Latest Video Guides & Talks

What You NEED To Know About React 18 (
Jun 14, 2021
React 18 was announced! I'm very excited! There's a lot to learn about, but right now there's 4 things you NEED to know today.
  • Harry Wolff
Intermediate React.js Coding Interview (
Jun 10, 2021
I give Clément an intermediate level React.js coding interview where I test his knowledge in creating a table that can sort columns and search for values.
Introduction to Hermes Engine (
Jun 08, 2021
React Native 0.64 comes with support In the first part of our podcast episode, Mike Grabowski and his guests: Eloy Durán and Xuan Huang, introduce the Hermes engine and discuss its biggest selling points.
  • Mike Grabowski
  • Eloy Durán
  • Xuan Huang
Let’s Learn Modern Redux! (
May 28, 2021
A lot has changed in Redux since it was originally created. In this episode, Mark Erikson will teach us about Redux Toolkit an React-Redux hooks.
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Mark Erikson
RedwoodJS: The Full-Stack React App Framework (
May 26, 2021
Tired of rebuilding your React-based web framework from scratch for every new project? You're in luck! RedwoodJS is a full-stack web application framework (think Rails but for JS/TS devs) based on React, Apollo GraphQL, and Prisma 2.
  • Tom Preston-Werner
    Using the Notion API with Next.js (
    May 25, 2021
    Watch as I build a Next.js application using the newly released Notion API live.
    • Lee Robinson
    Adding Clerk.Dev to a NextJS for powerful Authentication (
    May 21, 2021
    In this video, we mount our own components to keep users inside our application but still using the power and flexibility of Clerk.
    • James Perkins
    A Beginner's Guide to Next.js | Build a SSG Site with React (
    May 19, 2021
    Get started with Next.js, an awesome platform for server-side rendering and static site generation with React. We'll talk through the differences between SSR and SSG, how to create a Next.js app, and how routing works within it.
    • Ali Spittel
    Next.js Crash Course for Beginners 2021 (
    May 19, 2021
    Learn all about Next.js, React's most popular Production Framework! Get Started with NextJS and make build amazing websites with ReactJS even more fun! Full Project included, 100% free 3 hours long course!
    Adding Feature Flags to Next.js (Redis / Upstash, SWR, Hooks) (
    May 19, 2021
    In this video we'll build our own feature flag management tool in Next.js, storing the flags in Redis with Upstash, creating a custom hook to check a flag's status in the view.
    Hook or not? - Create a custom React Hook ... or? (
    May 18, 2021
    I'll show how to create a custom React Infinity Scroll Hook. But is it really a hook? What is the difference between a regular function and a custom hook in React?
    • Thomas Weibenfalk
    What is Incremental Static Regeneration? (ISR) (
    May 13, 2021
    Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) allows content editors and developers to use static generation on a per-page basis and update content without having to rebuild the entire site.
    • Lee Robinson
    Refactoring a React app with Typescript (
    May 13, 2021
    Treehouse Alum & Engineer 2 at Mailchimp, Myles Young, will teach you about the benefits of incorporating Typescript into your React Projects.
    • Myles Young
    What is JSX? (
    May 03, 2021
    What is JSX? A question for the ages! The 'don't call it a template' syntax extension to JavaScript that makes writing UIs within JavaScript actually pleasant.
    • Harry Wolff
    Remix v1 Beta Launch (
    Apr 29, 2021
    Through lots of live code, Ryan and Michael will tell you all about where Remix started, where it's at now, and what this v1 Beta launch means for one of the most exciting web frameworks today.
      Upgrading from react-query v2 to v3 (
      Apr 24, 2021
      In this video I'll show you how to upgrade the bookshelf app to v3 of react-query.
        Functional React With Styled Components (
        Apr 23, 2021
        Learn how to create clean, beautiful React UIs! Shaundai Person will teach us how to combine function-style React components with Styled Components.
        • Jason Lengstorf
        • Shaundai Person
        Next.js query params inside getStaticProps (Incremental Static Regeneration) (
        Apr 12, 2021
        Have you ever wondered how to access query parameters "context.req.query" inside getStaticProps???
        • Bruno Antunes
        React Redux Crash Course 2021 (
        Apr 10, 2021
        By the end of this React Redux crash course, you will learn how Redux works in React. You will be introduced to different terms in Redux such as Store, Action, Reducer & Dispatch. I have a quick exercise for you to complete as well. Let's start!
        • Hong Ly
        React Crash Course 2021 (
        Apr 03, 2021
        In this React JS crash course, you will learn the following topics: File structure, create components, JSX (styling in React), Routing, Props, Events, useState & useEffect (Hooks), Add pet function, Delete function, Build form using Material-UI (library from Google), Fetch data from server, PUT, DELETE, POST requests and many more.
