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Video Guides & Talks

Deploying Next.js to AWS Using a Custom Domain Name (
Jan 23, 2021
In this short video I show how to deploy a Next.js app to AWS using a custom domain name, leveraging the Serverless Next.js component.
Building a Serverless Multi-user Blogging Platform with Next.js, Tailwind, & AWS (
Jan 21, 2021
We'll start from scratch, creating a new Next.js app. We'll then, step by step, use the Amplify CLI to build out and configure our cloud infrastructure and then use the Amplify JS Libraries to connect the Next.js app to the APIs we create using the CLI.
Next.js on Fargate - Serverless Container Hosting with Docker and AWS Amplify (
Jan 12, 2021
In this video we'll start from scratch, creating a new Next.js app and then initializing a new Amplify project in the Next.js app directory. We'll then configure a custom domain and deploy the Next.js app to Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate using the Amplify CLI using the custom domain.
Live Coding a Full Stack Serverless App with Next.js, Amazon Aurora Serverless, CDK, & TypeScript (
Nov 17, 2020
In this video we start from scratch, building out a serverless AWS back end using CDK, AWS Lambda, GraphQL on AWS AppSync, and Amazon Aurora Serverless PostgreSQL. We then wire up the API to a Next.js app using AWS Amplify and show how to connect to the API, build routes at build time, and enable fallback routes to dynamically generate routes at runtime.
Building Offline-first Cross-platform Apps with Expo and Amplify DataStore (
Mar 20, 2020
Learn how to create a new Amplify DataStore project, integrate it with Expo, deploy it to AWS, and interact with it from a two different platforms: Web and iOS. We'll demo queries, mutations, and subscriptions as well as how to test out the offline functionality.
Hooking Up a Conference in Real-time with GraphQL (
Jul 31, 2019
In this talk, I'll show how you can rapidly prototype, build, & deploy your app using GraphQL, React Native, & AWS AppSync so you can spend your time worrying about more important things in life. In addition to what you'd expect from a conference app, we'll be adding live chat so attendees discuss talks & speakers can field questions & interact with them in real-time.
Full-stack React Native in the Era of Serverless Computing (
May 03, 2019
In this talk, I'll talk about this philosophy in depth, discuss the options available from different service providers, & then show how (live-code) to build a full-stack React Native application in just a few minutes by using React & AWS Amplify React Native to quickly build a real-world app complete with a GraphQL API, analytics, search, authentication & authorization.
Real-time Offline-ready Mobile Apps w/ React Native & AWS (
Dec 19, 2018
In this talk, I’ll demonstrate and discuss the more interesting and powerful functionality that AppSync offers and do so in a way that developers will walk away with a confident understanding of how AppSync works and can be extended to help them in their day to day. We'll also create & connect to a real AppSync API in a demo to demonstrate what we discussed in the talk in a live coding exercise.
React Native VR + AR Made Simple (
May 06, 2018
In this talk, I will quickly go over how to get up and running with the framework and demo an app that allows user to upload images from the conference into a virtual room, as well as walk around and interact with them in Augmented Reality.
JavaScript Futurism (
Jul 18, 2017
Working consistently across multiple platforms with different file types in React Native can be challenging. In this talk, I will discuss and implement working with and opening a multitude of different file types consistently on both iOS and Android.

