React Accessibility

React fully supports building accessible websites, often by using standard HTML techniques. More info

Articles & Tutorials

React and Accessibility (
May 18, 2019
Slides from the React Zurich Meetup.
  • João Figueiredo
Accessibility is not a “React Problem” (
Feb 25, 2019
Every few months, it seems like there’s a revival of the Twitter War™ about JavaScript libraries and accessibility. React is a common target, with developers naming a litany of issues.
  • Leslie Cohn-Wein
Achieving Accessibility in React Applications (
Feb 14, 2019
How to make sure everyone get the right experience in your app
  • Nwose Lotanna
Please stop building inaccessible forms (and how to fix them) (
Feb 04, 2019
I regularly find inaccessible forms. In this post we’ll check out one of the common accessibility problems and fix it.
Getting Started with Web Accessibility in React (
Jan 02, 2018
When designing shiny new web applications using React, it’s easy to forget about the accessibility of what you are developing, or even failing to consider what native features React provides to help make the web more accessible. I am going to cover some basic features that React enables and/or supports, as well as some basic implementations.
  • Emily Mears
Accessible Web Apps with React, TypeScript, and AllyJS (
Nov 16, 2017
This article will focus on Ally.js, a library simplifying certain accessibility features, functions, and behaviors.
  • Daniel Yuschick

Video Guides & Talks

12 Tips For More Accessible React Apps (
May 01, 2019
If you want to improve the accessibility of your React apps but you don't know how or where to start, this talk is just what you need. Manuel shares 12 tips that will help you build web sites and applications that can be used by anyone. Each tip fits on one slide and you'll be able to put them into practice right away without having to learn anything fundamentally new.
  • Manuel Matuzović
Make Your React Native Apps Accessible (
Apr 24, 2019
In this talk, I will show you why accessibility matters, what those rules are, accessibility standards your app falls into, common patterns to follow and how to get over your fear of voice-over.
  • Ankita Kulkarni
Improve a11y and usability of an icon component (
Nov 16, 2018
Someone wanted my feedback on an icon component. Here it is!
downshift: Making Downshift more accessible (
Aug 07, 2017
Here I work on some feedback I got from Marcy Sutton on the accessibility of downshift.

Courses & Video Series

Beautiful and Accessible Drag and Drop with react-beautiful-dnd (
Jul 28, 2018
In this course, we will create a highly interactive task management application from scratch
  • Alex Reardon
React: Components, Context, and Accessibility (
Jul 17, 2018
Learn about the enhancements found in React 16 and how to leverage key features to build better React apps

Podcast Episodes

Just Use a Button with Jen Luker (
Jan 09, 2019
Jen Luker is a lead software engineer at Formidable Labs, keynote speaker, host of @BookBytesFM, and expert knitter. Chantastic asks her about the Fiber Arts Corner at React Conf, the history that textiles and programming share, and how we can make our apps more accessible.
Promise Accessibility with Ryan Florence (
Sep 26, 2018
Chantastic talks with Ryan Florence about Reach UI and why accessibility is important for everyone. They discuss the balance of physical and mental activity, Ryan’s foray into programming and entrepreneurship, the inspiration behind his accessibility-first component library, and why none of us are really full-stack developers.
Ryan Florence - Building Accessible UI Components (
Sep 12, 2018
In this episode Adam talks to Ryan Florence about the challenges of making custom UI components accessible, and how Ryan is trying to make that easier with Reach UI.