Scott Tolinski

Courses & Video Series

React for Everyone (
Oct 01, 2020
Welcome to React For Everyone! In this series, we will cover modern React techniques from top to bottom. Both beginners and intermediate level React users will get a lot from this series. Let’s get started!
React & TypeScript For Everyone (
Jan 03, 2020
React & TypeScript for Everyone will give you a firm grasp of the fundamentals and set you up for success every single time. Along the way, we'll go over plenty of examples to boost your confidence and expand your skillset.
Getting Started With NextJS (
Oct 31, 2019
Learn all about NextJS 9's new API Routes, MongoDB for Data, Server Side Rendered React, Apollo Client and Server from within NextJS.
Animating React (
May 01, 2019
Learn practical, physics based interface animation in React with React Spring. We dive into React Spring, an exceptional modern React animations library, to build common interface animations.
React Hooks For Everyone (
Mar 01, 2019
React Hooks are the latest new feature to arrive in React. Make your function based components more useful than ever before and learn how to build reusable functionality with custom hooks.
Pro Gatsby 2 (
Nov 02, 2018
Learn how to build the fastest websites on the planet with this Gatsby v2, a new static site generator using React.
Level 1 Apollo Client with React (
Jul 31, 2018
Learn the hottest GraphQL library out with Level 1 Apollo Client with React. In this series, I teach you how to connect to GraphQL APIs, the new Query, Mutation and ApolloConsumer components.
Level 1 Electron (
Jun 29, 2018
In this series we explore Electron by building a beautiful journaling app using React
Level 2 React (
May 23, 2018
In this series, we dive into intermediate React concepts where you'll learn things like, how to use the React Context API, how to make a portal in React, how to use and understand render props as well as animated transitions and interactive animations in React.
Headless WordPress (
Apr 30, 2018
Learn how you can build a headless WordPress site with ease using both Next.js or Gatsby
Pro Gatsby (
Feb 26, 2018
In Pro Gatsby, you'll learn how to build extremely fast websites in React with the hottest static site generator around.
Level 2 React Native with GraphQL (
Jan 31, 2018
Over 25 videos, this series will teach you more complex aspects of React Native while using a GraphQL API
Full-stack GraphQL with Apollo, Meteor & React (
Jan 02, 2018
In this free series, I'll be teaching GraphQL with Apollo, Meteor & React to build a full-stack app.
Redux & React For Everyone (
Dec 29, 2017
Learn Redux with React with 21 practical, easy to follow videos & code
React Native For Everyone (
Jun 05, 2017
Learn once, write anywhere: Build mobile apps with React Native