Articles & Tutorials

Next.js - The Data Story (
Oct 22, 2020
In this post, we'll take the next steps to talk about the data story, how it fits in to the picture, and how to implement various access patterns with and without authentication and authorization.
React State 5 Ways (
Oct 05, 2020
In this post I'm going to walk through how to implement global state management in a React application using the same pattern across 5 of the most popular libraries and APIs using the most modern and up-to-date versions of the libraries.
The Complete Guide to Next.js Authentication (
Sep 21, 2020
In this guide you will learn how to implement authentication in a Next.js app. I will cover client authentication, authenticated server-rendered pages, authenticated API routes, protected routes, and redirects.
Deploying a Next app with AWS Amplify Hosting (
May 05, 2020
In this tutorial you'll learn how to deploy a Next app to AWS using Amplify Hosting.
Ionic React - First Look (
Oct 17, 2019
Ionic now officially supports React as a first-class target & framework.
React Suspense with GraphQL (
Feb 08, 2019
Warning, the React docs say that Suspense does not yet support data loading, so in the future there may be breaking changes & better options available.
Building AR & VR Experiences with React, Amazon Sumerian & AWS Amplify (
Oct 17, 2018
AWS Amplify recently added support augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content within your applications.
React Native Navigation (V2) by Wix — Getting Started (
Jul 26, 2018
A first look at building React Native apps with React Native Navigation.
Ditching setState for MobX (
May 07, 2018
How to leverage observables, observers, computed properties, autorun & more to supercharge & simplify your React workflow.
React Authentication in Depth (
Mar 13, 2018
How to do implement world 2 factor authentication (both SMS and TOTP) using React, React Router, and Amazon Cognito
unstated — The setState of React State Management (
Feb 14, 2018
A new paradigm for React state management that is as new as it is old.
React Animations in Depth (
Aug 06, 2017
5 Options for React Web Animations, and which of these are cross-platform.

