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How to configure Create-React-App to use TailwindCSS (
Jul 23, 2019
Recently, I tried using TailwindCSS in a React project bootstrapped by the Create-React-App (CRA) boilerplate and ran into difficulties setting up TailwindCSS as CRA abstracts configuration.
  • Anjolaoluwa Adebayo-Oyetoro
Next.js vs. Create React App: Whose apps are more performant? (
Jun 27, 2019
What are the performance differences between Next.js and Create React App? Let’s unpack that question with some data, but first, we need to understand what exactly we are comparing here.
  • Sean Connolly
Absolute imports with Create React App (
May 19, 2019
With the release of Create React App 3, we now have the ability to use absolute import paths, without ejecting.
  • David Gilbertson
Getting started with Create React App (
May 06, 2019
Create React App is a popular toolchain for building simple apps. The goal of this post is to explain the components of Create React App at a deeper level to give you much better control and confidence over the development environment.
  • Karthik Kalyanaraman
What’s new in Create React App 3 (
May 03, 2019
Released at the end of April 2019, Create React App (CRA) 3 adds linting rules to hooks and TypeScript projects, along with other improvements and version upgrades to ease the development of React apps.
  • Esteban Herrera
create-react-app v3, What's new? (
Apr 29, 2019
The React team recently unveiled version 3 of create-react-app and it brings some exciting new features incrementing on what was added on the previous releases.
  • Austin Roy
Dealing with CORS in Create React App (
Apr 25, 2019
In this article we'll learn how to get around CORS issues using Create React App's proxying capabilities.
  • Blanca Mendizábal Perelló
How to build an Electron app using Create React App and Electron Builder (
Mar 04, 2019
Lets learn how to build an Electron app using Create React App, and package it for distribution using Electron Builder.
  • Randy Findley
Using MDX with create-react-app 2 (
Jan 16, 2019
Learn how to get the succinct syntax of Markdown, the power of JSX, and all with the simplicity of create-react-app 2.
How to go from scratch to Create-React-App on Windows (
Jan 08, 2019
An opinionated guide on setting up a web development environment on Windows 10
  • Scott Spence
Introduction to create-react-app (
Dec 19, 2018
create-react-app is the easiest way to start up a React application
10 More Things You Didn’t Know About Create React App (
Dec 03, 2018
Learn new tips and tricks for Create React App to make you more productive with tooling and help you build your apps faster.
5 Things I Didn't Know about Create React App (
Nov 05, 2018
Looking for tips for using Create React App? Here are five features you may not know about.
  • Blanca Mendizábal Perelló
Customize Create React App Structure with Bash (
Oct 15, 2018
Create React App (CRA) is great. Recently updated to version 2, it now supports Sass out of the box and a bunch of other cool stuff.
What's New in Create React App 2.0 Video Series (
Oct 11, 2018
Earlier this month Create React App 2.0 was released adding a lot of new features. Some of those features include Sass Support, CSS Modules Support, Adding SVGs as React Components, Fragment Short Syntax, and Babel Macros.
Hello, Create React App 2.0! (
Oct 05, 2018
In this blog post, Eric Bishard will walk you through what's changed in Create React App and how you can use it in your development environment.
  • Eric Bishard
create-react-app with CSS Modules (
Oct 03, 2018
The article is a short how to use CSS Modules in your create-react-app application. It shows you how to setup CSS Modules, but also how to use it in your components.
create-react-app with Sass (
Oct 03, 2018
A short guide on how to add Sass support to your create-react-app application which shows you how to setup Sass, but also how to use it in your React components.
Create React App 2.0: Babel 7, Sass, and More (
Oct 01, 2018
Create React App 2.0 has been released today, and it brings a year’s worth of improvements in a single dependency update.
How to build a custom PWA with Workbox in create-react-app (
Sep 19, 2018
In this follow up post, I’m going to take you through how to build a custom Progressive Web App (PWA) using Google’s Workbox library without ejecting from the create-react-app (CRA) shell.
  • Zaid Humayun
A quick guide to help you understand and create ReactJS apps (
Aug 18, 2018
The First Part demonstrates how to create a simple React app using ‘create-react-app’ CLI and explains the project structure.
  • Aditya Sridhar
How to build a PWA with Create-React-App and custom service workers (
Aug 08, 2018
I realised what a struggle it is to get a PWA with custom routes configured inside of a Create React App (CRA) build. Hopefully this helps out someone stuck in a similar position.
  • Zaid Humayun
How to setup React.js on Windows (
Feb 20, 2018
A concise step by step guide on how to setup React.js on Windows for your PC. In a few steps, you will install Visual Studio Code, Node.js, NPM, Git, Prettier and create-react-app for building React applications with Windows.
Adding Storybook Style Guide to a Create React App (
Feb 20, 2018
In this post we’ll look at how to add the Storybook style guide to a React web app boostrapped by create-react-app.
Getting Started with Create React App (
Jan 29, 2018
In this post I’ll show how to get started with create-react-app and long the way, we’ll look at each of its built-in scripts and also investigate various ways to keep your react-scripts dependency up-to-date.
MobX (with Decorators) in create-react-app (
Oct 10, 2017
Everything you need to know about using MobX in a create-react-app with React. The article shows you all the different edge cases on how to activate JavaScript decorators, how to use MobX without decorators, and as bonus how to use MobX in Next.js.
Maintaining a fork of create-react-app as an alternative to ejecting (
Jul 08, 2017
Step-by-step example and a working repo
  • Denis Zhbankov
What's New in Create React App (
May 18, 2017
Less than a year ago, we introduced Create React App as an officially supported way to create apps with zero configuration. The project has since enjoyed tremendous growth, with over 950 commits by more than 250 contributors.