Video Guides & Talks

React Spring to Framer Motion Conversion (
Feb 06, 2020
A quick code blog to show how easy Framer Motion can be.
How to Use a Local Javascript Package in a Real Project (
Jul 26, 2019
In this video, I show you how to link your local package to an external project.
    How To Make a React Component Library (
    Jul 26, 2019
    In this video, I show you how to get started creating your very own React component library using a quick and easy tool to get started.
      Using React Context For Global State (
      Apr 23, 2019
      Learn how Level Up uses React Context to manage all global state.
      Effortless Forms In React (
      Apr 09, 2019
      I'm going to be showing off a new library that I found that makes writing forms in React insanely simple.
      How Level Up Tests Apollo Queries (
      Aug 31, 2018
      In this video I show how I use addMockFunctionsToSchema & MockedProvider to have a powerful auto mocking of data using Apollo's render prop components.
      What Is React Testing Library? (
      Aug 29, 2018
      In this video I talk about what is React Testing Library and why you might want to use it.
      Framer X First Look (
      Aug 10, 2018
      Live stream of checking out Framer X
      3 Press Confirmation Button - React Experiments #1 (
      Jul 24, 2018
      In this video we build a fun 3 press confirmation button using React. Follow a long and see how to build a real-world component, then take the code and use it yourself!
      Fast & Furious Learning (
      May 28, 2018
      After creating thousands of web development tutorials, Scott shares his secrets on Modern learning in our quickly changing industry.
      5 Common React Beginner Problems 2018 (
      May 03, 2018
      In this video I give 5 common problems React beginners might face.
      What Is CSS In JS? / What Is Styled Components? (
      Apr 18, 2018
      In this What Is Wednesday, I answer the question. What Is CSS In JS as well as What is Styled Components?
      What Is Jest? (
      Apr 11, 2018
      In this video, I answer the question, what is Jest?
      JS Testing 101 with Jest (
      Apr 03, 2018
      In this series, we'll cover the skills needed to understand the how and why of JavaScript testing.
      How to make a Contact Form in Gatsby with Netlify (
      Mar 10, 2018
      In this video we build a contact form that will work with Netlify's form service.
      The Best React Markdown Package (
      Feb 16, 2018
      In this video, I show you the very best Markdown package for React.
        How To Measure Anything In React (
        Feb 16, 2018
        In this video, I show you the very best measuring component.
          What Is GraphQL? (
          Jan 10, 2018
          In this video, I answer What Is GraphQL? and then discuss more about how to use GraphQL in a real world context and why you might want to.
          What Is Redux? (
          Jan 03, 2018
          Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.
          What Is Parcel? (
          Dec 13, 2017
          Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler.
          React Powerplug - Favorite React Packages (
          Nov 30, 2017
          In this series, I talk about my favorite and most used React packages.
            What Is Webpack? (
            Nov 08, 2017
            In this video, I up-pack what webpack is in plain english and how it can help you.
            8 Tips For Getting Better At React (
            Nov 07, 2017
            Learn 8 things that will make you a better React Dev
            What Is React? (
            Nov 01, 2017
            The first video in the What Is? series, where I dive into various web dev topics and explain them in plain english.
            Moving My Personal Site To GatsbyJS (
            Jul 10, 2017
            In this stream, I'll be moving my website off Meteor and onto GatsbyJS.
            A First Look at Gatsby, a Static Site Generator for React (
            Jul 07, 2017
            In this video, I give a first look into the exciting new static site generator, Gatsby.
            Server Side Rendering with Meteor & React (
            Jun 19, 2017
            In this stream, I'll be upgrading the Level Up Store to add server side rendering.
            Upgrading To React Router 4 (
            Jun 13, 2017
            In this stream, I'll be upgrading the Level Up Store to React Router 4.
            How To Convert Components To Functional Stateless Components (
            Dec 02, 2016
            In this React.js Tutorial, I show you how to convert a normal component into a functional stateless component.

            Podcast Episodes

            Building Steam Games with React (
            Sep 04, 2019
            In this episode, Scott and Wes talk with Drew Conley about building games with Javascript.
            Hasty Treat - How To Publish A React Component To NPM (
            Aug 19, 2019
            In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about documentation libraries, starting and maintaining projects, how to publish React components to NPM, and more!
              State In React (
              Aug 14, 2019
              In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about state in React: local state, global state, UI state, data state, caching, API data and more!
              Gatsby Themes (
              Jun 05, 2019
              In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk with Jason Lengstorf from the Gatsby team about Gatsby themes, and the future of Gatsby in general.
              Break In with Scott Tolinski (
              May 23, 2019
              Scott Tolinski is creator of Level Up Totorials and co-host of Syntax — a tasty treats podcast for web developers. He joins us on React Podcast to talk about career, hobbies, and building a business.
                Syntax Live React Edition (
                Apr 10, 2019
                It's another live episode of Syntax in which Wes and Scott do Hook'd on Hooks, Who's Snackin' on React, Stump'd, Unpopular Opinions, Q & Eh, and more!
                Hasty Treat - React Suspense (
                Mar 18, 2019
                In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about React Suspense — what it is, how it works, support and more!
                Gatsby vs Next (
                Feb 20, 2019
                In this episode, Wes and Scott debate Gatsby vs Next — how they compare, the pros and cons of each, why you might chose one over the other for your next project, and more!
                React Hooks (
                Nov 14, 2018
                In this episode Wes and Scott discuss React Hooks - what they are, why you might want to use them, their differences with regular classes, and more.
                The React Episode (
                Aug 15, 2018
                In this episode Wes and Scott do a deep dive into React - what it is, best practices and all the ins and outs of how the framework works.