ReactJS Day

Oct 04, 2019 / Verona, Italy


Parallel computing in React (
Dec 29, 2019
In this session, I am going to show my experience running jobs in parallel on a React application that will provide a pleasant user experience and exciting development.
  • Majid Hajian
Making games and physics work with Reason & Reprocessing (
Nov 22, 2018
Reason is great for a whole lot of things, but let me take you through a story of trying to write a 2D physics engine in just under 8 hours (Mistakes were made), what strongly typed languages don’t protect you off, and a vision of what you could build with Reason or Reprocessing.
  • Phil Plückthun
Advanced patterns in building React Components (
Nov 21, 2018
This talk is going to focus on some advanced patterns in building your react components. More over we do not know what the best way to do things and we end up feeling stressed out.
  • Manjula Dube
Behavioral Programming with React: request, wait and block (
Nov 20, 2018
In this talk I will describe how Behavioral Programming concepts can be applied to React. Specifically, I will showcase real-world examples and demonstrate how programming using this new paradigm can alleviate some of the issues that arise when programming with large teams.
  • Luca Matteis
    Let's manage our local state with GraphQL (
    Nov 13, 2018
    Apollo has given us freedom and happiness when it comes to managing our data coming from the server but we still had to write code and sometimes a lot of it to manage our local state? Well, what if we managed it with queries too? Sounds too awesome right? Let's learn how to do this with apollo-link-state.
    Navigating the hype-driven world of frontend development without going crazy (
    Nov 09, 2018
    Most developers are focused on the wrong things and they're constantly discussing things that don't matter in the long run. Instead of making our workday look like fun and games by inventing tasks that seem challenging to us, we should shift the focus to providing value for the end user. When we start looking at things in a new way, the FOMO is drastically reduced. In this talk, we're going to explore all the common pitfalls and provide practical solutions for solving this problem once and for all.
    • Kitze
      Updates on React Router (
      Nov 08, 2018
      Over the past 4 years, React Router has become one of the most widely used pieces of the React ecosystem. Working on React Router was actually how I got my start in React, and it's been incredibly humbling and rewarding to work on something that brings so much value to businesses and to the React community. In this talk, I'll cover the current state of React Router, as well as discuss several new features and updates we have made so the router is ready for React's (async) future!