Ben Awad

Video Guides & Talks

Intermediate React.js Coding Interview (
Jun 10, 2021
I give Clément an intermediate level React.js coding interview where I test his knowledge in creating a table that can sort columns and search for values.
React 17 (
Sep 11, 2020
React 17 is coming, so let's talk about all the new features that will be available!!
Next.js Static Site Generation (SSG) Tutorial (
Mar 24, 2020
Learn how to use static site generation in Next.js in this tutorial where I show you how you can setup.
React Navigation v5 Tutorial (
Feb 27, 2020
Learn how to use React Navigation v5 by implementing the navigation pattern that is found in most popular apps right now. We cover authentication, stack/tab navigation, params, TypeScript, and more.
Why React Native is NOT garbage. (
Feb 06, 2020
I respond to a video TechLead made and make the case in favor of React Native.
React Apollo State Management Best Practices (
Jan 23, 2020
I discuss how I like to handle state management when I'm using Apollo and how to use it along side Redux.
Combining Gatsby with Create React App (
Jan 20, 2020
Learn how you can use Gatsby and create-react-app on the same website without using subdomains.
GraphQL Typescript Authentication Boilerplate (
Nov 25, 2019
I walkthrough and explain the GraphQL Typescript boilerplate I created that includes authentication via sessions.
React Hooks Project Tutorial - Game of Life (
Nov 14, 2019
Learn how to build Conway's Game of Life using React hooks in this project tutorial.
Formik 2 Tutorial | React Forms (
Nov 07, 2019
Learn how to use Formik 2 to build forms in React.js. I go over how to do validation, create custom fields, and array fields.
React Animated Sidebar Code Review (
Nov 04, 2019
I review a React Animated Sidebar component/hook that Alex created.
First Look at React useDeferredValue Hook (
Nov 01, 2019
Learn how to use the useDeferredValue hook in React.
First Look at React Suspense List (
Oct 31, 2019
Learn how to use Suspense List in React.
First Look at React useTransition Hook (
Oct 30, 2019
Learn how to use the useTransition hook in React.
React Suspense Error Handling and Post Requests (
Oct 29, 2019
Learn how to fetch new data, handle errors, and do post request with Suspense in React.
First Look at React Suspense for Data Fetching (
Oct 28, 2019
Learn how you can use React Suspense for data fetching. It will simplify how you handle loading states in React.
How to Share Code Between React and React Native (
Oct 17, 2019
Learn how to share code between React and React Native to avoid duplicating logic.
React Form Best Practices (
Oct 14, 2019
Learn how I build forms in React.
Next.js SSR Refresh Tokens (
Oct 03, 2019
Learn how to get refresh tokens working with Next.js and server side rendering.
JWT Authentication Node.js Tutorial with GraphQL and React (
Sep 19, 2019
Learn how to add JWT authentication to your project with this fullstack tutorial using Node.js, Typescript, GraphQL, React, and PostgreSQL.
Thoughts on Gatsby (
Sep 09, 2019
I just finished making my website using Gatsby.js and talk about my experience and some thoughts I had on it.
React Typescript Tutorial (
Sep 05, 2019
Learn how to start using Typescript in your React code. I go over props, hooks, and render props.
React Router Tutorial (
Aug 29, 2019
Learn how to use React Router. I go over setup, creating routes, changing routes, and route params.
Ranking Hosting Providers for React Projects (
Aug 19, 2019
I rank hosting providers on how good they are for deploying a React website. I cover both static and server side rendering.
Drag and Drop List in React Native with Reanimated and RecyclerListView (
Jul 30, 2019
I talk about the drag and drop list I created with Reanimated and RecyclerListView.
Introduction to RecyclerListView in React Native (
Jul 29, 2019
Learn about the high performant listview in React Native called RecyclerListView by Flipkart.
Computing FlatList Indexes in React Native (
Jul 26, 2019
Learn how to compute the index of an item in a FlatList in React Native.
Drag and Drop in React Native with PanResponder (
Jul 25, 2019
Learn how to code a drag and drop flatlist in React Native.
Next.js vs Gatsby for SEO (
Jul 03, 2019
I explain the differences between how Next.js and Gatsby work and which one I recommend for good SEO.
React Hooks Course (
Jul 02, 2019
My entire React Hooks series in one video, it covers: useState, useEffect, useRef, useLayoutEffect, useCallback, useMemo, useReducer, and useContext.
Next.js Persist State with Cookies (
Jun 30, 2019
Learn how you can persist state in Next.js with cookies.
React Hooks useContext Tutorial (Storing a User) (
Jun 29, 2019
Learn how to use the useContext hook in React to store and access a user.
React Hooks useMemo Tutorial (
Jun 27, 2019
