Using WordPress With React

Articles & Tutorials

How to Create a React WordPress Theme in 30 Minutes (
Feb 27, 2020
An English version of the guide that Luis and David shared during their workshop "How to Create a React WordPress Theme" at WordCamp Sevilla 2019.
  • Reyes Martínez
Case Study: Growing Gudog’s blog by 88% with Frontity (
Feb 14, 2020
From the time of implementing Frontity in 2019, Gudog has increased their organic blog traffic by 88% and improved their SEO results.
  • Reyes Martínez
Gatsby and WordPress (
Dec 30, 2019
Gatsby and WordPress is an interesting combo to watch. On one hand, it makes perfect sense. Gatsby can suck up data from anywhere, and with WordPress having a native REST API, it makes for a good pairing.
  • Chris Coyier
Building a blog using Frontity and WordPress (
Dec 16, 2019
In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a personal blog with WordPress and React using Frontity framework.
  • Jesús Olazagoitia
Moving 13 years of WordPress blog to Gatsby Markdown (
Sep 23, 2019
More and more people are creating blogs with Gatsby and that’s exciting as heck! I miss the internet days when everyone had a place to call their own.
Headless WordPress: Why Gatsby Should Be Next on Your List of Things to Learn (
Sep 03, 2019
In this post I’ll go over what Gatsby is and why you should think about it for your next WordPress project.
  • Peter Tasker
Blazing Fast WordPress Sites With Gatsby (
Jul 31, 2019
Gatsby.js is a free and open-source React.js-based framework which helps developers build blazing-fast websites and apps. JAMstack (JavaScript APIs Markup) is the recent trend and WordPress powers more than 33% of the internet users.
  • Maedah Batool
Using Wordpress with React.js (
Feb 18, 2019
In this article, we will cover how to use WordPress as a headless CMS by leveraging the WordPress API and React js when building a project.
  • Tim Smith
Building Mobile Apps Using React Native And WordPress (
May 11, 2018
WordPress can work as an excellent back-end platform for your next native app, especially if it is content-driven or an online shop. In this article, you will learn the foundations for building mobile apps with React Native and WordPress.
  • Muhammad Muhsin
How To Build A Skin For Your Web App With React And WordPress (
Mar 07, 2018
If you’ve been looking for a content-driven solution, this article will explain how you can build a SPA WordPress theme with React.
  • Muhammad Muhsin
React.js with WordPress as a Backend: WP REST API Example (
Sep 19, 2017
WordPress Rest API is a huge step forward for frontend developers looking to combine the power of JavaScript tools like React.js with WordPress.
  • Maxime LaBoissonniere
Strapping React.js on a WordPress Backend: WP REST API Example (
Sep 14, 2017
I'll use WordPress as a backend, and WordPress REST API to feed data into a simple React e-commerce SPA.
  • Maxime Laboissonniere

Video Guides & Talks

Use WordPress + Gatsby for Jamstack Sites (with Zac Gordon) (
Mar 13, 2020
Content writers love the content management workflows that WordPress provides. Devs love the developer experience of using Gatsby. And when you combine the two? Everyone wins!
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Zac Gordon
Using WordPress as a Source for Gatsby (
Oct 30, 2019
A look into the advantages and possibilities that WordPress offers as source for Gatsby. How to use WpGraphQL and the ACF extension. A demo of how to use ACF Flexible content to make a custom builder.
  • Alexandra Spalato
Gatsby & WordPress - Pros / Cons w Overview (
Oct 08, 2019
In this video from my Gatsby & Headless WordPress course I go over how these two tools can be used together and some of the pros and cons.
  • Zac Gordon
React for Effect with WordPress and WooCommerce (
Aug 15, 2019
In this talk from the 2019 JavaScript for WordPress Conference, Julien Melissas gets in to how you can use React for enhanced effect with WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Julien Melissas
React WordPress Theme in 30 Min (
Aug 15, 2019
In this talk from the 2019 JavaScript for WordPress Conference, Anna Branco goes over how to create a headless React theme for WordPress using the React and WordPress framework Frontity.
  • Anna Branco
Gatsby & WordPress (
Aug 15, 2019
In this talk from the 2019 JavaScript for WordPress Conference, Alfredo Navas-Fernandini introduces the Gatsby React framework and how it can be used to create blazing fast static sites with WordPress.
  • Alfredo Navas-Fernandini
ServerSide React for WordPress w Muhammad Muhsin (
Aug 15, 2019
In this talk from the 2019 JavaScript for WordPress Conference, Muhammad Muhsin explains how to use WordPress with ServerSide React!
  • Muhammad Muhsin
More Gatsby and WordPress and ACF (
Aug 15, 2019
In this talk from the 2019 JavaScript for WordPress Conference, Alexandra Spalato goes into more depth on how to integrate WordPress, GraphQL, ACF and More with Gatsby.
  • Alexandra Spalato
Gatsby + WordPress with WPGraphQL (
Jul 25, 2019
Did you know WordPress & Gatsby are great together? In this stream, Jason Bahl teaches us how to use WordPress with Advanced Custom Fields and WPGraphQL to create an powerful, flexible admin dashboard, then query and display that data in a Gatsby site.
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Jason Bahl
Designing a Rich Content Editor for 1 Third of the Web (
May 28, 2019
How WordPress built its own brand new visual editor experience from the ground up with React. The talk will include an introduction of WordPress and how the Gutenberg Editor project started, details of how it works and how we incrementally improved the block editor over two years, and what our plans are for the future.
  • Ella van Durpe
Exploring The Wordpress REST API & React Integration (
Feb 10, 2019
In this video we will be looking at the Wordpress Rest API and how to navigate the response data, create custom post types, JWT authentication and we will do a bit of integration with React.

Courses & Video Series

Gatsby with Wordpress (
Jan 13, 2021
Become a pro using Gatsby in combination with Wordpress as a headless CMS.
  • Thomas Weibenfalk
Headless WordPress (
Apr 30, 2018
Learn how you can build a headless WordPress site with ease using both Next.js or Gatsby