Michael Chan

Podcast Episodes

Chris Toomey on TypeScript, GraphQL, and Product Thinking (reactpodcast.com)
Sep 19, 2019
This week we sit down with Chris Toomey and address all the holy wars: Elm vs React, TypeScript vs JavaScript, product vs development, and even VS Code vs Vim.
Chris Biscardi on Gatsby Themes and Developing a Content Pipeline (reactpodcast.com)
Sep 05, 2019
We talk about what Gatsby Themes are, why they promise to bring a new wave of shareability to Gatsby sites, and what you need to know to start using them.
James K Nelson on React with the Buzzwords (reactpodcast.com)
Aug 22, 2019
This week on React Podcast we sit down with James K Nelson. We discuss what makes React hard to learn and how he's addressing that with his teaching platform frontarm.com.
Jamison Dance on Soft Skills and React Rally (reactpodcast.com)
Aug 15, 2019
This week we talk Jamison Dance about the parts of programming that are distinctly non-technical. We talk about the perfect TLD, working with a team, finding psychological safety, the organization of React Rally, and how to recycle batteries.
    Eve Porcello on Learning GraphQL (reactpodcast.com)
    Aug 08, 2019
    This week we talk with Eve Porcello about getting started with GraphQL.
    Emma Wedekind on Mentorship and codingcoach.io (reactpodcast.com)
    Aug 01, 2019
    We sit down with venerable Emma Wedekind to talk mentorship. She tells us all about different types of mentorship you can find, at what phases in your career each type is most valuable, and how to get a "yes" from someone you'd like to mentor you.
      Paul Henschel on React Spring (reactpodcast.com)
      Jul 25, 2019
      This week, on React Podcast, We sit with Paul Henschel and talk animation. Paul is the creator of React-spring a library for animating UI based on spring physics. We talk about the library's origin, its future, and how to create lasting beauty on the web.
      Erik Rasmussen on Final Form (reactpodcast.com)
      Jul 18, 2019
      This week we sit with Erik Rasmussen to discuss forms in React. We talk about his library redux-form and it's evolution to final-form — a framework agnostic approach to making dynamic forms easy.
      Get Access with Aaron Cannon (reactpodcast.com)
      Jul 11, 2019
      This week, we talk accessibility pitfalls with Aaron Canon. Aaron is the co-founder and chief accessibility engineer at Accessible360 — where he uses his experience as a blind developer to improve real-world accessibility for all citizens of the web.
      Embrace the PHP with Next.js, Featuring Tim Neutkens (reactpodcast.com)
      Jul 07, 2019
      We sit with Tim Neutkens, lead developer on Next.js, an open source framework, for react, by ZEIT. He tells us how you can get back to that beautiful, fun PHP experience but with all of the benefits of SSR, HMR, AMP, and so many more initialisms.
      Michel Westrate Wants You To Stop Writing State Reducers (reactpodcast.com)
      Jun 20, 2019
      We talk with Michel about this wild of idea of state producers (not reducers) in Immer, why they're in the spirit of React, his MobX fame, and why — even in 2019 — it's not a good idea to roll your own state management library.
      Break In with Scott Tolinski (reactpodcast.com)
      May 23, 2019
      Scott Tolinski is creator of Level Up Totorials and co-host of Syntax — a tasty treats podcast for web developers. He joins us on React Podcast to talk about career, hobbies, and building a business.
        Open Source It with Jon Rohan (reactpodcast.com)
        May 16, 2019
        Jon Rohan is an Engineer on the Design Systems Team at Github, building tooling for Octicons and Primer — their React component library.
          Develop Your Career with Kent C. Dodds (reactpodcast.com)
          May 09, 2019
          Chantastic asks about the approach Kent took while developing his career PayPal, what he had to give up to stay focused, and what's changed now that he's independent.
