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How to Add Authentication to React Native in Three Steps Using Firebase (
Apr 22, 2020
That's just one example of how authentication can be in your app. Today we will add authentication to a React Native app using Firebase.
  • Said Hayani
How to set up email authentication with React Native, react-navigation, and Firebase (
Apr 20, 2020
In this tutorial, we are going to discuss one of the strategies to implement an authentication flow using an email sign-in provider with React Native and the latest versions of react-navigation (version 5) and react-native-firebase (version 6) libraries. Yes, for backend service, we are going to use Firebase SDK.
  • Aman Mittal
Handling user authentication with Firebase in your React apps (
Mar 05, 2020
At the end of this article, we will have built a simple React app that logs users in and displays their username, email, and profile picture.
  • Yusuff Faruq
Build a Mobile Phone Authentication Component with React and Firebase (
Aug 13, 2019
Learn how to build a reusable phone authentication component with React and Firebase.
  • Krissanawat Kaewsanmuang
How to use React Router with Firebase (
Jan 01, 2019
A React tutorial on how to combine React Router and Firebase to navigate a user through the application while fetching data from the Firebase database or even passing data through React Router.
Email Verification with Firebase in React (
Dec 20, 2018
A Firebase React tutorial on how to enable email verification. Only users that confirmed their email address with a email confirmation have access to your application.
Firebase Login with Facebook (
Dec 07, 2018
A tutorial on how to activate Facebook login for Firebase or Firestore where no email is required.
Firebase Login with Twitter (
Dec 07, 2018
In this short visual guide, I want to show you how to activate the Twitter authentication for your Firebase or Firestore application.
How to link Social Logins with Firebase in React (
Dec 06, 2018
A Firebase React tutorial on how to link social logins with each other under one account. The example covers linking Google, Facebook, Twitter and email/password sign in methods.
Social Logins in Firebase React: Google, Facebook, Twitter (
Dec 02, 2018
A tutorial on how to use social a login with Firebase in React. The example covers Google, Facebook and Twitter logins for user authentication.
React Firebase Auth Persistence with Local Storage (
Nov 27, 2018
A tutorial on how to use local storage for auth state persistence for a Firebase in React application. When reloading the browser, the user should stay authenticated without a flicker.
React Firebase Authorization with Roles (
Nov 26, 2018
A tutorial on how to use authorization with roles and permissions when using Firebase in React. Learn how to protect routes with authorization rules and how to set properties to Firebase user.
A Firebase in React Tutorial for Beginners [2018] (
Nov 20, 2018
A beginners tutorial to learn Firebase in React for business application with authentication, authorization and a real-time database.
Firebase & React Part 2: User Authentication (
Jul 07, 2017
Today we'll be adding authentication to our Fun Food Friends app.
  • Simon Bloom

Video Guides & Talks

#2 Expo Google Login + Firebase Real World Example (
Jan 17, 2019
Creating the user in the Firebase Authentication system is just one part of the process. How do we then use the user's details in our Firebase Realtime Database? In part 2 of this 2 part series let's add the logged in user to the firebase database.
  • Varun Nath
#1 Expo Google Login + Firebase Real World Example (
Jan 16, 2019
Most tutorials only teach you how to implement the Google login that's given in the documentation. What do you do after you have logged the user in? Where do you save the user or what credentials do you save?
  • Varun Nath
How to integrate Firebase Authentication with React Router in React 16.3 (
May 17, 2018
In this screencast, I'm integrating Firebase Authentication in a React 16.3 project with React Router. I hope that you'll find this video informative.
  • William Candillon

Books & Guides

React Distilled (
Mar 05, 2019
The book distills the most important topics to learn about React, so you don't have to painstakingly browse the web, looking for pieces of React knowledge to build a fully working application.
  • Nathan Sebhastian
The Road to React with Firebase (
Jan 28, 2019
Your journey to master Firebase in ReactThe book walks you through building a full-blown application with advanced React and Firebase.

Courses & Video Series

Realtime React with Firebase (
Mar 14, 2019
You’ll build a fully featured, production ready chat client on top of Google Cloud's serverless infrastructure and Firebase's realtime data store. Oh, and to keep you company, we’ll build a bot to talk to that is occasionally too real.
Firebase with React, v2 (
Feb 28, 2019
Build full-stack applications leveraging your React skills on top of Google's Firebase platform! You'll get hands-on experience building a real-world application from the ground up and deploying it to the cloud.
React: SPAs (
Nov 07, 2018
React: SPAs shows you how to build a polished single-page application (SPA), with tools for managing users and reading and writing data from a database
  • Ray Villalobos
React Native Fiber with Firebase (
Dec 05, 2017
Adding Firebase support to a React Native starter kit that I've built.
The Complete React Native and Redux Course (
Nov 14, 2017
iOS and Android App Development from scratch - build full React Native mobile apps ridiculously fast!
  • Stephen Grider
The Complete React Web Developer Course (with Redux) (
Sep 07, 2017
Learn how to build and launch React web applications using React v16, Redux, Webpack, React-Router v4, and more
  • Andrew Mead
Firebase + React: Real-time, Serverless Web Apps (
Mar 31, 2017
This course is a must for any React and Redux users who want to integrate with Firebase’s cloud-hosted NoSQL database platform to create robust web and mobile applications!