Using Apollo GraphQL With React

The Apollo GraphQL platform is an implementation of GraphQL that helps you manage data from the cloud to your UI. More info

Articles & Tutorials

Getting Started With Apollo Client in Next.js (
Mar 09, 2021
In this post, we’ll briefly cover each way to fetch and render data with Next.js, along with the important considerations for each approach. We’ll wrap up with a demonstration of how to configure Apollo Client for each one.
  • Kurt Kemple
Building a Next.js App with Apollo Client & Slash GraphQL (
Nov 11, 2020
In this blog post, we will build a simple NextJS app from scratch, using Apollo Client to consume the GraphQL API of Slash GraphQL.
  • Apoorv Vardhan
Understanding Client-Side GraphQl With Apollo-Client In React Apps (
Jul 29, 2020
We’ll be taking a closer look at a few basics of GraphQL and Apollo Client, as well as how to work with both of them. By the end, we’ll have built a pet shop app that uses Apollo Client. Then, you can go on to build your next project.
  • Blessing Krofegha
The React + Apollo Client 2020 Cheatsheet (
Jul 04, 2020
I've put together a comprehensive cheatsheet that goes through all of the core concepts in the Apollo library, showing you how to use it with React from front to back.
  • Reed Barger
Build a Meal Ticketing App with GraphQL and Apollo React Hooks (
Nov 25, 2019
A meal ticket tracker allows you to issue digital meal tickets to attendees and not rely on paper tickets.
Apollo Client, now with React Hooks (
Aug 06, 2019
Today we’re thrilled to announce the addition of React Hooks to Apollo Client!
  • Hugh Willson
Explore GraphQL with Apollo & React: Build a Superhero Database (
May 08, 2019
Curious about all the buzz surrounding GraphQL, but not quite sure why you should be excited? You’re in the right place! We’ll shed some light on what GraphQL is and give you an opportunity for some hands-on experience.
  • Joe Hewitson
Announcing Apollo Client 2.5 (
Feb 26, 2019
One year ago, we had a vision for the future of state management. We wanted to provide developers with one source of truth for all of their app’s data and one unified interface to access it. Our dream is finally a reality with the release of Apollo Client 2.5, now with local state management!
  • Hugh Willson
Should I Use Apollo for GraphQL? (
Feb 19, 2019
GraphQL is just a query language. And in order to use it easily, we need to use a platform that will do all the heavy lifting for us. One such platform is provided by Apollo.
  • Rajat Saxena
Under-the-hood of Apollo (
Feb 10, 2019
This post comes from a recent talk I did on the internals of Apollo Client. I was frustrated that I did not understand what was actually going on when I was using it so I took some time to delve into the code.
  • Craig Taub
Love and affection about reactjs, Apollo, and GraphQL part 1 (
Feb 09, 2019
This is a series of posts how I felt while working on my first project with Apollo, GraphQL, and reactjs. Also, you will learn how to set it up!
  • Michael Lazarski
Apollo and Relay Side by Side (
Jan 29, 2019
Decide which GraphQL library is right for you
  • Scott Domes
GraphQL in React with Apollo (
Jan 02, 2019
GraphQL APIs are the future, and Apollo is the best way to integrate it into your React app right now.
  • Leigh Halliday
A Apollo Client Tutorial for Beginners (
Nov 01, 2018
This tutorial shows you how to use Apollo Client for GraphQL without any other third-party library.
Writing Tests for Apollo Client in React (
Oct 19, 2018
The tutorial builds up on a mocked GraphQL API enabling you to write tests for your Apollo Client queries and mutations in React. It answers the question: How to test Apollo Client in React ...
React + Apollo: How to Redirect after Refetching a Query (
Aug 25, 2018
GraphQL is hot, and for a good reason. In short, it is a query language that allows you to ask for exactly what you need from your API. This cuts any unnecessary data transfer that may occur with different methodologies.
  • Jun Hyuk Kim
GraphQL Server Tutorial with Apollo Server and Express (
Aug 22, 2018
Learn how to build a GraphQL server with Apollo Server and Express with authentication, authorization, pagination, subscription, database access, tests.
Why Apollo: Advantages, Disadvantages & Alternatives (
Jul 04, 2018
Overview about the advantages and disadvantages of using Apollo and its ecosystem for JavaScript applications. It mentions also Apollo alternatives such as Urql and Relay for React applications.
How to use Redux with Apollo Client and GraphQL in React (
Jun 26, 2018
When having a GraphQL server, Apollo Client can be a valid option for your remote data. How fits Redux into the equation? This tutorial shows you an example on how Redux and Apollo Client can be used together in a React application. Whereas Redux is used for local data, Apollo Client is used for remote data.
A minimal Apollo Client in React Example (
Jun 05, 2018
The tutorial guides you through building a minimal Apollo Client in React example application where Apollo Client is used for remote data and React's local state for local data.
Mocking a GraphQL Server for Apollo Client (
May 28, 2018
The tutorial shows you how to mock your GraphQL server for your GraphQL client for testing or other purposes. Either you can reconstruct a GraphQL client-side schema or introspect the GraphQL server schema. Both ways use client-side resolvers to mock the data.
A apollo-link-state Tutorial for Local State Management (
May 04, 2018
I want to show how to use apollo-link-state instead of introducing Redux or MobX in a React example application.
A complete React with Apollo and GraphQL Tutorial (
May 01, 2018
In this tutorial, you will learn how to combine React with GraphQL in your application by using Apollo.
Getting Started With React And GraphQL (
Apr 22, 2018
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use GraphQL in a React web application. To make use of GraphQL inside your React project we’ll be using the React Apollo library.
  • Sebastian Eschweiler
The future of state management (
Dec 21, 2017
Managing your local data in Apollo Client with apollo-link-state.
  • Peggy Rayzis
What’s Next.js for Apollo (
Mar 23, 2017
Universally render your application with Apollo and Next
  • Adam Soffer