          Progress with Houssein Djirdeh (reactpodcast.com)
          May 02, 2019
          On Progressive Web Apps and the Story of Building GitPoint with React Native
          Version Responsibly with Michael Jackson (reactpodcast.com)
          Apr 25, 2019
          This week Michael Jackson joins us again to discuss the pains of versioning, how to avoid them, and why it all comes down to communication.
            Create Value for Others with Nader Dabit (reactpodcast.com)
            Apr 18, 2019
            On podcasting, speaking, mobile devrel at AWS Amplify, AppSync for simple GraphQL servers, and his new book React Native in Action.
              Build Dumb Shit with Sara Vieira (reactpodcast.com)
              Apr 04, 2019
              On being you, "change the world" bullshit, succeeding against mental illness, and teaching what you know.
              Be Super with TypeScript and Jared Palmer (reactpodcast.com)
              Mar 28, 2019
              On the when, where, what, why, and how much of TypeScript in React.
              Lift as you Climb with Cassidy Williams (reactpodcast.com)
              Mar 21, 2019
              On React, Redux, and GraphQL at CodePen, teaching, @smkmeetup, following your dreams (literally), and building your dream network.
              Learn to Learn with Kyle Shevlin (reactpodcast.com)
              Mar 07, 2019
              Building a great career, finding your tribe, learning how to learn, and shipping your side projects
              Decide with Your Human Brain, with Brian Vaughn (reactpodcast.com)
              Feb 28, 2019
              Brian Vaughn is a member of the React Core team and creator of libraries like react-virtualized and react-window. He's a wealth of knowledge in React performance and application profiling. Chantastic asks Brian about the new profiler tools he's been working on (available to React v16.5 apps), React Core team dynamics, and the future of windowing in React and browsers.
              Be Wrong with Shawn Swyx Wang. On what's new in React, how best to learn, and what's going on in r/reactjs (reactpodcast.com)
              Feb 21, 2019
              Sean Swyx Wang moderates and organizes r/reactjs on Reddit. He also works on developer experience at Netlify. Sean is a voracious learner and loves to share what he's learning and believes that everyone — regardless of experience — should "learn in public". Chantastic asks him about what's new in React and how r/reactjs is helping developers learn React, get connected in the community, and find jobs.
              Make the Web Look Great with Matt Perry. On declarative animation, open source management, and importance of the open web (reactpodcast.com)
              Jan 17, 2019
              Matt Perry is the developer behind PopMotion, a declarative animation library for the web. Chantastic asks his inspiration for PopMotion, the difficulties of maintaining a low-level open source library, what he things declarative APIs might look like in the future.
              Just Use a Button with Jen Luker (reactpodcast.com)
              Jan 09, 2019
              Jen Luker is a lead software engineer at Formidable Labs, keynote speaker, host of @BookBytesFM, and expert knitter. Chantastic asks her about the Fiber Arts Corner at React Conf, the history that textiles and programming share, and how we can make our apps more accessible.
              Steal the Platform with Vincent Riemer (reactpodcast.com)
              Dec 12, 2018
              Vincent Riemer is the creator of io808.com and react-native-dom. He loves working on projects that challenge assumptions and inspire play. Chantastic asks him about his shoes, the inspiration behind and execution of io808.com and his mad scientist adventures with react-native-dom. They discuss the importance of exploration, the worthlessness of linters, and how to steal the platform.
                Hooks are Mixins with Ryan Florence (reactpodcast.com)
                Dec 04, 2018
                Ryan Florence is the co-creator of React Router and creator of accessibility-first React libraries Reach Router and Reach UI. Chantastic sits with him to talk about Hooks on the night before they're announced. They talk about React's API growth, if Suspense has taken React to framework-land, what caches and resources mean for developers, and the rebirth of mixins as Hooks.
                Develop in the Cloud with Christina Holland (reactpodcast.com)
                Nov 28, 2018
                Christina is a developer at Google and speaker at React Conf 2018. Chantastic asks her about her cloud development process. They talk about changing careers, building brains, cheating imposter syndrome, speaking at conferences, and all the services you'll need to create your next app with with less software and fewer servers.
