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How to set up internationalization in React using Lingui.js (
Oct 12, 2020
For the purpose of this article, I’ll demonstrate how to use Lingui.js. This is a powerful library that not only handles internationalization in native JavaScript applications, but also in React, one of the most well-known JavaScript libraries.
  • Kasra Khosravi
React Internationalization wit i18n (
Feb 12, 2020
When my last client asked me about internationalization in React, I went through all the hoops to prepare a presentation for them. In this React tutorial, I want to show you the gist of what I have learned about translating a React application.
Internationalization in React with React-Intl (
Dec 24, 2019
If you’re creating a web application that requires translation into multiple different languages, it can be difficult to implement this manually. That’s why many use internationalization (i18n) libraries, which make adding translations as simple as adding another string.
  • Alex Taylor
Internationalized Navigation Menu in Gatsby.js (
Dec 09, 2019
In a previous post, Creating a multilingual website with Gatsby, I built Kodou has a Japanese and and English version. The post was a bit long so I didn’t talk about some of the utilities I used and how to build the site’s navigation menu.
  • Jack Misteli
Creating a Multilingual Website with Gatsby & Cosmic JS (
Dec 06, 2019
A friend recently asked me to build a website which has a Japanese and an English version. I never wrote an internationalized website but I have strong opinions about how localization should work. So here is one way to approach internationalization in Gatsby using Cosmic JS, a headless CMS.
  • Jack Misteli
Using i18n with Next.js & React context API (
Nov 05, 2019
An internationalized HTTP/2 React app that is fast and SEO friendly.
  • Yannis Torres
Handling multi-language support with GatsbyJs (
Jul 19, 2019
Websites are global by nature, but it is becoming increasingly relevant for businesses of all types to create a multilingual website.
  • Ivo Šiško
Creating localised NextJs apps with next-i18next (
Mar 05, 2019
After deciding to remain in the i18n world, I began playing with react-i18next inside some simple NextJs apps, and quickly realised that although internationalising a simple client-side-only React app is fairly easy these days, internationalising an SSR React app (even with how easy NextJs makes it) is a somewhat difficult proposition.
  • Isaac Hinman
Simple internationalization of React apps (
Aug 15, 2018
Internationalization is a perfect way to make you project accessible for wider audience.
  • Tomáš Ehrlich
Ultimate Localization of React (Mobx) App with i18next (
Aug 10, 2018
Recently I had to add a localization to my React Mobx web application. What I wanted to avoid is coding the mechanism of locale resolving from scratch (once again in my life).
  • Viktor Shevchenko
I18n with React and i18next (
Oct 24, 2017
A brief introduction to internationalizing a React app using i18next.
  • Danny Hurlburt
React Internationalization – How To (
Jan 19, 2017
We’ll develop a simple universal React application with full internationalization support.
  • Yury Dymov

Video Guides & Talks

Introduction to Next.js 10's Internationalized (i18n) Routing (
Jan 06, 2021
Next.js 10 came out with Internationalized Routes... we cover the basics of it in this video, how to load translated remote data, and how to translate text using react-intl.
Internationalization (i18n) with Next.js! (
Dec 22, 2020
Learn how to use Internationalized Routing with Next.js to support multiple languages on your site!
  • Lee Robinson
Internationalization in Gatsby Sites (
Apr 03, 2020
Making your website available in multiple languages is a great way to expand your audience. in this episode, Aisha Blake teaches us how to add i18n to our Gatsby sites!
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Aisha Blake
Localization in React Native (
Feb 11, 2019
You can use this module to Localize your app, and access the locale data on the native device. Using the popular library i18n-js with expo-localization will enable you to create a very accessible experience for users.

Courses & Video Series

Add Internationalization (i18n) to a React app using React Intl (
Jul 27, 2017
In this course, we will incorporate react-intl into a project created with create-react-app and react-router.
  • Damon Bauer


react-intl (
Aug 12, 2019
Internationalize React apps