Runtime type checking for React props and similar objects.

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The modern guide to React prop types (
Mar 23, 2021
Type checking in React through the prop-types package ensures that you know what each variable stores even if documentation is lacking or not helpful. In this discourse, we examine prop types in depth to help you build a quality codebase.
  • Andrew Evans
Mastering Props And PropTypes In React (
Aug 17, 2020
Props and PropTypes are an important mechanism for passing information between React components, and we’re going to look into them in great detail here.
  • David Adeneye
Design Systems: Embedding UI Design Patterns in React Components (
Oct 28, 2019
Using React propTypes to bring design and development closer together.
  • Eden Ella
Making unit tests fail when PropTypes error (
Jun 03, 2019
Documenting components with React's PropTypes library is a great way to be notified when you've forgotten to pass a certain prop. Today we're going to see how we can leverage these to make our tests fail when our PropTypes are incorrect.
Understanding React PropTypes - Type-Checking in React (
Feb 05, 2019
In my last post we talked about how to set default props value in our React components using the defaultProps property. In this post we will continue with the streak, we will see how to type the props argument.
  • Chidume Nnamdi
React PropTypes (
Nov 02, 2018
How to use PropTypes to set the required type of a prop
Props and PropTypes in React (
Aug 31, 2018
React calls the data passed between components props and we’re going to look into those in great detail.
  • Kingsley Silas

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Validating React component props with prop-types (
Feb 19, 2020
Learn how to improve your React components by validating props with prop-types.
  • Karl Hadwen
Prop validations for React (
May 22, 2018
You might think you know everything about prop-types, watch the the 3rd use-case ;)


prop-types (
Feb 14, 2019
Runtime type checking for React props and similar objects