                  Don't Rewrite Your App for Hooks and Suspense with Jared Palmer (reactpodcast.com)
                  Nov 20, 2018
                  Jared Palmer is a passionate JavaScript developer, pushing developer ergonomics in React with projects like formik and react-fns. Chantastic asks about what Suspense and Hooks mean for existing apps and what we should know to migrate our code sanely. They discuss why doing away with render props is a good thing, why Hooks are up to the task, and how Hooks and Suspense will impact libraries like formik, react-fns, and the-platform.
                  Chill Out and Listen with Brad Frost (reactpodcast.com)
                  Oct 23, 2018
                  Brad Frost is the author of Atomic Design, renowned speaker, and consulting designer. Chantastic asks him about his recent experience learning React and the difficulty he found entering the realm of React. They talk about team communication, developing portable solutions, organizational therapy through design, and creating a virtuous cycle between product, design, development, and systems creating.
                  Chase Whimsy with Burke Holland (reactpodcast.com)
                  Oct 09, 2018
                  Chantastic asks Burke Holland about Five Things, VS Code can do that?!, and what brought him to computers. They discuss Windows 98 UI, React at Microsoft, the gateway drug to TypeScript, React Food Truck, and how how he discovered the identity of horse_js.
                  Promise Accessibility with Ryan Florence (reactpodcast.com)
                  Sep 26, 2018
                  Chantastic talks with Ryan Florence about Reach UI and why accessibility is important for everyone. They discuss the balance of physical and mental activity, Ryan’s foray into programming and entrepreneurship, the inspiration behind his accessibility-first component library, and why none of us are really full-stack developers.
                  Delete Your Components with Kent C. Dodds (reactpodcast.com)
                  Sep 18, 2018
                  Chantastic talks with Kent C. Dodds about his adventures in React development and why we should be optimizing code for delete-ability. They discuss React Rally, managing your career, taming your ego, keeping healthy and happy on Twitter, tools for composing components well and when to use them, and what’s next for React.
                  Foster Vibrant and Inclusive Communities with Devon Lindsey (reactpodcast.com)
                  Sep 11, 2018
                  Chantastic talks with Devon about her adventures in web development and why she organizes the ReactJS San Francisco Bay Area meetup. They discuss how to foster vibrant and inclusive communities, why React Rally is so special, and what it means that Apple is sponsoring a React conference.
                    Supporting Open Source with Michael Jackson (reactpodcast.com)
                    Sep 04, 2018
                    Chantastic talks with Michael about his journey into open source and how he's building a business to sustain open source development. They discuss frontend libraries (then and now), the link between business and open source, the genesis of unpkg.com (a CDN for NPM), and the future of modules in the browser.
                      Prepack and the Future of JavaScript Performance with Nikolai Tillmann (reactpodcast.com)
                      Aug 28, 2018
                      Chantastic talks with Nikolai about Prepack — a tool for making JavaScript code run faster. They discuss the goals and challenges before Prepack, why it makes global JavaScript faster, and how it could dramatically improve time to interactive performance in large React apps.
                      The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Open Source with Ken Wheeler (reactpodcast.com)
                      Aug 14, 2018
                      Michael and Michael talk with Ken about the good, bad, and ugly of open source. Ken shares the pain and frustration he's felt as an open source developer and what keeps him coming back for more as the Director of Open Source at Formidable Labs.
                        Coming to React with Sara Vieira (reactpodcast.com)
                        Jun 05, 2018
                        Sara Vieira is easily one of the most entertaining people we've ever had on this show. She has been working with React over the past few years and has recently been traveling around Europe and giving free workshops on React in London and at React Finland.
                        Inside React with Sophie Alpert (reactpodcast.com)
                        May 29, 2018
                        Sophie Alpert is a core contributor to React and is currently the engineering manager for the React team at Facebook. She has been contributing to React for over 3 years now, making her first contributions while she was working as an engineer at Khan Academy.