Latest Video Guides & Talks

Use Netlify Functions to Build a Sound Board in Gatsby (
Nov 15, 2019
In this video, Jason adds Netlify Functions to his Gatsby site to enable dynamic functionality on a JAMstack app. We start by setting up an Express API, then go through writing serverless functions to send button clicks to that API.
  • Jason Lengstorf
React Hooks Project Tutorial - Game of Life (
Nov 14, 2019
Learn how to build Conway's Game of Life using React hooks in this project tutorial.
Working on a serverless + Gatsby app (
Nov 13, 2019
Great progress today on an app I started building months ago. Then I got distracted and it lay sad, alone, but not forgotten.
React Navigation 5 | What's new ? (
Nov 11, 2019
In this tutorial we'll learn what's new in react navigation 5.
  • Varun Nath
CSS Modules: Why are they great? (
Nov 10, 2019
Today we're talking about CSS Modules! Why are they great? Why are they cool? Why will you want to use them before the video is through?!
  • Harry Wolff
Reading and Writing NFC in React Native (
Nov 10, 2019
With iOS 13 Apple finally opened the SDK to write data on some of the most popular NFC chips. Thankfully one of the most popular (and to my knowledge only) NFC React Native library, react-native-nfc-manager also added (some) support to do this. Let's see how it works in practice!
  • Tamas Szikszai
Formik 2 Tutorial | React Forms (
Nov 07, 2019
Learn how to use Formik 2 to build forms in React.js. I go over how to do validation, create custom fields, and array fields.
How to create a React Native animated Clock with Animated API in Expo (
Nov 06, 2019
In this video tutorial we'll learn how to create a minimalist Clock UI and how to animate it using React Native Animated API. We'll be using day.js library to get the timestamp, Animated.timing to animate the seconds, minutes, hours and Animated.stagger to animated the initial render of the Clock.
  • Catalin Miron
Build a Gatsby Site With Nest.js (
Nov 05, 2019
What is Nest.js, and how does it make building APIs easier? In this episode, Ryan Chenkie teaches us how to create a GraphQL API using Nest.js, then builds a Gatsby site using the data.
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Ryan Chenkie
React Animated Sidebar Code Review (
Nov 04, 2019
I review a React Animated Sidebar component/hook that Alex created.
How does React Suspense Work? (
Nov 03, 2019
Doing a deep dive into how exactly React Suspense works. It's pretty clever how React Suspense works!
  • Harry Wolff
Keynote - Gatsby Days London 2019 (
Nov 01, 2019
Keynote speech by Kyle Mathews, CEO and co-founder of Gatsby, from the Gatsby Days London conference on Sept. 30th, 2019 at the Congress Centre. Learn about what's new in Gatsby and what the future looks like!
First Look at React useDeferredValue Hook (
Nov 01, 2019
Learn how to use the useDeferredValue hook in React.
First Look at React Suspense List (
Oct 31, 2019
Learn how to use Suspense List in React.
React Practice Project Ideas (
Oct 30, 2019
To get good at React you've gotta build stuff. But, what should you build? How can you pick good project ideas that are fun, not-too-easy, and not too hard?
Using WordPress as a Source for Gatsby (
Oct 30, 2019
A look into the advantages and possibilities that WordPress offers as source for Gatsby. How to use WpGraphQL and the ACF extension. A demo of how to use ACF Flexible content to make a custom builder.
  • Alexandra Spalato
First Look at React useTransition Hook (
Oct 30, 2019
Learn how to use the useTransition hook in React.
A Strategy for Learning React (or anything, really) (
Oct 29, 2019
Learning React can seem like a monumental task. There's React, Redux, routing, API calls, Context, Hooks, Suspense(?)... it's a lot. Let's chat about how to simplify things.
React Suspense Error Handling and Post Requests (
Oct 29, 2019
Learn how to fetch new data, handle errors, and do post request with Suspense in React.
React Context API vs. Redux (
Oct 28, 2019
With Context, useContext, and useReducer, do you even still need Redux? What's the difference between Context and Redux anyway?
Gatsby as a Create React App Replacement (
Oct 28, 2019
GatsbyJS and create-react-app are similar in that can help you set up an application and removes much of the configuration headache; however, Gatsby offers more. In this talk we'll consider some reasons why Gatsby could be a CRA replacement.
  • Khaled Garbaya
First Look at React Suspense for Data Fetching (
Oct 28, 2019
Learn how you can use React Suspense for data fetching. It will simplify how you handle loading states in React.
Overview of React Concurrent Mode (
Oct 27, 2019
Wow! The React team dropped a whole new React feature this past week - Concurrent Mode (still experimental, not yet stable, don't try this in production)!
  • Harry Wolff
Working with Framer Motion (
Oct 25, 2019
Matt Perry (Framer) and Chris Coyier (CSS-Tricks) take a look at the React animation library Framer Motion.
  • Chris Coyier
Simulate Typing Animation with React and react-typical Tutorial (
Oct 24, 2019
In this video will be integrating react-typical react library into a react project and we're going to simulate typing animation.
  • Catalin Miron
Google Chrome Tab Ordering - “Can it be done in React Native?” (
Oct 22, 2019
In this video, we are building the Google Chrome Tab ordering feature.
What Can Gatsby Plugins Do? (
Oct 22, 2019
Gatsby’s ecosystem is one of its biggest strengths. In this webinar, we dive into plugins — the heart of Gatsby’s ecosystem — to learn how they work and hear stories from community creators who’ve built and shipped popular, powerful plugins.
  • Jason Lengstorf Combining Gatsby + Contentful for Speed, Scale and Flexibility (
Oct 22, 2019
Both brands and users have high expectations for websites today, and these expectations are constantly getting higher. To satisfy them, your site must offer blazing-fast performance, unique and engaging bespoke experiences, and optimize for attracting new visitors, generating leads, and providing a positive return on investment.
  • Ashley Geo
  • David Fonnegra
IBM and Gatsby Themes: Driving Impact Through Design (
Oct 22, 2019
Watch this webinar to learn how IBM’s open source design system, Carbon Design System, is using Gatsby themes to easily create new sites with a unified look and feel. Gatsby themes empowers the team to build something that looks like IBM without any prior React knowledge.
  • Alison Joseph
  • Vincent Picone
  • Chris Biscardi
How to Share Code Between React and React Native (
Oct 17, 2019
Learn how to share code between React and React Native to avoid duplicating logic.
React Form Best Practices (
Oct 14, 2019
Learn how I build forms in React.
Animate words in a sentence using Animated.stagger (
Oct 11, 2019
In this lesson we’re going to be animate words in a sentence in React Native and Expo for creating the react-native project. We'll be using Animated stagger function.
  • Catalin Miron