Latest Video Guides & Talks

Build an RSS feed-powered podcast site (
Jul 18, 2019
Join Amberley Romo and Jason as they build out support for a podcast theme to take a podcast RSS feed and turn it into a full website. This episode digs into Gatsby source plugin internals, linking between data nodes, and debugging Gatsby APIs.
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Amberley Romo
Build a shopping cart with Gatsby (themes) (
Jul 18, 2019
We'll cover the basics to get you started fetching cart items from an ecommerce API.
  • Jamie Barton
React Hooks - Crash Course Tutorial (
Jul 17, 2019
Learn about React Hooks and Styled Components in this full tutorial. We'll build a React video player where you can create a list of videos and select from the list. The video player can play both Vimeo and YouTube videos and will also persist state in local storage of played videos.
  • Thomas Weibenfalk
Build a site showcase Gatsby theme (part 1) (
Jul 16, 2019
For the Theme Jam website, we need to build a showcase. Since submissions are being tracked in Airtable, we’ll build a Gatsby theme to load Airtable data and display showcase entries.
  • Jason Lengstorf
Docs and examples in Gatsby themes (
Jul 16, 2019
How do you create clear, helpful documentation and demos for Gatsby themes? In this livestream, Horacio Herrera pairs with Jason to add documentation and an example to a theme.
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Horacio Herrera
BBC iPlayer - “Can it be done in React Native?” (
Jul 16, 2019
In this video, we are building the BBC iPlayer using React Native.
Intermediate React and Firebase Tutorial - Build an Evernote Clone (
Jul 15, 2019
In this intermediate React.js tutorial, we create a clone of the popular note-taking application Evernote. This app will allow us to create notes with a full text editor, and update live to a database using Firebase.
  • Zack Wilson
React Native CLI - A Community Takeover (
Jul 15, 2019
Talk at React Native Wrocław Meetup
  • Michał Pierzchała
React Native, Your UX Superhero (
Jul 15, 2019
Talk at React Native Wrocław Meetup
  • Noemi Rozpara
Testing React Hooks (
Jul 15, 2019
You may be wondering, "How do I test React Hooks?" The short answer is: Just like normal React Components! Yay!
  • Harry Wolff
Making It All Fit Together with React and GraphQL (
Jul 12, 2019
Many tools and processes go into modern front-end development: from component development to design and data fetching to testing and more. How does Stripe make these all work together? Join Paul Asjes from Stripe’s engineering team for a talk on how to make all these components and processes work in a way that makes the modern front-end greater than the sum of its many parts.
  • Paul Asjes
Turning an Application UI into an API (
Jul 11, 2019
In this talk we’ll dive into how at Twilio we ended up architecting a programmable UI platform using React that both allows you to have a fully working UI out of the box but also customize functionality and user experience of it to your needs using the full power of React.
  • Narendra Shetty
Don't build that app! (
Jul 11, 2019
React apps without a build step; no node_modules, no webpack, no babel, no worries. Scalable architecture for free using the platform.
  • Luke Jackson
Practical Performance for React (Native) (
Jul 11, 2019
In this talk you’ll find out how some commonly used patterns have an adverse effect on the speed of your app, and how to avoid using them. We’ll mainly explore UI and state management but we’ll also dive into some native-specific issues and look at how to prevent them.
  • Anna Doubková
Gatsby and GraphQL: Today and the Future (
Jul 11, 2019
Gatsby uses GraphQL in a pretty unique way — type inference, automatic filter and connection generation.
Build your own React (
Jul 10, 2019
How does React really work? Let's find out. We'll write a simplified version of React from scratch, based on the real source code, including: jsx, fibers, reconciliation, hooks, and more.
  • Rodrigo Pombo
    React refactoring, off the hook(s)! (
    Jul 10, 2019
    React Hooks are going to change the way we write React components and apps. Let's explore together a real world refactoring of an app with hooks, introducing the concept and exploring how the mental model of components has to evolve breaking the dichotomy of stateful class vs stateless "functional" components.
    • Marco Cedaro
    Building your first Gatsby theme (
    Jul 08, 2019
    Join Emma Wedekind as she pairs with Jason to build her first Gatsby theme!
    • Jason Lengstorf
    • Emma Wedekind
    The 5 minutes React Native Declarative Animation (
    Jul 04, 2019
    In this video, we are a simple animation using React Native.
    Managing Animations (Sanely) in (Insanely) Complex Apps (
    Jul 04, 2019
    Unlike state changes which can be instantaneous, animations inherently take time to complete - and that’s a big problem. In this talk we'll learn how to orchestrate animations across multiple components with complex state, and how this theory is implemented in React Animation Orchestrator.
    • Opher Vishnia
    A Deep Dive into React-Redux (
    Jul 04, 2019
    Redux and React are frequently used together, and many people are familiar with the "Provider" and "connect" APIs from React-Redux. But how does React-Redux work, and why do we even need it in the first place?
    • Mark Erikson
    Technical SEO 101 for React Developers (
    Jul 04, 2019
    In this session we will walk start with a typical React app and see what we can do to make it shine in search engines. We will discuss what technical SEO means and how it looks like for React apps. We will learn about Googlebot, web app architectures, testing tools and common challenges and their solutions.