Video Guides & Talks

Build Fullstack Realtime Apps with React and Hasura GraphQL (
Jan 13, 2021
In this stream, we will go over building a react app integrating GraphQL APIs using Hasura backend and Apollo Client.
  • Praveen Durairaju
Apollo Client v3 Fullstack Next.js Setup with SSR + Nexus Schema (
Aug 17, 2020
In this video we recreate the Next.js example setting up Apollo Client v3, Apollo Server, Nexus Schema, with support for SSR.
Build your own GraphQL Resume with Next.js, Apollo Client, and Prism Code Highlighter. Part 2 / 2 (
Aug 15, 2020
In part two we will build out the frontend of our GraphQL Resume. First we set up the Apollo Client, then fetch and display the data that comes back from our GraphQL API. Lastly we add Prism Code Highlighter to show display the GraphQL query which retrieved the data we are displaying.
Build your own GraphQL Resume with Next.js, Apollo Server, and Nexus Schema. Part 1 / 2 (
Aug 11, 2020
In this video we will use a code-first approach to building a GraphQL API. This means that the code we write will generate the GraphQL schema as an artifact rather than something we have to maintain ourselves.
GraphQL Pagination with Cursors in Apollo React (
Feb 13, 2020
Apollo provides a function made for fetching additional paginated results, but it isn't directly obvious how it works! In this video we will walk through Cursor based GraphQL Pagination in Apollo React.
Even More GraphQL + React Hooks Refactoring! (
Jan 30, 2020
Another video with my refactoring my course
React Apollo State Management Best Practices (
Jan 23, 2020
I discuss how I like to handle state management when I'm using Apollo and how to use it along side Redux.
Refactoring React + Apollo Form to use Hooks (
Dec 17, 2019
Quickie on me refactoring React Apollo from Render.
Next.js SSR with 2 Apollo Clients (
Dec 09, 2018
We have 2 GraphQL endpoints, so I needed 2 Apollo clients and got them working with Next.js and SSR.
Using Apollo Link State (
Dec 09, 2018
In this video we learn how to use the apollo-link-state library to Mutate and Query our local state. Link State is an alternative to using React's Component level state, MobX, or Redux... access and mutate your data in the same way you communicate with external GraphQL APIs.
React Hooks with Apollo GraphQL (
Dec 08, 2018
We'll transform some React code using the Query component from Apollo GraphQL to use hooks! The code ends up being WAY cleaner and easier to reason about.
Beyond Static With Gatsby & Apollo (
Dec 05, 2018
In this talk, learn how Gatsby & Apollo help you build apps that combine the performance and workflow benefits of static sites with the flexibility and power of server-driven sites.
  • Jason Lengstorf
Shipping 'Belonging' with GraphQL & Apollo at Airbnb (
Dec 05, 2018
Airbnb's mission is to create a world where anyone can Belong Anywhere. But we can only deliver on that vision by executing! GraphQL and Apollo Platform sit at the center of a portfolio of tools engineers at Airbnb are using to ship faster.
What's next for Apollo Client (
Dec 05, 2018
Learn how to manage local state with Apollo Client, as well as some of the new tooling available with the Apollo CLI and VS Code extension.
  • Peggy Rayzis
How to test React and Apollo code with MockedProvider (
Nov 16, 2018
Learn how to test your React and Apollo code using MockedProvider.
Let's manage our local state with GraphQL (
Nov 13, 2018
Apollo has given us freedom and happiness when it comes to managing our data coming from the server but we still had to write code and sometimes a lot of it to manage our local state? Well, what if we managed it with queries too? Sounds too awesome right? Let's learn how to do this with apollo-link-state.
Beyond Apollo Boost - Configuring the Apollo Client from the ground up (
Nov 03, 2018
When Apollo Boost no longer provides you the flexibility you need, it's time to reach for the Apollo Client library and configure things yourself. In this video we go over the conversion process and how to use some comment links such as link-error, link-context, and link-http.
GraphQL with ApolloBoost Client (
Nov 02, 2018
Don't know where to begin with GraphQL in React? Begin by setting up a client with ApolloBoost and make a Query! In this video we pull my starred repositories from the GitHub GraphQL API.
GQL all the Things! (
Sep 14, 2018
Let's take a look at look at what we can do with React Apollo today, how we can use it to even manage our local state and see what the future holds for us in the new releases of React Apollo.
How Level Up Tests Apollo Queries (
Aug 31, 2018
In this video I show how I use addMockFunctionsToSchema & MockedProvider to have a powerful auto mocking of data using Apollo's render prop components.
GraphQL Workshop - React Kyiv (
Jul 08, 2018
Learn GraphQL by doing! We will have a workshop where we will create a bsic graphql backend with prisma and then connect to the frontend with react Apollo.
State Management in React Apps with Apollo Client (
May 25, 2018
Apollo has given us freedom and happiness when it comes to managing our data coming from the server but we still had to write code and sometimes a lot of it to manage our local state? Well, what if we managed it with queries too? Sounds too awesome right? Let's learn how to do this with apollo-link-state.
How to use GraphQL with React (
May 13, 2018
We'll take a look at how to use GraphQL with React using the Apollo GraphQL library and GitHub's new GraphQL API. We'll look at setting up our client, provider, and finally writing and executing our GraphQL query.
Getting Started With React And GraphQL (
Apr 22, 2018
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use GraphQL in a React web application. To make use of GraphQL inside your React project we’ll be using the React Apollo library.
  • Sebastian Eschweiler
Connecting React Apollo with Create React App (
May 30, 2017
In this video I will show you how to connect React Apollo (Client) with the popular create-react-app tools!
  • Jamie Barton

