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Render as you fetch (with and without suspense) (
Sep 21, 2020
React Suspense for Data Fetching is an experimental feature in React that opens the doors to a lot of really awesome performance improvements as well as developer experience improvements thanks to the declarative APIs given around asynchrony.
How to improve developer experience with React Suspense in Concurrent Mode (
May 22, 2020
This article describes what React Suspense in Concurrent Mode means in terms of developer experience. We will see how traditional Data Fetching in Legacy Mode can be done in Concurrent Mode.
  • Daishi Kato
React concurrent mode (
Apr 30, 2020
If you like experimental stuff and reading about the future of React, you came to the right place. Otherwise, it may be better to wait a bit until the dust has settled and this feature is out there for good.
  • Florian Rappl
Stop... Render Time! (
Dec 02, 2019
The promise of Concurrent Mode was made at a conference in 2018. The React team claim that this famous new feature would help with the issues with rendering, allowing to pause the render when the need to do more important tasks should occur. Let's take a closer look!
  • Caroline Odden
Experimental React: Using Suspense for data fetching (
Nov 29, 2019
If you’re a React developer, by now you’ve most likely heard of Concurrent Mode. If you’re still wondering what that is, you’re in the right place.
  • Ovie Okeh
Experimenting with the new React Concurrent mode (
Nov 06, 2019
I’ve been playing around with React’s new Concurrent Mode and it is amazing. A little mind-bendy, a dash mad, and a whole lot of wonderful.
How to Enable React Concurrent Mode (
Nov 05, 2019
Concurrent Mode is an enormous improvement for performance. Here's how you enable it.
Play with React Concurrent Mode with Your Gatsby Site (
Oct 28, 2019
So the React team released curious cat version for concurrent mode, and I want to try that with my personal sites and side projects, only to realize that by using Gatsby I do not have direct access to my ReactDOM.render(), which I am supposed to change.
  • Wei Gao
Why Is React Concurrent Mode Exciting? (
Oct 27, 2019
Last week the React team released an experimental version of Concurrent Mode to the public. It's been in development for over a year and the React community has been very excited about its release.
  • Harry Wolff
Concurrent React From Scratch (
Oct 25, 2019
In this talk, we’ll create an effective mental model of React Hooks by building a tiny clone of React! This will serve two purposes – to demonstrate the effective use of closures, and to show how you can build a Hooks clone in just 29 lines of readable JS.
useRef() and Concurrent Mode: how to avoid shooting yourself in the foot (
Mar 05, 2019
React's eaglerly awaited Concurrent Mode can vastly improve user experience, but it requires a stricter way of writing components.
  • Daishi Kato
Magic of React Suspense with concurrent react and React.lazy API (
Feb 07, 2019
Let’s understand what this means and also get introduced to some of the new features coming to React, some of which have been released as part of the latest stable release and some of them are still in unstable mode and it’s quite possible that the implementation of the api might change over time.
  • Vivek Nayyar
React 16.x Roadmap (
Nov 27, 2018
You might have heard about features like “Hooks”, “Suspense”, and “Concurrent Rendering” in the previous blog posts and talks. In this post, we’ll look at how they fit together and the expected timeline for their availability in a stable release of React.
React Conf recap: Hooks, Suspense, and Concurrent Rendering (
Nov 13, 2018
This year’s React Conf took place on October 25 and 26 in Henderson, Nevada, where more than 600 attendees gathered to discuss the latest in UI engineering.
  • Tom Occhino
Update on Async Rendering (
Mar 27, 2018
We’d like to share with you some of the lessons we’ve learned while working on these features, and some recipes to help prepare your components for async rendering when it launches.

Video Guides & Talks

Concurrent React from Scratch (
May 15, 2020
In this talk, we’ll create an effective mental model of Concurrent React by building a tiny clone of React! We will start with a blank js file and learn about how React renders components, schedules Time-Slicing updates with a Work Loop, add Hooks, and end off with a mini-clone of Suspense!
How does React Suspense Work? (
Nov 03, 2019
Doing a deep dive into how exactly React Suspense works. It's pretty clever how React Suspense works!
  • Harry Wolff
Overview of React Concurrent Mode (
Oct 27, 2019
Wow! The React team dropped a whole new React feature this past week - Concurrent Mode (still experimental, not yet stable, don't try this in production)!
  • Harry Wolff
How to ensure your useRef's will work correctly in React concurrent mode (
Aug 19, 2019
`useRef` is an extremely handy tool, but it comes with a few pitfalls if you don't think carefully about the way you use it. With React Concurrent mode on the horizon, I'll give you a few tips you'll need to make sure you don't break your app with useRef when things go concurrent.
  • Tanner Linsley
Ready for Concurrent Mode? (
Jul 04, 2019
Curious about React’s upcoming “Concurrent Mode”? Hear the story of early experiments with this new React feature at Facebook, and gain deeper understanding of how it works.
  • Flarnie Marchan
Why React Is *Not* Reactive (
Aug 30, 2018
In this talk we build a Reactive React to show the difference between the "push" and "pull" paradigms of data flow and understand why React chooses to manage Scheduling as a core Design Principle, enabling awesome features like async rendering and Suspense!

Books & Guides

Fresh Concurrent React (
Oct 13, 2018
Fresh links about the coming concurrent react revolution!

Courses & Video Series

Use Suspense to Simplify Your Async UI (
Dec 05, 2019
In this workshop, you'll learn how Suspense works under the hood, preparing you for the future of asynchronous state management.

Podcast Episodes

Sunil Pai on The Future of UI Frameworks (
Dec 05, 2019
Today, Sunil and I dive into the future of React as a UI framework, how Concurrent mode marks a shift in focus from developer experience to user experience, and what it'll take to finally get better designer tooling for React.
Andrew Clark on Concurrent Mode (
Oct 31, 2019
We chat about future features, prerelease channels, and how Suspense is preparing the way for others to bring cooperative concurrency to their libraries, applications, and frameworks.
The Suspense is Almost Over — A Pre-ReactConf Concurrent React Rundown with Swyx (
Oct 22, 2019
This week is React Conf! And I suspect that Suspense and Concurrent Mode will have a good showing. So — in anticipation and excitement — I asked friend of the show, Swyx, to join me for a Suspense/Concurrent React rundown episode — covering everything you need to know so far and what we hope to see at this year's event.
React Today and Tomorrow with the React Core Team (
Oct 31, 2018
The React core team sits down with Michael Jackson to discuss React today and tomorrow. They talk Concurrent Mode, Suspense, Hooks, the new profiler tab, scheduling in the browser, React Fire, React Fusion, becoming more framework-y, appearing less JavaScript-y, and why you shouldn’t worry about the second argument of useEffect.
Async React with Andrew Clark (
Apr 10, 2018
Andrew Clark is a developer on the React core team at Facebook who has been working on asynchronous rendering. In this episode we do a deep dive on some of the decisions behind the implementation of async mode in React 16 as well as talk about how applications can benefit from using it.