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React Cosmos is a dev tool for creating reusable React components. More info

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Cosmos 4.7—the version that shows you the future (
Jan 22, 2019
Under the hood Cosmos Next has a new foundation, which essentially is my attempt at building a world class dev platform with delightful UX, while in the process relearning what good software looks like.
  • Ovidiu Cherecheș

Podcast Episodes

React Testing Discussion & React Cosmos feat. Ovidiu Chereches (
Mar 22, 2018
In today’s show, the React Native Radio Host, Nader Dabit and Spencer Carli speak with Ovidiu Chereches, about Testing React and React Native applications. Ovidiu shares his journey into working as a full stack developer and working in the community as an experienced developer. Ovidiu shares a general view on testing and sharing information on projects (React Cosmos) that helped him on manual testing and much more.


react-cosmos (
Mar 29, 2019
Dev tool for creating reusable React components.
  • Ovidiu Cherecheș