Podcast Episodes

CSS, CSS-in-JS, and Future of the Frontend (
Jun 25, 2019
The panel shares their first experiences with CSS and compares CSS and CSS-in-JS. The best ways to learn CSS is considered. The panel shares some coding tips; considering when to use libraries and when to use homegrown solutions.
Optimizing for Performance in React with Aggelos Arvanitakis (
Jun 04, 2019
Aggelos Arvanitakis shares things he has learned from his mistakes in his blog posts. The panel discusses the most common problems in react that causes poor performance.
Fullstack Development with React (
May 28, 2019
On today’s show the panel discusses what what jobs should be delegated to the front and backend when doing fullstack development with React. They talk about where the data fetching starts coming into play in a react app and the big changes from the old web to the modern web in data fetching.
Linked Lists in the Wild: React Hooks with Conlin Durbin (
May 07, 2019
The panel discusses Conlin’s article "Link Lists in the Wild: React Hooks".
React Native Animations feat. Catalin Miron (
Apr 30, 2019
In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Catalin Miron who is currently working for Skype. Catalin uses React and React Native and talks with Nader Dabit about past and current projects.
React Native Open Source & the React Native Community feat. Christoph Nakazawa (
Apr 23, 2019
In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Christoph Nakazawa who works through React Native and open source.
Create Value for Others with Nader Dabit (
Apr 18, 2019
On podcasting, speaking, mobile devrel at AWS Amplify, AppSync for simple GraphQL servers, and his new book React Native in Action.
    Fastlane + React Native feat. Eli Perkins (
    Apr 15, 2019
    In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Eli Perkins. They discuss the ins-and-outs of Fastlane, how Fastlane can help you with your next project, how it’s open source, and much more!
    React Conf 2018 with Adam Laycock (
    Apr 09, 2019
    Adam Laycock describes his experience at React conf 2018, the atmosphere, the people and the talks.
      Shipping Your React Native App to the Store feat. Ryan Stelly, Cindy Li, & Shyam Komirishetty (
      Apr 06, 2019
      In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks about the process of shipping (in particular) your React Native App. Other topics that arise are Node tooling, Test Flight, Code Pusher, and more! Check it out!
      MongoDB Atlas as a Managed Database for React Native feat. Michael Lynn and Drew Dipalma (
      Mar 21, 2019
      In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Michael Lynn and Drew Dipalma about Mongo DB Stitch and Atlas. The panel and guests talk in-detail about the databases. Check out today’s episode to hear all the details!
      Framer X and Web Development of the Past with Thomas Aylott (
      Mar 19, 2019
      In this episode of React Round Up, Thomas Aylott, Founder at Things That Do Stuff, gives an overview of Framer X, explains what it is used for and how it can be beneficial for web designers.
      End-to-end Typesafe GraphQL Applications feat. Carlos Rufo (
      Feb 22, 2019
      We talk about how to build typesafe GraphQL applications & what the benefits of doing so are.
      React Native Testing feat. Josh Justice of Big Nerd Ranch (
      Feb 21, 2019
      In today’s episode of the React Native Radio podcast, the panel speaks with Josh Justice of Big Nerd Ranch. The discussion covers several main points on test such as, End to End Testing, Unit Testing, and Test Driven Development.
      Schema First vs Resolver First GraphQL Servers (
      Feb 08, 2019
      This is an in-depth discussion in which we talk about the intricacies of API & server development at many levels.
      RRU 047: Expo with Charlie Cheever (
      Feb 05, 2019
      Facebook Marketplace Team feat. Konstantin Raev & Blair Vanderhoof (
      Feb 02, 2019
      In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Konstantin and Blair of the React Native developers Facebook Team. Topic covered are about Facebook Market Place, Performance, PrePack, Open Source, and new projects within the React Native team at Facebook.
        React Native at Expo feat. Evan Bacon (
        Jan 13, 2019
        In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Christian and Eric about various topics; such as: Flow, Flutter, C, C++, React Native, React, React Navigation, and much more! Check out today’s episode to hear all of the details.
        Progressive Web Applications feat. Eric Elliott (
        Dec 31, 2018
        In today’s episode of the React Native Radio podcast, Nader Dabit speaks with Eric Elliott. Eric shares his experience with building Progressive Web Applications and the advantages of these types of applications. Eric explains the topics like Service Workers, Caching, Frameworks, and Compiling and much more.
        Reanimated, React Native Screens & More feat. Krzysztof Magiera of Software Mansion (
        Oct 17, 2018
        In today’s episode of the React Native Radio podcast, Nader Dabit, Peter Piekarczyk and Mike Grabowski speak with Krzysztof Magiera. Krzysztof talks about his recent libraries on Native Driver, Gesture Handler, Reanimated, React Native Screens. The panel and Krzysztof dive deep into Gesture Handler and give insight on the best use cases. This is a great episode to learn about Krzysztof and his most current company and projects.
        RRU 033: "Finding Your Dream Job" with Panelists (
        Oct 16, 2018
        In this episode, the panel talks amongst themselves about: What is THE dream job? How do you define YOUR dream job? And how do you GET your dream job?
