Latest Podcast Episodes

Open Source It with Jon Rohan (
May 16, 2019
Jon Rohan is an Engineer on the Design Systems Team at Github, building tooling for Octicons and Primer — their React component library.
    Develop Your Career with Kent C. Dodds (
    May 09, 2019
    Chantastic asks about the approach Kent took while developing his career PayPal, what he had to give up to stay focused, and what's changed now that he's independent.
    Sebastian De Deyne - React for Vue Developers (
    May 08, 2019
    In this episode, Adam talks to Sebastian De Deyne about learning React from the perspective of a Vue developer, and how to translate all of the Vue features you're already comfortable with to React code.
    • Adam Wathan
    • Sebastian De Deyne
    Linked Lists in the Wild: React Hooks with Conlin Durbin (
    May 07, 2019
    The panel discusses Conlin’s article "Link Lists in the Wild: React Hooks".
    How to Save the Web with Expo's Brent Vatne (
    May 04, 2019
    Brent Vatne is a Software Engineer at Expo. He joins hosts Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler on The Undefined to talk about the future of the web, native development, and more.
    Progress with Houssein Djirdeh (
    May 02, 2019
    On Progressive Web Apps and the Story of Building GitPoint with React Native
    React Native Animations feat. Catalin Miron (
    Apr 30, 2019
    In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Catalin Miron who is currently working for Skype. Catalin uses React and React Native and talks with Nader Dabit about past and current projects.
    React Native’s New Architecture with Parashuram (
    Apr 30, 2019
    Parashuram (aka Ram) and the panel compares various frameworks including the differences between React Native and NativeScript. Ram discusses what it’s like introducing react native to mobile teams which leads to a panel discussion of web app developer experience compared to mobile app developers.
    • Justin Bennett
    • Lucas Reis
    • Parashuram
    Version Responsibly with Michael Jackson (
    Apr 25, 2019
    This week Michael Jackson joins us again to discuss the pains of versioning, how to avoid them, and why it all comes down to communication.
      React Native Open Source & the React Native Community feat. Christoph Nakazawa (
      Apr 23, 2019
      In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Christoph Nakazawa who works through React Native and open source.
      React.js and WebAssembly to Rewrite Native Apps with Florian Rival (
      Apr 23, 2019
      Florian talks about his inspiration for GDevelop. He delves into the nature of GDevelop as a desktop app built on the web. Florian talks about his decision to not go full JavaScript in his app and to redo the interface. He ultimately decided to combine C++ and JavaScript, and top it with a React interface.
      • Lucas Reis
      • Charles Max Wood
      • Florian Rival
        Create Value for Others with Nader Dabit (
        Apr 18, 2019
        On podcasting, speaking, mobile devrel at AWS Amplify, AppSync for simple GraphQL servers, and his new book React Native in Action.
          Playing with Polyhedra with Nat Alison (
          Apr 16, 2019
          Nat Alison shares with the panel her work in translating Reactjs.
          • Lucas Reis
          • Justin Bennett
          • Nat Alison
            Fastlane + React Native feat. Eli Perkins (
            Apr 15, 2019
            In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Eli Perkins. They discuss the ins-and-outs of Fastlane, how Fastlane can help you with your next project, how it’s open source, and much more!
            React Conf 2018 with Adam Laycock (
            Apr 09, 2019
            Adam Laycock describes his experience at React conf 2018, the atmosphere, the people and the talks.
              Shipping Your React Native App to the Store feat. Ryan Stelly, Cindy Li, & Shyam Komirishetty (
              Apr 06, 2019
              In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks about the process of shipping (in particular) your React Native App. Other topics that arise are Node tooling, Test Flight, Code Pusher, and more! Check it out!
              Build Dumb Shit with Sara Vieira (
              Apr 04, 2019
              On being you, "change the world" bullshit, succeeding against mental illness, and teaching what you know.
              Building Static Sites with Gatsby with Ajay NS (
              Apr 02, 2019
              Ajay talks about his article "Why you should use GatsbyJS to build static sites" on Medium and why he felt the need to write it.
              • Lucas Reis
              • Justin Bennett
              • Charles Max Wood
              • Ajay NS
              Be Super with TypeScript and Jared Palmer (
              Mar 28, 2019
              On the when, where, what, why, and how much of TypeScript in React.
              GraphQL and React – Even Better together with Chris Toome (
              Mar 26, 2019
              In this episode of React Round Up, Chris Toomey talks about his work and his podcast and moves on to explaining the differences between a React vs GraphQL centric application.
              • Lucas Reis
              • Justin Bennett
              • Charles Max Wood
              • Chris Toomey
              MongoDB Atlas as a Managed Database for React Native feat. Michael Lynn and Drew Dipalma (
              Mar 21, 2019
              In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Michael Lynn and Drew Dipalma about Mongo DB Stitch and Atlas. The panel and guests talk in-detail about the databases. Check out today’s episode to hear all the details!
              Lift as you Climb with Cassidy Williams (
              Mar 21, 2019
              On React, Redux, and GraphQL at CodePen, teaching, @smkmeetup, following your dreams (literally), and building your dream network.
              Framer X and Web Development of the Past with Thomas Aylott (
              Mar 19, 2019
              In this episode of React Round Up, Thomas Aylott, Founder at Things That Do Stuff, gives an overview of Framer X, explains what it is used for and how it can be beneficial for web designers.
              React Suspense with Jared Palmer (
              Mar 12, 2019
              In this episode of React Round Up, Jared Palmer, Lead Engineer at Palmer Group, gives the listeners an overview of React Suspense, how it helps to resolve conflicts with resource scheduling and how it differs from current practices.
