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Building Snake with react-native-game-engine (
Aug 29, 2019
In order to re-create this game I decided to use the (to my knowledge) only game engine currently available for React Native: react-native-game-engine
  • Tamas Szikszai
Minesweeper Tutorial in React Native (
Aug 26, 2019
Building minesweeper in react native in less than 50 minutes.
  • Tamas Szikszai
Build a Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe Game in React (
Aug 05, 2019
Tic tac toe is a quintessential childhood game. All it requires is something to write on and something to write with. But what if you want to play with someone that's in another location? In this case, you would need to use an application that connects you and another player to the game.
  • Oscar Castro
How to code the Game of Life with React (
Mar 05, 2019
The Game of Life involves a two-dimensional orthogonal grid of square cells, each of which is in one of two possible states, alive or dead. At each step, every cell interacts with its eight adjacent neighbors by following a simple set of rules resulting in births and deaths.
  • Pablo Regen
Learn advanced React patterns by developing a game with sprite animation (
Aug 02, 2018
Have you ever wanted to learn some advanced React patterns? Or build your own game engine? If at least one answer is yes, then this article is for you.
  • Pavel Vlasov
How I built a React game with react-dnd and react-flip-move (
Jun 14, 2018
This is a high level overview of my implementation of a puzzle/word game built entirely in React.
  • Nicholas Vincent-Hill
Learning React.js by building a Minesweeper game (
May 23, 2018
Minesweeper game is a classic board game that is aesthetically similar to tic-tac-toe and it is simple enough to be possible for a beginner like me to build.
  • Sandip Shrestha
How to code the “Game of Life” with React in under an hour (
May 04, 2018
Recently I watched the famous video that creates a snake game in less than 5 minutes (on Youtube). It looked pretty interesting to do this…
  • Charlee Li
Developing Games with React, Redux, and SVG (
Feb 06, 2018
Learn how to make React and Redux control a bunch of SVG elements to create a game.
  • Bruno Krebs
Do you want to learn more about React? Let’s build — and then play — a game (
Nov 17, 2017
Building simple game apps beats building abstract (and todo) apps on so many levels.
  • Samer Buna
How I built a super-simple game using React-Native (
Feb 28, 2017
Today I released a simple React-Native game on the App Store with the aim of providing some tips on how to handle small React-Native projects like this one.
  • Matteo Mazzarolo

Video Guides & Talks

Making a PRODUCTION ready Flappy Bird in React Native (
Sep 14, 2019
In the previous episode we created a proof of concept version of Flappy Bird using react-native-game-engine and Matter.js. While it was fun, it wasn't even remotely the kind of game that any user would enjoy or even use for more than 10 seconds. Today we are aiming to make the game to be (more or less) production ready.
  • Tamas Szikszai
A CEO who can code? Watch Netlify's CEO code a Sudoku app from scratch in a bar on a Saturday night (
Sep 06, 2019
Netlify CEO Matt Biilmann live codes a Sudoku app using Netlify while sitting in a bar on late one Saturday night. We recorded this in GitHub's bar in their office during the 2018 freeCodeCamp JAMstack Hackathon.
  • Matt Biilmann
Flappy Bird with react-native-game-engine and Matter.js (
Sep 04, 2019
Today I'm building the "classic" game Flappy Bird in react native, using react-native-game-engine and Matter.js. This kind of game is not necessarily something that I would encourage to build using react native, but it is entirely possible, so might as well.
  • Tamas Szikszai
Building Snake with react-native-game-engine (
Aug 29, 2019
React native tutorial on building the classic Snake game, made popular by Nokia in the late 90s.
  • Tamas Szikszai
Building a Slot Machine Game in React Native (Part #2) - Highlighting the winning lines (
Aug 24, 2019
This is the second part of the series where I try to create a fully fledged Slot Machine Game in React Native. In this episode we are going to evaluate the result of the spin and highlight the lines that won with a nice little animation.
  • Tamas Szikszai
Building a Slot Machine Game in React Native (Part #1) (
Aug 23, 2019
Slot Machines are not necessarily the kind of apps you would build in React Native... Challenge... Accepted.
  • Tamas Szikszai
How to Build Tetris in React - GameDev Tutorial (
Aug 14, 2019
Learn to create a Tetris game with React Hooks in this tutorial course for beginners. You will learn how to build Tetris from scratch using hooks like useState, useEffect, useCallback and custom hooks. Styling is done with Styled Components.
  • Thomas Weibenfalk
3D Components in React Application (
Jan 07, 2019
Denys makes 3D photorealistic games which run in web browsers. He cares about performance, reusable and high-quality code.
  • Denys Periel
PIXI.js in React Native for beginners (
Nov 26, 2018
Learn how to use pixi.js to make mobile 2D video games. Really this is just the setup but you can use most pixijs features with Expo React Native.
Making games and physics work with Reason & Reprocessing (
Nov 22, 2018
Reason is great for a whole lot of things, but let me take you through a story of trying to write a 2D physics engine in just under 8 hours (Mistakes were made), what strongly typed languages don’t protect you off, and a vision of what you could build with Reason or Reprocessing.
  • Phil Plückthun

Books & Guides

Learn React.js By Building Games: 2nd Edition ( it on Amazon
Mar 01, 2018
Learn fundamental and advanced concepts of React.js by building four simple browser games.
  • Samer Buna

Courses & Video Series

React.js: Getting Started (
Apr 11, 2017
Learn the basics of React.js, and build an in-browser, math skills kids' game from scratch with it
  • Samer Buna

Podcast Episodes

Building Steam Games with React (
Sep 04, 2019
In this episode, Scott and Wes talk with Drew Conley about building games with Javascript.