is a Software Engineer at Expo. He joins hosts Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler on The Undefined to talk about the future of the web, native development, and more.
        Progress with Houssein Djirdeh (reactpodcast.com)
        May 02, 2019
        On Progressive Web Apps and the Story of Building GitPoint with React Native

        Latest Library Releases

        easy-peasy (github.com)1297
        May 23, 2019
        Easy peasy global state for React.
        • Sean Matheson
        rsuite (rsuitejs.com)2517
        May 23, 2019
        React Suite is a set of react component libraries for enterprise system products.
        • Simon Guo
        dom-testing-library (npm.im)1070
        May 23, 2019
        Simple and complete DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.
        react-md (react-md.mlaursen.com)1961
        May 23, 2019
        A set of React components and sass files for implementing Google's Material Design.
        • Mikkel Laursen
        reactjs-popup (react-popup.elazizi.com)459
        May 23, 2019
        React Popup Component - Modals, Tooltips and Menus  —  All in one.
        • Youssouf El Azizi
        react-loading-skeleton (github.com)538
        May 23, 2019
        Create skeleton screens that automatically adapt to your app.
        • David Tang

        Latest Jobs

        Senior Software Engineer (React) (angel.co)
        Nike Valiant Labs / Portland, US
        May 18, 2019
        This is a unique opportunity to join Valiant Labs, Nike’s new business incubator. We’re a fast-moving entrepreneurial team currently exploring the edges of possibility. We move with speed and purpose, taking calculated risks and failing fast – all with one goal in mind: serving consumers in new and unimagined ways. In support of that mission, we are currently seeking a Senior Software Engineer with React frontend and Shopify based development experience to join a lean team piloting a new business.
            React Focussed Fullstack Developer (joincatapult.workable.com)
            Catapult / London, UK / Remote
            May 08, 2019
            Our mission is to build the world’s best part time job. We spend our time thinking about how to give a global workforce complete control of their own work life while automating the hundreds of thousands of man hours which would normally be required to manage people on this scale. We do this using React & Typescript on the frontend backed up by GraphQL servers, some written in Ruby and Rails and some in Elixir and Phoenix.
                Frontend Developer – ReactJS & React Native (flowletics.com)
                Flowletics / Berlin, Germany
                May 08, 2019
                We’re looking for an experienced React & React Native Developer who knows how to build up state of the art mobile apps.
                    Senior React Frontend Developer (scalablepath.com)
                    Scalable Path / Remote
                    May 03, 2019
                    A client of Scalable Path's is looking for a Senior React Frontend Developer. This is a remote, full-time position.
                        Senior React developer (stackoverflow.com)
                        Vocinity, Inc. / Remote
                        May 01, 2019
                        Vocinity is currently looking for a senior React developer to build our user portal that allows users to create conversational voice chatbots based on our backend systems and APIs. We are looking for a full-time individual and are NOT looking for a software development shop. Please provide examples of your work and indicate your salary requirements.
                            React Front End Engineer (archipelago.breezy.hr)
                            Archipelago / San Francisco / Remote
                            Apr 22, 2019
                            We are looking for an experienced front-end engineer who knows their way around React to help us develop an online platform (we’d need your help with the web side of things). We’re a small (<10) engineering team distributed around the US & Europe, with an office in San Francisco. We iterate quickly, ship every day, build for the long term, and are looking for smart, independent engineers who want to ply their trade with like-minded people.