Video Guides & Talks

What's New In Create React App 2.0? (
Oct 21, 2018
This is a quick video going over the new features and changes in Create-React-App 2
Using and writing custom babel macros with create-react-app v2 (
Sep 27, 2018
The last beta of create-react-app v2 has been published. Let's see how you can use babel-plugin-macros in a create-react-app app and how to write your own.
Debug tests in create-react-app (
Sep 18, 2018
If you want to run your tests in create-react-app with the Chrome Debugger.
Creating create-react-app (
Jun 21, 2018
We all use create-react-app but how much do we know about how it works internally? In this talk we discuss how I recently dived into the source code for create-react-app to make a fun clone! It looks intimidating but is really not, once you get a hang of how lerna monorepos work and try making one of your own. Watch this and then go make your own create-awesome-app!
Add ESLint & Prettier to VS Code for a Create React App (
Mar 19, 2018
In this video we’ll look at how to setup VS Code to lint and style an app bootstrapped by create-react-app with with ESLint and Prettier.
Forking instead of Ejecting a Create React App (
Mar 01, 2018
In this video we’ll look at technique to help prevent you from ejecting your app that was bootstraped by `create-react-app`.
Adding Storybook Style Guide to a Create React App (
Feb 20, 2018
In this post we’ll look at how to add the Storybook style guide to a React web app boostrapped by create-react-app.
MobX in create react app without ejecting (with CRA 1) (
Feb 09, 2018
In this video we'll see how we can use MobX (with decorators!) without having to eject from create react app. You can also use this technique to add other babel plugins or modify your webpack config without ever needing to eject.
Debugging a Create React App with VS Code (
Feb 05, 2018
In this post we’ll look at how to configure Visual Studio Code to debug React Components and Jest Unit Tests inside a web application that was created by create-react-app.
Connecting React Apollo with Create React App (
May 30, 2017
In this video I will show you how to connect React Apollo (Client) with the popular create-react-app tools!
  • Jamie Barton
ReactCasts #7 - Hot Module Replacement in Create-React-App (
Dec 02, 2016
Hot Module Replacement (or HMR) is a Webpack feature that allows "on the fly" module updates for your app.
  • Cássio Souza

Podcast Episodes

Hot Reloading in Create React App with Dave Ceddia (
May 01, 2018
In this episode of React Round Up, the panel discusses hot reloading with Create React App with Dave Ceddia. They talk about what hot reloading is, when you would want to use it, and how you can set it up in your code. They also touch on ways to customize Create React App, the disadvantages to customizing, and the key points to understand about Create React App before modifying it.