Getting A Job As React Developer

Articles & Tutorials

How to become a React developer in 5 months (
Oct 16, 2019
The story of how I went from non-technical to hired React developer.
  • Per Harald Borgen
ReactJS Interview Questions for Senior Developers (
Jul 09, 2019
You can work with React for years and actually have no opinion on some of the less practical questions and it’s fine. However, if you have an interview, then it’s quite important to have an opinion.
  • Alex Permyakov
Top 50 React Interview Questions You Must Prepare In 2019 (
Apr 12, 2019
If you are an aspiring front end developer and preparing for interviews, then this blog is for you. This blog on Top 50 React Interview Questions is the perfect guide for you to learn all the concepts required to clear a React interview.
  • Swatee Chand
How to get a job as a React developer (
Mar 22, 2018
I work as a team lead and have hired many React developers to my team and other teams. I wanted to share how I think about hiring React developers
React Interview Question: What gets rendered in the browser, a component or an element? (
Dec 13, 2017
You might not like the answer because, unfortunately, it is a bit complicated.
  • Samer Buna

Video Guides & Talks

Intermediate React.js Coding Interview (
Jun 10, 2021
I give Clément an intermediate level React.js coding interview where I test his knowledge in creating a table that can sort columns and search for values.

Podcast Episodes

Fullstack Development with React (
May 28, 2019
On today’s show the panel discusses what what jobs should be delegated to the front and backend when doing fullstack development with React. They talk about where the data fetching starts coming into play in a react app and the big changes from the old web to the modern web in data fetching.
Develop Your Career with Kent C. Dodds (
May 09, 2019
Chantastic asks about the approach Kent took while developing his career PayPal, what he had to give up to stay focused, and what's changed now that he's independent.
RRU 033: "Finding Your Dream Job" with Panelists (
Oct 16, 2018
In this episode, the panel talks amongst themselves about: What is THE dream job? How do you define YOUR dream job? And how do you GET your dream job?
RRU 020: How to Get a Job (Especially for New Developers) with Charles Max Wood (
Jul 17, 2018
In this episode, the React Round Up panelists talk about finding a job as a developer. Charles is getting ready to release a course on finding a job and he finds that he is always getting asked about how new developers can find a job. They talk about how they all found their first coder job, picking your target company, and understanding what you want in a job.
  • Charles Max Wood
  • Lucas Reis
  • Sia Karamalegos