Learn how to use the useMemo hook in React.
React Hooks useCallback Tutorial (
Jun 26, 2019
Learn how to use the useCallback hook in React.
React Hooks useLayoutEffect Tutorial (
Jun 25, 2019
Learn how to use the useLayoutEffect hook in React.
React Hooks useRef Tutorial (
Jun 24, 2019
Learn how to use the useRef hook in React.
React Hooks useEffect Tutorial (
Jun 23, 2019
Learn how to use the useEffect hook in React.
React Hooks useState Tutorial (
Jun 22, 2019
Beginner React Hooks tutorial on useState.
How to use the React Profiler to find and fix Performance Problems (
Jun 17, 2019
Learn how to profile your React application and fix performance problems.
How I like to Write Integration Tests in React (
Jun 15, 2019
I share how I like to write integration tests in React with React Testing Library and Apollo.
Memoizing Tic Tac Toe in React with useReducer (
Jun 09, 2019
Learn how to refactor some React tic tac toe code with useReducer so it's easy to memoize.
Live Editing in Groups with React Router (
May 31, 2019
Learn how to create groups for people to edit in and share the link with friends. We'll add React Router to help with this.
How to use memo in React to Optimize Renders (
May 23, 2019
Learn how to optimize the number of times your component renders in React with the memo function.
React Hooks Closure Problems (
May 21, 2019
I go over an issue you may face when using React hooks that has to do with closures.
React.js Meme Generator Tutorial (
May 20, 2019
Learn how to create a meme generator with React.js.
    React Typescript Material UI Form (
    Apr 16, 2019
    Learn how to make a form in React using Typescript, Material UI, and Formik.
    Intro to CircleCI with React (
    Mar 12, 2019
    Learn how to deploy your React application to Netlify using CircleCI.
    Workout Timer with Mobx (
    Feb 23, 2019
    Learn how to create a workout timer with Mobx.
    Navigation in React Native Web (
    Feb 20, 2019
    Learn how to do Navigation in React Native Web.
    Setting Up React Native Hooks (
    Feb 16, 2019
    Learn how to setup React Native to work with React Hooks.
    When Should You Use GatsbyJS? (
    Feb 07, 2019
    I explain how I choose between GatsbyJS, Next.js, and CRA for projects.
    Authentication Higher Order Component in Next.js (
    Dec 29, 2018
    How to create an Authentication Higher Order Component in React for Next.js.
    Next.js SSR with 2 Apollo Clients (
    Dec 09, 2018
    We have 2 GraphQL endpoints, so I needed 2 Apollo clients and got them working with Next.js and SSR.
    How to test React and Apollo code with MockedProvider (
    Nov 16, 2018
    Learn how to test your React and Apollo code using MockedProvider.
    New VSCode Extension to Refactor React Code (
    Nov 02, 2018
    There's a new VSCode extension called Glean by Wix that helps you refactor your React code.
    React Hooks useContext (
    Nov 01, 2018
    Learn how to use the React Context API with function components. Using the useContext React Hook.
    Using Immer with Reducers and React Hooks (
    Oct 31, 2018
    Learn how to simplify your reducers with Immer and integrate it with React Hooks.
    Using React Hooks vs. Class Components (
    Oct 30, 2018
    I'm planning on using both React Hooks and Class Components.
    Are React Hooks Slower than Class Components? (
    Oct 29, 2018
    React Hooks are not slower than Class Components.
    Fetching Data from an API with React Hooks useEffect (
    Oct 28, 2018
    Learn how to fetch data from an API using React Hooks useEffect.
    Building a Todo List with React Hooks useState (
    Oct 27, 2018
    A walkthrough of building a Todo List with React Hooks. Specifically, useState.
    My Thoughts on React Hooks (
    Oct 26, 2018
    React Hooks is coming in React 16.7
    AWS AppSync Tutorial with React (
    Oct 17, 2018
    Learn how to use AWS AppSync with React and Typescript. This tutorial will start from scratch and cover how to create a graphql api and call a query and mutation.
    Why I no Longer use Redux with React (
    Oct 13, 2018
    I used to use Redux with React all the time, but lately I've been using different libraries. Why do I no longer use Redux and what do I use instead?
    How to use TypeScript in React (
    Sep 20, 2018
    TypeScript can be helpful to React developers in a lot of ways. Learn how to use Typescript in React.
    Yarn workspace with Typescript React Native app (
    Jun 10, 2018
    Learn how to use Yarn workspaces with a Typescript React Native app.
    How to setup a Typescript React Native App (
    Jun 08, 2018
    Learn how to setup a React Native application with Typescript.

    Courses & Video Series

    Typescript, Next.js, And GraphQL Series (
    Jan 27, 2019
    Learn how to setup a Next.js project with typescript.