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How Discord achieves native iOS performance with React Native (blog.discordapp.com)
Nov 07, 2019
Early on at Discord, we adopted React Native as soon as it was open sourced to build our iOS app from the core of our React app. Years later, we are still happy with that decision.
  • Miguel Gaeta
3 Ways to Build Your Own React Component Library (blog.bitsrc.io)
Nov 07, 2019
Component libraries are great resources when it comes to developing React-based applications. They allow you to logically group your components in a way that lets others in your team explore them and pick & choose the ones they need.
  • Fernando Doglio
Building a responsive camera component with React Hooks (blog.logrocket.com)
Nov 07, 2019
I was recently tasked with building a front-end camera component that allows users to upload images of their identification cards to a back-end service.
  • Andrew James
    React Native End-to-end Testing and Automation with Detox (sitepoint.com)
    Nov 06, 2019
    Detox is an end-to-end testing and automation framework that runs on a device or a simulator, just like an actual end user.
    • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Experimenting with the new React Concurrent mode (swizec.com)
    Nov 06, 2019
    I’ve been playing around with React’s new Concurrent Mode and it is amazing. A little mind-bendy, a dash mad, and a whole lot of wonderful.
    The complete guide to building inline editable UI in React (blog.logrocket.com)
    Nov 06, 2019
    UI for web applications are becoming increasingly complex by the day. With more powerful client side libraries, we can push the limits of UX through UI experimentation. One of these experiments involves inline editable UI.
    • Paramanantham Harrison

    Latest Video Guides & Talks

    Formik 2 Tutorial | React Forms (youtube.com)
    Nov 07, 2019
    Learn how to use Formik 2 to build forms in React.js. I go over how to do validation, create custom fields, and array fields.
    How to create a React Native animated Clock with Animated API in Expo (youtube.com)
    Nov 06, 2019
    In this video tutorial we'll learn how to create a minimalist Clock UI and how to animate it using React Native Animated API. We'll be using day.js library to get the timestamp, Animated.timing to animate the seconds, minutes, hours and Animated.stagger to animated the initial render of the Clock.
    • Catalin Miron
    Build a Gatsby Site With Nest.js (youtube.com)
    Nov 05, 2019
    What is Nest.js, and how does it make building APIs easier? In this episode, Ryan Chenkie teaches us how to create a GraphQL API using Nest.js, then builds a Gatsby site using the data.
    • Jason Lengstorf
    • Ryan Chenkie
    React Animated Sidebar Code Review (youtube.com)
    Nov 04, 2019
    I review a React Animated Sidebar component/hook that Alex created.
    How does React Suspense Work? (youtube.com)
    Nov 03, 2019
    Doing a deep dive into how exactly React Suspense works. It's pretty clever how React Suspense works!
    • Harry Wolff

    Latest Books & Guides

    Learn React Hooks (packtpub.com)
    Oct 18, 2019
    Create large-scale web applications with code that is extensible and easy to understand using React Hooks.
    • Daniel Bugl
    Framer Guide to React (framer.com)
    Oct 01, 2019
    In recent years, React has become the de facto way to build big and fast web apps in JavaScript. This is great news for designers, because React is component-based and naturally aligns with the way designers work today. If you’ve been wanting to dive into React, then this is the e-book for you.
    • Koen Bok
    The Guide to Learning React Hooks (telerik.com)
    Aug 26, 2019
    Learn all about React Hooks with this hands-on guide. Includes tutorials and code examples on using hooks for state and effects, for context and for reducers (Redux), plus creating custom React hooks.
    • Eric Bishard
    Pure React (daveceddia.com)
    Aug 25, 2019
    Learn vanilla React, without all the libraries. A hands-on, learn-by-doing intro to React for beginners.
    Build Your Own React Universal Blog App (sitepoint.com)
    Jul 26, 2019
    A practical walkthrough of building a flexible and reactive app with React. You’ll start with a local server, create a production bundle, progress to components and finally render your app.
    • Michael Wanyoike
    • Pavels Jelisejevs
    • Tony Spiro
    Get Started with React Native (sitepoint.com)
    Jul 26, 2019
    In this guide, this first in a series, we’ll take a closer look at React Native, and get you up and running with the basics.
    • Wern Ancheta
    • Akshay Kadam
    • Mehul Mohan
    • Daniel Schmidt

    Latest Courses & Video Series

    Reintroducing React: V16 and Beyond (educative.io)
    Nov 05, 2019
    This course is your one-stop reference to most important React updates since V16 was released. We’ll walk through all the major features of modern React so you can stay in sync with the most recent changes while learning to write better software.
    • Ohans Emmanuel
    Mastering Next.js (masteringnextjs.com)
    Nov 04, 2019
    The premiere video course for building production, server-side rendered applications with Next.js and React.
    • Lee Robinson
    Getting Started With NextJS (leveluptutorials.com)
    Oct 31, 2019
    Learn all about NextJS 9's new API Routes, MongoDB for Data, Server Side Rendered React, Apollo Client and Server from within NextJS.
    Shareable Custom Hooks in React (egghead.io)
    Oct 29, 2019
    In this self-paced workshop, you'll work through refactoring a component to use a custom hook, and learn to apply the patterns used by the React team to your own code.
    • Joe Previte
    React Basics (ultimatecourses.com)
    Sep 19, 2019
    Take a dive into the React world, complete with the brand new Hooks API. Learn how to “think” in components, dataflow and master JSX to build React applications the modern way.
    • Almero Steyn
    Next-Level React Apps With Hooks (code.tutsplus.com)
    Sep 17, 2019
    In this course, Derek Jensen will take you through the process of creating a brand new guest book app, from scratch, using React. As you follow along, you'll code your entire app with functional components, and in the process you'll learn not just what hooks are, but also how and when to use them.
    • Derek Jensen

