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Lazy-Loading Your React App (
Nov 04, 2020
Improve the performance of your React app with React.lazy and Suspense.
  • Blanca Mendizábal Perelló
Trim the Fat From Your Bundles Using Webpack Analyzer & React Lazy/Suspense (
Dec 26, 2019
In this post I will go over a real world example from my work at Wix where I was able to trim my bundle size by about 80% using Webpack Analyzer and React Lazy/Suspense.
Optimize your app by being Lazy (
Dec 08, 2019
What is lazy loading, and why should you do it?
  • Sissel Fladby
Get Lazy With React (
Mar 11, 2019
As your React app grows, so does your bundle size. Splitting your bundle can help you lazy-load only the things the user absolutely needs. This can reduce the code needed for an initial load, delaying other loading of components or modules until the user asks for it.
  • Eric Bishard
Infinite component scrolling with React.lazy and IntersectionObserver (
Mar 08, 2019
In a previous post, I wrote briefly about how the IntersectionObserver API could be used for things such as analytics and dynamic module loading but I didn’t fully provide any concrete examples. In this post, I would like to practically show how one can achieve the above with this rather new API.
  • Shaun Wallace
Magic of React Suspense with concurrent react and React.lazy API (
Feb 07, 2019
Let’s understand what this means and also get introduced to some of the new features coming to React, some of which have been released as part of the latest stable release and some of them are still in unstable mode and it’s quite possible that the implementation of the api might change over time.
  • Vivek Nayyar
Lazy Loading React Components (with react.lazy and suspense) (
Jan 31, 2019
Let’s take a look at how you can leverage this feature in your application in order to improve performance and build a better experience for users.
  • Nwose Lotanna
How to retry when React lazy fails (
Nov 16, 2018
React 16.6 has been released and it's now easier than ever to do code split within our React applications by using lazy and Suspense. After a few days monitoring a production application that is using lazy, I noticed a couple of client-side errors when downloading asynchronous modules. Learn how to mitigate this.
  • Guilherme Oenning
How to use React.lazy and Suspense for components lazy loading (
Nov 14, 2018
React 16.6 brought code-splitting to a new level. You can now load your components when it’s really needed without installing additional libraries.
  • Boris Sever

Video Guides & Talks

Intro to Suspense and React.lazy (
Jan 21, 2019
In this video we'll look at the smallest Suspense example I can think of :D It is part 1 of a 4 part series I'm doing on Suspense.
Suspense with @reach/router and React.lazy (
Jan 21, 2019
In this video we'll show how to use Suspense along with @reach/router and React.lazy to code-split and lazy-load each route/page of our application, showing a fallback component while it's loading.
Test components that use React.lazy + Suspense (
Dec 12, 2018
This was something I bumped into yesterday and thought I'd share how I test it.

Books & Guides

Reintroducing React (
May 02, 2019
Modern React with Every React Update Since v16 Demystified (includes advanced hooks)
  • Ohans Emmanuel