Books & Guides

Principled GraphQL (
Feb 12, 2019
Best practices for implementing and scaling a data graph.
  • Geoff Schmidt
  • Matt DeBergalis

Courses & Video Series

Apollo Client State with React (
Jan 15, 2019
Discover how to manage client-side state using Apollo with React. Learn how to configure and query client state, mutate client state, mutate the cache, and more.
  • Eric Greene
GraphQL Data in React with Apollo Client (
Dec 05, 2018
This course is for GraphQL newbies with a basic understanding of React. It focuses on the client-side implementation of GraphQL usage using the Apollo client.
GraphQL With React & Apollo (
Nov 12, 2018
In this series we will build a small app using GraphQL, Express, React & Apollo.
Full Stack Advanced React & GraphQL (
Oct 11, 2018
Learn everything you need to build a full stack application with React.js and GraphQL
Level 1 Apollo Client with React (
Jul 31, 2018
Learn the hottest GraphQL library out with Level 1 Apollo Client with React. In this series, I teach you how to connect to GraphQL APIs, the new Query, Mutation and ApolloConsumer components.
Level 2 React Native with GraphQL (
Jan 31, 2018
Over 25 videos, this series will teach you more complex aspects of React Native while using a GraphQL API
Full-stack GraphQL with Apollo, Meteor & React (
Jan 02, 2018
In this free series, I'll be teaching GraphQL with Apollo, Meteor & React to build a full-stack app.
Build a Twitter Clone with Apollo Graphql & React-Native (
Jul 18, 2017
The end product is to build a Twitter kind of clone where we have real time updates
  • Emanuel Quimper

Podcast Episodes

JSJ 307: Apollo with Peggy Rayzis (
Apr 03, 2018
In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panelists talk about Apollo with Peggy Rayzis. She discusses what GraphQL is and how it is used, as well as how they use it in the Apollo team to make their lives as developers easier. They also touch on when it would work best to use GraphQL and when it is not ideal to use it.
  • Charles Max Wood
  • Aimee Knight
  • AJ ONeal
  • Peggy Rayzis


react-apollo (
Aug 06, 2019
React integration for Apollo Client
  • Hugh Willson
  • Ben Newman