        • Hong Ly
        Using Docker with Next.js (and Deploying with Google Cloud Run) (
        Apr 02, 2021
        Learn how to build, run, and deploy a Next.js application using Docker and Google Cloud Run in under 10 minutes!
        • Lee Robinson
        Create an Ecommerce Site Using Shopify, Next.js, and (with Steve Sewell) (
        Mar 31, 2021
        How do you give non-developers control over the look and feel of an ecommerce site? Steve Sewell will teach us how to use Next.js, Shopify, and to do it!
        • Steve Sewell
        • Jason Lengstorf
        React.js TypeScript Conditional Props - Props that depend on other Props (
        Mar 30, 2021
        Conditional props are props that depend on other props values/types. In this video we will look into conditional properties while using react and TypeScript.
        • Bruno Antunes
        React Hook Form V7 - Get Started (
        Mar 28, 2021
        Basic usage with React Hook Form V7
        • Bill Luo
        This is How Routing Works in Next.js (
        Mar 27, 2021
        In this video, I will show you how routing works in Next.js including pages and routes.
        • Hong Ly
        Using Serverless Redis with Next.js (
        Mar 26, 2021
        When front-end developers are learning the full-stack, they often stumble on which backend to use. If they hear Redis, they think of in-memory caching. That's what I thought, at least. After doing more research, I was surprised to find Redis excels at hashmaps, counters, sorted lists, and even queues.
        • Lee Robinson
        Building a Netflix Clone with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Next Auth (
        Mar 17, 2021
        Watch me build a clone of the landing page live using Next.js, Tailwind CSS for styling, and Next Auth to authenticate with Google.
        • Lee Robinson
        Next.js API Routes Validation using YUP: Share frontend and backend validation using YUP schemas (
        Mar 09, 2021
        In this video we will add validation to our Next.js API Routes using YUP. In order to achieve that in a simple and reusable way we will create a validation middleware that uses YUP for schema validation.
        • Bruno Antunes
        Announcing: Gatsby v3.0 (
        Mar 05, 2021
        Did you know it's been over two years since the last major version of Gatsby? That's why Patrick and Lennart's GatsbyConf 2021 talk was one of the most highly-anticipated!
        • Patrick Sullivan
        • Lennart Jörgens
        Medium mobile article - Sticky footer - React Native with Animated API (
        Jan 23, 2021
        In this video tutorial we will re-create Medium's mobile app article sticky footer, using ScrollView and Animated API from React Native.
        • Catalin Miron
        Deploying Next.js to AWS Using a Custom Domain Name (
        Jan 23, 2021
        In this short video I show how to deploy a Next.js app to AWS using a custom domain name, leveraging the Serverless Next.js component.
        Build a Shopping Cart with React and TypeScript (
        Jan 21, 2021
        Learn the fundamentals and how to build a ReactJS shopping cart with Typescript, Material UI, Styled Components and React-Query.
        • Thomas Weibenfalk
        Building a Serverless Multi-user Blogging Platform with Next.js, Tailwind, & AWS (
        Jan 21, 2021
        We'll start from scratch, creating a new Next.js app. We'll then, step by step, use the Amplify CLI to build out and configure our cloud infrastructure and then use the Amplify JS Libraries to connect the Next.js app to the APIs we create using the CLI.
        Next.js Tips for Building Faster (
        Jan 21, 2021
        React developers: see how you can streamline your workflow and build the fastest possible site quickly using Next.js.
        • Chris Sev
        What's up Gatsby (
        Jan 21, 2021
        In this live meet-up, we connect with our users who combine Prismic with Gatsby, go through the history of our support of Gatsby and talk about future plans.
          React Native Scroll Item animation effect - FlatList and Animated API (
          Jan 20, 2021
          In this video tutorial we will create an amazing scrolling animation/effect that you can apply to the items from a FlatList, ScrollView, SectionList and Animated API from React Native.
          • Catalin Miron
          What is React Server Components? (Don't Worry About It!) (
          Jan 18, 2021
          Did you know React Server Components are a thing? They are! They were recently announced by the React team in a blog post.
          • Harry Wolff
            React JS Crash Course 2021 (
            Jan 18, 2021
            Get started with React in this crash course. We will be building a task tracker app and look at components, props, state, hooks, working with an API and more.
            Next.js AMA with Lee Robinson (
            Jan 18, 2021
            Ask our Solution Architect (Lee Robinson) anything about Next.js, React Server Components, Web Best Practices, Performance, Incremental Adoption, and Hosting.
            • Lee Robinson
            Snapping to Edges with Gesture Callbacks – Image Cropper (
            Jan 15, 2021
            In this video we'll learn how to use some new hooks from React Use Gesture to snap our image to the edges of our container!
            • Sam Selikoff