    Latest Podcast Episodes

    Joe Savona on Relay and Data Fetching with Suspense (reactpodcast.com)
    Nov 07, 2019
    Joe Savona joins us to talk about avoiding waterfalls in your React code. Joe has spent the last year working with the React team in developing a relay-suspense integration for the new facebook.com.
    Andrew Clark on Concurrent Mode (reactpodcast.com)
    Oct 31, 2019
    We chat about future features, prerelease channels, and how Suspense is preparing the way for others to bring cooperative concurrency to their libraries, applications, and frameworks.
    The Suspense is Almost Over — A Pre-ReactConf Concurrent React Rundown with Swyx (reactpodcast.com)
    Oct 22, 2019
    This week is React Conf! And I suspect that Suspense and Concurrent Mode will have a good showing. So — in anticipation and excitement — I asked friend of the show, Swyx, to join me for a Suspense/Concurrent React rundown episode — covering everything you need to know so far and what we hope to see at this year's event.
    Swizec Teller on Hustle and Focus (reactpodcast.com)
    Oct 10, 2019
    Swizec has an incredible work ethic — regularly blogging, vlogging, live streaming, and writing books on your favorite web technologies React and D3.
      Chris Toomey on TypeScript, GraphQL, and Product Thinking (reactpodcast.com)
      Sep 19, 2019
      This week we sit down with Chris Toomey and address all the holy wars: Elm vs React, TypeScript vs JavaScript, product vs development, and even VS Code vs Vim.
      Chris Biscardi on Gatsby Themes and Developing a Content Pipeline (reactpodcast.com)
      Sep 05, 2019
      We talk about what Gatsby Themes are, why they promise to bring a new wave of shareability to Gatsby sites, and what you need to know to start using them.

      Latest Library Releases

      pimg (pimg.surge.sh)79
      Aug 12, 2019
      Pimg is a Progessive Image Component For React, Preact and Vue.js.
      • Ademola Adegbuyi
      react-hot-loader (gaearon.github.io)10246
      Aug 12, 2019
      Tweak React components in real time
      react-intl (github.com)9446
      Aug 12, 2019
      Internationalize React apps
      reakit (reakit.io)1573
      Aug 12, 2019
      Toolkit for building interactive UIs with React
      • Diego Haz
      flow-bin (flow.org)18943
      Aug 11, 2019
      Adds static typing to JavaScript to improve developer productivity and code quality
      react-bootstrap (react-bootstrap.github.io)15007
      Aug 10, 2019
      Bootstrap components built with React.
      • Jimmy Jia
      • Alexander Shemetovskiy
      • Jason Quense
      • Stephen J. Collings
      • Matt Smith
      • Pieter Vanderwerff

      Latest Jobs

      Front End Engineer (React.js) (snap.hr)
      Oct 31, 2019
      Hostmaker is a Series B funded fast-growing business backed by institutional funding from technology, hospitality and real estate investors. We’re looking for passionate Front End Engineers to join our global tech and product team. Ideally, you will have at least 3+ years’ on-the-job Front End experience.
          Experienced React Engineer (jobs.lever.co)
          Formidable / Phoenix, US
          Sep 24, 2019
          Formidable is a Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, and London-based boutique engineering consultancy and open source software organization, specializing in React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Node.js, and the architecture of large-scale JavaScript applications. As a React Engineer at Formidable in our Phoenix Office, you will implement new applications, features, and tools for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100s.
              React Native Engineer (stackoverflow.com)
              Codal / Remote
              Sep 17, 2019
              Codal is a UX design and development agency with a focus on blending an Agile process with the latest technologies. Codal is searching for an experienced React Native developer, a software engineer who specializes in the mobile app framework.
                  Frontend Engineer (alacrity.workable.com)
                  Alacrity / London, UK / Remote
                  Sep 04, 2019
                  Alacrity is a well funded early-stage startup founded by seasoned legal, finance and procurement professionals. We're looking for a mid-level frontend engineer to build high-quality, well-tested, and robust web application. You will have a chance to get involved in the application architecture decisions as well as product design. Ideal candidates will be self-motivated, collaborative, passionate, open to new ideas as well as happy to mentor others.
                      Remote Senior Full-stack JavaScript Engineer (React / Node.js) (notion.so)
                      Aula / Remote
                      Sep 04, 2019
                      Aula is a remote-first 50-person team building a social learning platform. Our mission is to enable all educators to engage all students. We’re looking for a seasoned full-stack engineer to build features across the entire stack (front-end, back-end, mobile) and challenge our thinking on architecture.
                          Senior React Native Developer (mobiquityinc.com)
                          Mobiquity / Remote (US)
                          Aug 23, 2019
                          Mobiquity is a digital consultancy that partners with the world's leading brands to design and deliver compelling digital products and services for our customers. We are searching for Senior React Native developers to join our team! We have multiple openings working with a number of different teams to build different solutions for our clients.