    • Martin Splitt
      Build an AI-Driven Chatbot (
      Jul 04, 2019
      A good chatbot can save your users from long and complicated forms, cut down on support requests, and make your services more approachable. If you've ever wondered how do build a chatbot, then this session is for you.
      • Sebastian Witalec
        Micro-frontends: Is it a Silver Bullet? (
        Jul 04, 2019
        This talk will cover how we made the migration to micro-frontends following challenges we encountered. And will give a brief overview of some of the answers to the ultimate question, are micro-frontends worth the hype?
        • Liron Cohen
        Reconciliation: The Root of Performant Applications (
        Jul 04, 2019
        In this talk we’ll look at an app that does everything wrong. As we fix the problems, we’ll see how React is able reuse more DOM nodes and reconcile the component tree and the DOM faster, recreating fewer nodes. By the end we’ll have a model for reconciliation that will give us a solid foundation for remembering best practices and building performant applications.
        • Jesse Kipp
        Modern React - The Essentials (
        Jul 04, 2019
        What are the essentials that every React developer needs to know today in order to keep up with the times? React has come a long way since its early days. New features are constantly added, and with them code patterns emerge.
        • Liad Yosef
        Ready for Concurrent Mode? (
        Jul 04, 2019
        Curious about React’s upcoming “Concurrent Mode”? Hear the story of early experiments with this new React feature at Facebook, and gain deeper understanding of how it works.
        • Flarnie Marchan
        Web Delivery Experience for React Native (
        Jul 04, 2019
        You noticed a button in your app is in the wrong color. You fix it and merge the code to your production branch. Congratulations! now it’s time for your code to meet your users.
        • Elad Bezalel
        • Elad Aviv
        Formal Forms with State Machines (
        Jul 04, 2019
        In this talk, we'll explore the current React form landscape and learn how hooks and state machines can be used to create abstract models of complex forms that greatly reduce dependencies on restrictive form libraries or complex custom components.
        • David Khourshid
        React Native - Under the Bridge (
        Jul 04, 2019
        If you are a curious React developer who believes that knowing the internals of a library makes you a better developer, join me to the journey Under The Bridge.
        • Chen Feldman
        How to use Functional Programming in your React app (
        Jul 04, 2019
        In this talk we’ll have a look at real-life examples and patterns you can use to make React apps more functional.
        • Netta Bondy
        • Dafna Rosenblum
          The Anatomy of a Click (
          Jul 04, 2019
          In this talk you'll take a deep dive into how your web browser works and what actually happens when a mouse is clicked. You will also take a deep dive into what browsers do, how events work internally and why.
          • Benjamin Gruenbaum
            Handle All Async Events in Redux-Sagas (
            Jul 04, 2019
            We will implement a redux-saga event channel to catch signals of bluetooth beacons (why on earth do I try a hardware live demo!). Besides, this talk want to strengthen your understanding of generator functions (the backbone of redux-sagas).
            • André Kovac
            Build React Apps Fast Using Storybook, DDD, and Atomic Design (
            Jul 03, 2019
            Building large scale apps in the last years, lead me to a development process that provides rapid results and ability to scale. I want to show these technics, building a real world react app, using storybook, with DDD (design-driven development) and atomic design.
            • Alon Valadji
            Composing and styling Gatsby themes (
            Jul 03, 2019
            Gatsby themes open up a lot of incredible opportunities, and theme-ui might just be the perfect tool for making themes composable, interoperable, and even more powerful. Brent Jackson will teach us how to build even better Gatsby themes with theme-ui!
            • Jason Lengstorf
            • Brent Jackson
            Rapid Cross-Platform AR Development with React Native (
            Jul 03, 2019
            We'll take a brief look at what AR is and how it works, and then take a deep dive into Viro and everything it provides to get you moving rapidly with AR development. We'll focus on a few very interesting pieces that Viro provides, such as 3D models, portals, image recognition, and real life object recognition.
            • Alex Hinson
            Next.js vs Gatsby for SEO (
            Jul 03, 2019
            I explain the differences between how Next.js and Gatsby work and which one I recommend for good SEO.
            Cross-Platform React – from Web to Mobile (
            Jul 03, 2019
            We’ll look at options of writing cross-platform apps and see how to leverage React’s clever rendering strategies to build apps as effortlessly as possible.
            • Anna Doubková
            State Management in a World of Hooks (
            Jul 03, 2019
            In this talk we will explore how we can use the benefits of hooks in state management, such as separation of concerns, declarative side effects, and simple code reuse.
            • Adam Klein
            • Maayan Glikser
            Safari Tabs - “Can it be done in React Native?” (
            Jul 02, 2019
            In this video, we are building the iOS Safari Tabs animations using React Native.
            React Hooks Course (
            Jul 02, 2019
            My entire React Hooks series in one video, it covers: useState, useEffect, useRef, useLayoutEffect, useCallback, useMemo, useReducer, and useContext.
            Getting Closure on React Hooks (
            Jul 01, 2019
            In this talk, we’ll reintroduce closures by building a tiny clone of React! This will serve two purposes – to demonstrate the effective use of closures, and to show how you can build a Hooks clone in just 29 lines of readable JS.
            Next.js Persist State with Cookies (
            Jun 30, 2019
            Learn how you can persist state in Next.js with cookies.