              Learn to Learn with Kyle Shevlin (
              Mar 07, 2019
              Building a great career, finding your tribe, learning how to learn, and shipping your side projects
              React Hooks (
              Feb 28, 2019
              We join in the flavour of the moment and talk about Hooks and why everyone should be maybe rewriting everything into them.
              • Una Kravets
              • Chris Dhanaraj
              Decide with Your Human Brain, with Brian Vaughn (
              Feb 28, 2019
              Brian Vaughn is a member of the React Core team and creator of libraries like react-virtualized and react-window. He's a wealth of knowledge in React performance and application profiling. Chantastic asks Brian about the new profiler tools he's been working on (available to React v16.5 apps), React Core team dynamics, and the future of windowing in React and browsers.
              React Native Rearchitecture with G2i Team (
              Feb 22, 2019
              Chris and Lee join the show to discuss the rearchitecture, including the engineering history of React, the technical debt within the React project, and the vision that the React team has for the future.
              • Chris Severns
              • Lee Johnson
              End-to-end Typesafe GraphQL Applications feat. Carlos Rufo (
              Feb 22, 2019
              We talk about how to build typesafe GraphQL applications & what the benefits of doing so are.
              React Native Testing feat. Josh Justice of Big Nerd Ranch (
              Feb 21, 2019
              In today’s episode of the React Native Radio podcast, the panel speaks with Josh Justice of Big Nerd Ranch. The discussion covers several main points on test such as, End to End Testing, Unit Testing, and Test Driven Development.
              Be Wrong with Shawn Swyx Wang. On what's new in React, how best to learn, and what's going on in r/reactjs (
              Feb 21, 2019
              Sean Swyx Wang moderates and organizes r/reactjs on Reddit. He also works on developer experience at Netlify. Sean is a voracious learner and loves to share what he's learning and believes that everyone — regardless of experience — should "learn in public". Chantastic asks him about what's new in React and how r/reactjs is helping developers learn React, get connected in the community, and find jobs.
              Gatsby vs Next (
              Feb 20, 2019
              In this episode, Wes and Scott debate Gatsby vs Next — how they compare, the pros and cons of each, why you might chose one over the other for your next project, and more!
              The Future of JavaScript Tooling with Sebastian McKenzie (
              Feb 12, 2019
              Sebastian McKenzie is a Software Engineer at Facebook and the creator of Babel and Yarn. He joins us on The Undefined to chat about the ups and downs of open source software, what it's like to work at Facebook, and a brand new toolchain he's working on that blurs the lines between JavaScript transpiler, bundler, and framework.
              Schema First vs Resolver First GraphQL Servers (
              Feb 08, 2019
              This is an in-depth discussion in which we talk about the intricacies of API & server development at many levels.
              RRU 047: Expo with Charlie Cheever (
              Feb 05, 2019
              Facebook Marketplace Team feat. Konstantin Raev & Blair Vanderhoof (
              Feb 02, 2019
              In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Konstantin and Blair of the React Native developers Facebook Team. Topic covered are about Facebook Market Place, Performance, PrePack, Open Source, and new projects within the React Native team at Facebook.
                CUBS #6: Gatsby (
                Jan 29, 2019
                Yep, we're talking about Gatsby again. We chat about our latest projects with Gatsby (and a poor explanation of themes), and go over some of the pain points we ran into.
                • Una Kravets
                • Chris Dhanaraj
                RRU 046: GraphQL vs REST APIs with Max Desiatov (
                Jan 29, 2019
                • Charles Max Wood
                • Justin Bennett
                • Lucas Reis
                • Max Desiatov
                Storybook: UI Engineering with Zoltan Olah (
                Jan 23, 2019
                Zoltan Olah joins the show to talk about Storybook, and his company Chroma. Chroma is building tools to allow design-driven teams to work more effectively. We talked about how the relationship of designers and frontend engineers has some resemblance to the relationship between “dev” and “ops” before the DevOps movement.
                • Zoltan Olah
                RRU 045: React Hooks with Dave Ceddia (
                Jan 23, 2019
                Style Guides in React with Sara Vieira (
                Jan 22, 2019
                John and Dan are joined by Sara Vieira to discuss the benefits of creating style guides for the apps you're building in React.
                Make the Web Look Great with Matt Perry. On declarative animation, open source management, and importance of the open web (
                Jan 17, 2019
                Matt Perry is the developer behind PopMotion, a declarative animation library for the web. Chantastic asks his inspiration for PopMotion, the difficulties of maintaining a low-level open source library, what he things declarative APIs might look like in the future.
                Did You Just Screw Up the UI? with Ryan Burgess of Netflix (
                Jan 15, 2019
                Ryan Burgess from Netflix talks with us about how to do better A/B testing so we don't screw up the UI - whether you've got Netflix sized data or doing smaller client work, A/B testing can help give you the data you need to make better decisions.
                • John Papa
                • Ward Bell
                • Dan Wahlin
                • Ryan Burgess
                • Netflix
                React Native at Expo feat. Evan Bacon (
                Jan 13, 2019
                In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Christian and Eric about various topics; such as: Flow, Flutter, C, C++, React Native, React, React Navigation, and much more! Check out today’s episode to hear all of the details.
                Just Use a Button with Jen Luker (
                Jan 09, 2019
                Jen Luker is a lead software engineer at Formidable Labs, keynote speaker, host of @BookBytesFM, and expert knitter. Chantastic asks her about the Fiber Arts Corner at React Conf, the history that textiles and programming share, and how we can make our apps more accessible.
                Progressive Web Applications feat. Eric Elliott (
                Dec 31, 2018
                In today’s episode of the React Native Radio podcast, Nader Dabit speaks with Eric Elliott. Eric shares his experience with building Progressive Web Applications and the advantages of these types of applications. Eric explains the topics like Service Workers, Caching, Frameworks, and Compiling and much more.