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How to use Shared Element Transition with React Navigation v5 (
Jan 19, 2021
Transitions in mobile applications provide design continuity. This continuity is provided by connecting common elements from one view to the next while navigating in the app.
  • Aman Mittal
Nested React Native navigators (
Apr 07, 2020
In this blog, we will use React Navigation to implement the different navigators. React Navigation is easy to use, with a big community to help with issues along the base, and very detailed documentation. On top of all this, it is the recommended navigation library in the React Native docs.
  • Kitavi Joseph
Introducing React Navigation 5 (
Mar 23, 2020
I’m a big fan of this library and my first solution to handle the Navigation in React Native, it has an awesome and easy API, very customizable. version 5 just went from beta to stable. and it comes with some features changes and new API design that is a simple and different way to declare the Routes. In this article, we are going through the new APIs and ways to use them in our applications.
  • Said Hayani
ReactNative: Translucent TabBar (
Feb 04, 2020
I want to bring light on how to make it in ReactNative with react-navigation TabBar.
  • Alex Melnyk
Announcing React Navigation 5.0 (
Sep 17, 2019
We’ve been working on several improvements to React Navigation, such as improving animation performance with gesture-handler and reanimated libraries, migrating to TypeScript, and more.
  • Satyajit Sahoo
Re-writing React Navigation Stack (
Jul 16, 2019
Recently I’ve been working with with Michał Osadnik on a new version of the stack navigator, which lives under the react-navigation-stack repo as a standalone package.
  • Satyajit Sahoo
Navigating React Native apps using React Navigation (
Jun 23, 2019
When building mobile apps, of primary concern is how we handle a user’s navigation through the app — the presentation of the screens and the transitions between them. React Navigation is a standalone library that allows a developer implement this functionality easily.
  • Emmanuel Yusufu
React Navigation vs. React Native Navigation: Which is right for you? (
May 01, 2019
When it comes to mobile app development using React Native, one of the most important steps is selecting the perfect navigation library for your project.
  • Zain Sajjad
How to make the best use of in-built Navigators in React Navigation (
Oct 24, 2018
In this post, I will show you exactly how you can make the best out of React Navigation library by evaluating the exact use case of these built-in Navigators.
  • Rakshit Soral
React Navigation Drawer Tutorial (
Aug 30, 2017
How to add a drawer to your React Native app using react-navigation.
  • Gant Laborde

Video Guides & Talks

React Native Shared Element Transition React Navigation V5 (
Oct 20, 2020
Getting started with React Navigation v5 and Shared Element transition in React Native + create a photography carousel animation using React Native Animated API and FlatList.
  • Catalin Miron
React Native Shared Element Transition React Navigation V5 - Episode 2 (
Sep 16, 2020
Getting started with React Navigation v5 and Shared Element transition in React Native + create a parallax carousel animation using React Native Animated API and FlatList.
  • Catalin Miron
React Native Shared Element Transition in React Navigation V5 (
Sep 09, 2020
Getting started with React Navigation v5 and Shared Element transition in React Native + create an advanced carousel animation using React Native Animated API.
  • Catalin Miron
Integrate Custom Drawer animation component in React Navigation v5 (
Jul 31, 2020
In this tutorial we will build a custom drawer in React Native using SVG, Masked View and vanilla Animated API from React Native. We will go through how to animate a Polygon in React Native, how to animate the inner content of the drawer and how the React Native MaskedView is working.
  • Catalin Miron
React Navigation v5 Tutorial (
Feb 27, 2020
Learn how to use React Navigation v5 by implementing the navigation pattern that is found in most popular apps right now. We cover authentication, stack/tab navigation, params, TypeScript, and more.
How to create a shared element transition with react-navigation and React Native (
Aug 14, 2019
In this lesson we’re going to be building a Shared Element Transition in React Native using react-navigation, react-navigation-fluid-transition, React Native and Expo for creating the react-native project.
  • Catalin Miron
Tab Navigator for Absolute Beginners [React Navigation 3.0] (
Feb 25, 2019
Hey guys, this is a quick look at the (react native) react navigation 3.0 tab navigator. We'll be using VSCode to code. React Navigation is fully cross platform and can also be used in the web! In my opinion React Navigation is the best navigation library for react-native, I find it's much easier to customize and work with than react-native-navigation by wix.
Navigation in React Native Web (
Feb 20, 2019
Learn how to do Navigation in React Native Web.
React Navigation Drawer Navigator explained in 5 minutes (
Dec 30, 2018
Hey guys, this is a quick look at the (react native) #reactnavigation drawer navigator. We'll be using Expo snack to code.
Owning Transitions (
Sep 14, 2018
The "Transitioner" is the view in React Navigation responsible for animating between screens and supporting navigation gestures. We will discuss how views like "stack" work today, how they evolved, and how they fit into React Navigation and other navigation libraries. Historically, it has been quite difficult to create custom screen transitions and gestures. So the time has come to introduce a new Transitioner, and give you complete control over screen transitions in your React Native App.
  • Eric Vicenti

Courses & Video Series

Building a React Native App (
Sep 10, 2018
I'll be vlogging my experience of creating a brand new React Native app with Expo.
  • Harry Wolff

Podcast Episodes

Navigation++ feat. Eric Vicenti (
Sep 17, 2018
In this episode of React Native Radio, the panel talks to Eric Vicenti about React-navigation and more! He pays a lot of attention to navigation as well as what is blocking people from being able to build apps quickly, both in React Native and the web. They talk about the journey of creating React-navigation, the major changes to this library in the past few months, React Native gesture handler, and more!


react-navigation-collapsible (
Feb 04, 2019
React Navigation Extension for Collapsible Header. Make your header of react-navigation collapsible.
  • Bright Lee