        The most important lessons I’ve learned after a year of working with React (
        Oct 09, 2018
        In this episode, the panel talks with guest speaker, Tomas Eglinskas, and the panel talks to him about an article he wrote via Free Code Camp Medium. Currently, Tomas is a software developer at Zenitech. The panel and the guest dive-into lessons that not only apply to being a developer, but great life lessons that everyone can learn from. Check-out today’s episode!
        React Native at Airbnb & Working at Tonal feat. Gabriel Peal (
        Oct 08, 2018
        In today's episode of React Native Radio, Nader Dabit, Peter Piekarczyk & Spencer Carli talk with Gabriel Peal. Gabriel is the author of the Medium blog post “Sunsetting React Native” & formally worked with React Native Android at Airbnb. Gabriel has worked with Android for 6 years at Google & Airbnb. Gabriel is on the show to talk about Flutter, React Native, & hist current work at Tonal.
        Reason feat. Jared Forsyth (
        Sep 24, 2018
        In today’s episode of the React Native Radio podcast, Nader Dabit, Peter Piekarczyk, Mike Grabowski speak with Jared Forsyth. Jared is a mobile developer at Khan Academy with expertise in JavaScript, React Native. Jared is on the show to share his experience with Reason. Jared talks particularly about the how Reason came about, the best use cases, and how to get started with the Reason platform.
        Navigation++ feat. Eric Vicenti (
        Sep 17, 2018
        In this episode of React Native Radio, the panel talks to Eric Vicenti about React-navigation and more! He pays a lot of attention to navigation as well as what is blocking people from being able to build apps quickly, both in React Native and the web. They talk about the journey of creating React-navigation, the major changes to this library in the past few months, React Native gesture handler, and more!
        React Native Firebase feat. Mike Diarmid & Elliot Hesp (
        Sep 10, 2018
        In this episode of React Native Radio, the panel talks to Elliot Hesp and Mike Diarmid, who are a part of the React Native Firebase team. They talk about what they do in their day jobs, how people used Firebase prior to the library being created, what Firebase is, and why you would want to use it. They also touch on types of applications you should and should not use with Firebase, their past experiences working on open source projects, how these past projects have impacted how they work on the React Native Firebase project, and more!
        Why I Prefer Functional Components (
        Sep 04, 2018
        In this episode, the panel talks with Josh St. Jacque who is married with two kids and with one on the way. He is a professional product manager and software engineer. Ruby on Rails got him started on his career path and journey. Check-out today’s episode where the panel discusses functional and class components, among many other things!
        Build Faster with Nader Dabit (
        Aug 24, 2018
        Nader Dabit is a developer advocate at Amazon Web Services, and he returns to the show to discuss modern tooling, and how that tooling changes the potential for high output and fast iteration among developers. It is a strategic, philosophical discussion of how to build modern software.
        React Native at Product Hunt feat. Radoslav Stankov and Vlad Vladimirov (
        Aug 23, 2018
        In this episode of React Native Radio, the panel talks to Radoslav Stankov and Vlad Vladimirov, who are engineers at Product Hunt. They talk about why they came to Product Hunt, how the company works and collaborates remotely, and the general size and operation of Product Hunt. They also touch on the overview of the Product Hunt mobile app, the benefits and issues to using React Native to create the application, roadblocks and issues he ran into, and more!
        2 Years of React Native at Artsy with Orta Therox (
        Aug 21, 2018
        In this episode, the React Round Up panelists talk to Orta Therox about his 2 years of experience with React Native at Artsy. They talk about the different popular blog posts about React Native, why his team decided to switch over to React Native, and the effects of team size on the success of the fit of React Native in each company’s app.
        React & React Native Graphics Libraries feat. Gaëtan Renaudeau (
        Jun 18, 2018
        In this episode of React Native Radio, the panelists talk to Gaëtan Renaudeau. Gaëtan lives in France and is the author of gl-react. The idea for writing this came 3 years ago when he was working on his startup Project September and he wanted to make text work on top of images.
          Staying up to Date With React feat. Tyler McGinnis (
          Jun 11, 2018
          In this episode of React Native Radio, the panelists talk to Tyler McGinnis. They talk about the new React APIs that are coming out and discuss using React on the web. They also touch on the tools that are up to date right now, imposter syndrome, and feeling left behind. They stress the importance of not comparing yourself to other developers and staying focused on progressing in your own personal development career.
          Razzle with Jared Palmer (
          Jun 05, 2018
          In this episode of React Round Up, the panel discusses Razzle and other projects with Jared Palmer. They talk about what Razzle is, the benefit of server-side rendering, and the difficulties he faced putting this project together. They also touch on why he chose to create Razzle and some of his other projects like Backpack and After.js.
