Ken Wheeler

Video Guides & Talks

Making Beats with React (
Dec 20, 2018
This talk will show how we can leverage React hooks and the ToneJs library to make a serious drum machine in the browser.
Reasonable React Native (
Sep 14, 2018
An introduction to writing React Native applications using ReasonML. Find out why ReasonML is great, why writing React Native with Reason is the jam, and learn how you can get started with it today!
How React changed everything (
May 25, 2018
This talk will examine how React changed the front end landscape as we know it. We'll start by recounting the pre-React landscape, including prior art. Next, we'll venture into the introduction of React, and its reception and growth.
    Mixed Mode React (
    Apr 25, 2018
    This talk will focus on the creative exploitation of React component architecture to render not only to DOM elements, but other targets as well, at the same time. We will explore techniques you can use to achieve this, common pitfalls, useful applications of these patterns and not so useful, but wildly entertaining applications of these patterns.
    Why we Need an App Browser (
    Jul 18, 2017
    In this talk I will explore how using React Native with Robotics makes prototyping a breeze and enables mobile control of almost anything.
      Fun With Fiber Custom Renderers (
      May 14, 2017
      In this talk I will be detailing how to create custom renderers using the new Fiber architecture, and showing examples exploring some fun things you can do with them.


      urql (
      Aug 05, 2019
      Universal React Query Library is a GraphQL client, exposed as a set of ReactJS components.
      spectacle (
      Jul 31, 2019
      A React.js based library for creating sleek presentations.

      Podcast Episodes

      How to Save the Web with Expo's Brent Vatne (
      May 04, 2019
      Brent Vatne is a Software Engineer at Expo. He joins hosts Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler on The Undefined to talk about the future of the web, native development, and more.
      The Future of JavaScript Tooling with Sebastian McKenzie (
      Feb 12, 2019
      Sebastian McKenzie is a Software Engineer at Facebook and the creator of Babel and Yarn. He joins us on The Undefined to chat about the ups and downs of open source software, what it's like to work at Facebook, and a brand new toolchain he's working on that blurs the lines between JavaScript transpiler, bundler, and framework.
      The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Open Source with Ken Wheeler (
      Aug 14, 2018
      Michael and Michael talk with Ken about the good, bad, and ugly of open source. Ken shares the pain and frustration he's felt as an open source developer and what keeps him coming back for more as the Director of Open Source at Formidable Labs.

        Articles & Tutorials

        Hooked on React (
        Dec 24, 2018
        Hooks change everything, let's explore some fun patterns!