          The Future of Higher Order Components and Render Props with Paul Gray (
          May 22, 2018
          In this episode of React Round Up, the panel discusses the future of higher order components and render props with Paul Gray. They talk about how he got into programming and React, when you would want to use HOCs and render props, and chainable components.
          Geeky Ants feat. Sanket Sahu & Saurabh Sahu (
          May 21, 2018
          In today’s show, the React Native Radio Host, Nader Dabit and Gant Laborde speak with Sanket Sahu and Saurabh Sahu of Geeky Ants. Sanket and Saurabh talk about how they started their mobile app development company and working with open source, client projects, and cross platform development and much more. Topics covered are about Native Base, BuilderX, and their work with React Native.
          Best Practices with React and Redux with Samuel Mendenhall (
          May 08, 2018
          In this episode of React Round Up, the panel discusses best practices with React and Redux with Samuel Mendenhall. They talk about what has led him to React, as well as some of the most common mistakes that people make in React. They also talk about the amazing power of TypeScript and when you may not want to use Redux.
          Breaking up with Higher Order Components with David Atchley (
          Apr 17, 2018
          In this episode of React Round Up, the panel discuss breaking up with higher-order components with David Atchley. They talk about what higher-order components and render props are and when you would want to use them to help you in your code. They also touch on overuse and misuse of applications and coding tools and the difference between using render props and HOCs.
          Immer & MobX State Tree feat. Michel Weststrate (
          Mar 29, 2018
          In today’s show, the React Native Radio Host, Nader Dabit and Spencer Carli speak with Michel Weststrate about Immer and MobX state tree. Both libraries are written by Michel. Michel does open source and tech leads about Mendix. Mendix is an enterprise software vender that Michel works for currently. Michel and React Native Radio discuss MobX State Tree and Immer libraries, and other areas of Mendix.
          React Testing Discussion & React Cosmos feat. Ovidiu Chereches (
          Mar 22, 2018
          In today’s show, the React Native Radio Host, Nader Dabit and Spencer Carli speak with Ovidiu Chereches, about Testing React and React Native applications. Ovidiu shares his journey into working as a full stack developer and working in the community as an experienced developer. Ovidiu shares a general view on testing and sharing information on projects (React Cosmos) that helped him on manual testing and much more.
          Advanced Component Patterns and Downshift with Kent C. Dodds (
          Mar 20, 2018
          In this episode of React Round Up, the panel discusses advanced component patterns and Downshift. They talk about different component patterns, especially render prop patters, and the fact that Downshift allows for your components to be much more useful generally for more people. They also note that the render prop patterns can help to separate logic from view, which makes things easier to develop.
          RRU 002: Webpack the Good Parts with Juho Vepsäläinen (
          Mar 13, 2018
          In this episode of React Round Up, the panel discusses Webpack the good parts with Juho Vepsäläinen. He talks a lot about the book he has written on Webpack, which helps people understand Webpack and how to work with it. They also discuss the advantages to using Webpack and discuss how you can use it in your coding to your benefit.
          Getting Started with React (
          Mar 06, 2018
          In this episode of React Round-Up, the panel discusses how they each got into React and they provide some great resources for people who want to learn more about React and what it’s all about. They emphasize the fact that React is a very straightforward language and can be used relatively painlessly with a little bit of learning before jumping in.
          Native Modules with Florian Rival (
          Nov 15, 2017
          Expo with Adam Perry (
          May 30, 2017
          Leland Richardson of Airbnb (
          May 08, 2017
            Amazon Lambda and FullStack React with Sophia Shoemaker (
            Apr 03, 2017

              Books & Guides

              React Native in Action ( it on Amazon
              Mar 25, 2019
              React Native in Action gives iOS, Android, and web developers the knowledge and confidence they need to begin building high-quality iOS and Android apps using the React Native framework.


              react-native-elements (
              Feb 25, 2019
              Cross Platform React Native UI Toolkit

              Courses & Video Series

              Building Serverless Web Applications with React & AWS Amplify (
              Feb 05, 2019
              This course walks you through setup and implementation to get your cloud-based application up and running. You’ll finish the course ready to quickly and easily deploy your serverless React application, so users can start using and enjoying it right away.
              Scalable Offline-Ready GraphQL Applications with AWS AppSync & React (
              Nov 27, 2018
              In this course, Nader Dabit will show you how to build a production-ready GraphQL API through AWS AppSync
              React Native Bootcamp (
              Aug 07, 2018
              Learn React Native with the free online Bootcamp