React Finland

May 26, 2020 / Helsinki, Finland


Intuitive Tooling (
May 02, 2019
In this talk, we'll discuss why truly intuitive tooling doesn't exist, go over some common misconceptions in the React community and learn more inclusive ways to talk about emerging frontend technologies.
  • Carolyn Stransky
Building resilient frontend architecture (
May 02, 2019
In this talk we’ll look at specific techniques you can use today to keep your app from turning into that infamous ball of mud.
  • Monica Lent
WebAssembly The Next Big Platform (
May 01, 2019
Rust ecosystem offers many great tools to work with WebAssembly on the web. These include DOM manipulation, JavaScript bindings and so on, and you will learn more about them in the talk.
  • Sven Sauleau
    Practical Performance for React Native (
    May 01, 2019
    In this talk you’ll find out how some commonly used patterns have an adverse effect on the speed of your app, and how to avoid using them. We’ll mainly explore UI and state management but we’ll also dive into some native-specific issues and look at how to prevent them.
    • Anna Doubková
    Releasing a library written in TypeScript on NPM (
    May 01, 2019
    Most of us have used or at least heard about TypeScript, but how many have released a React library written in TypeScript on NPM? In this session we will take a look at the tooling required and some best practices for publishing a library using TypeScript and Rollup.
    • Christoffer Niska
    React Union Write once, plug anywhere (
    May 01, 2019
    This talk will be about the different use case in which a React application is divided into several standalone configurable modules. I am going to show how the React modules can be integrated into diverse CMS platforms such as WordPress or Liferay with help of React Union library.
    • Tomáš Konrády
      Codecrumbs in React (
      May 01, 2019
      The granular approach of designing components helps us to build reusable and encapsulated features. On another hand, it also makes a codebase much more complex by extra added abstractions and drastically increased amount of source code files. How can we navigate the maze of hundreds of React-atoms now?
      • Bohdan Liashenko
      Scalable Design Systems with TypeScript (
      May 01, 2019
      This session explores creating living documentation for design systems, ensuring consistent documentation at all times using TypeScript.
      • Tejas Kumar
      Creating layouts that last (
      May 01, 2019
      What if we could wield layout composition as an actual React component? Spoiler: that would solve the #1 issue that prevents our layouts from being truly reusable.
      • Artem Zakharchenko
      Custom CSS is the path to inconsistent UI (
      May 01, 2019
      When developers have too much freedom in defining the UI, they will do things differently. The issue could be solved by avoiding any custom CSS on the app level and having a set of primitive components that allow developers to glue UI together in a consistent way.
      • Artem Sapegin
      React Standard Library (
      May 01, 2019
      React Native is the tool for building cross platform React apps. To build native-like experiences, we need good APIs providing the native capabilities of each platform in a unified way. Is the answer a standard library for React apps?
      • Ville Immonen
      The Untouchable Web (
      May 01, 2019
      The majority of users are now browsing websites primarily using touch devices. In this talk, Rick Hanlon from the React Native team at Facebook shares what React Native has learned about touch devices with web developers, including how to provide a rich user experience today, and where this space is going.
      • Rick Hanlon
      Building a Community Around Ignite (
      May 01, 2019
      In this talk, Jamon will go into what it took to build a thriving developer community around the popular React Native CLI and boilerplate, Ignite.
      • Jamon Holmgren
        Unpopular Opinions (
        May 01, 2019
        Unpopular opinions are mostly popular opinions people post on Twitter and share them as an unpopular opinion. Some unpopular opinions though are really unpopular for a good reason. Doesn’t make sense to you? Neither to me.
          Gatsby and Themes The Future of Gatsby (
          May 01, 2019
          Themes are coming very soon to Gatsby, and this talk will do a deep dive on what they are, how to use them, and the types of amazing content you can create easily with a framework that people love: Gatsby.
          • Dustin Schau
          Drawing the line between 3rd party and handcrafted components (
          May 01, 2019
          Often when we write new components, we might be like: Come on, there must be a library out there! And most times there was already someone who faced the same problem... only that it's not quite the same. Should I use the 3rd party lib? Or go with my own? Let's find out the differences and trade-offs in this session.
          • Glenn Reyes
          12 Tips For More Accessible React Apps (
          May 01, 2019
          If you want to improve the accessibility of your React apps but you don't know how or where to start, this talk is just what you need. Manuel shares 12 tips that will help you build web sites and applications that can be used by anyone. Each tip fits on one slide and you'll be able to put them into practice right away without having to learn anything fundamentally new.
          • Manuel Matuzović
          CICD for React Native (
          May 01, 2019
          Understanding the basics of how to apply CI/CD practices in React Native mobile application development to automate software release tasks will improve performance and will free up time more usefully spent elsewhere in the project.
          • Juha Linnanen
          A practical guide to building your design system infrastructure (
          May 01, 2019
          This practical guide shows how to apply existing development tools to your system and what is the value you can get.
          • Varya Stepanova
          A Common Design Language Let Designers and Developers talk to each other (
          May 01, 2019
          “Should designers code?” or “Should coders design?”—these two eternal questions are being asked for years with no particular answer given.
          • Andrey Okonetchnikov
          Abstract component modeling in React (
          May 01, 2019
          In this talk, I'll be showing a set of techniques to model a semi complicated React component, independent from the common integrations.
          • Farzad Yz
          Mind Reading with Adaptive and Intelligent UIs in React (
          May 01, 2019
          In this talk, we will explore how we can make adaptive and intelligent UIs in React that learn from how individual users use your apps, and personalize the interface and features just for them, in real-time.
          • David Khourshid
          Append only development with React (
          May 01, 2019
          In this talk I will explain this paradigm in the context of developing a React app. Furthermore I will show how changes can be made to the app without having to understand how old code was written; hence I describe this method as "append-only development".
          • Luca Matteis
          How React changed everything (
          May 25, 2018
          This talk will examine how React changed the front end landscape as we know it. We'll start by recounting the pre-React landscape, including prior art. Next, we'll venture into the introduction of React, and its reception and growth.
            Get started with Reason (
            May 25, 2018
            We will kick off with the basics and then quickly go into how to leverage features like variant types and pattern matching to make impossible states impossible. After you gained some knowledge about the basics the course will dig even further into ReasonReact.
            State Management in React Apps with Apollo Client (
            May 25, 2018
            Apollo has given us freedom and happiness when it comes to managing our data coming from the server but we still had to write code and sometimes a lot of it to manage our local state? Well, what if we managed it with queries too? Sounds too awesome right? Let's learn how to do this with apollo-link-state.
            Immer Immutability made easy (
            May 25, 2018
            Immer is a tiny package that allows you to work with immutable data structures with unprecedented ease. It doesn't require learning new data structures or update APIs, but instead creates a temporarily shadow tree which can be modified using the standard JavaScript APIs. The shadow tree will be used to generate your next immutable state tree. Join this talk to see how to write your reducers in a much more readable way, with half the code and without requiring additional large libraries.
              Making Unreasonable States Impossible (
              May 25, 2018
              Based on @nikgraf's introduction to Reason (Get started with Reason), this talk goes deeper into the world of variant types and pattern matching and puts them into a practical context. You will learn how these tools help you design solid APIs, which are impossible to misuse by consumers. Additionally you will get more insights into practical ReasonReact code.
              • Patrick Stapfer
              Universal React Apps Using Next (
              May 25, 2018
              Every user’s hardware is different, and processing speed can hinder user experience on client-side rendered React applications. Server-side rendering and code-splitting can drastically improve user experience by minimizing the work that the client has to do. It’s easy to get lost in the lingo, so come learn what it all means and how to easily build universal React apps using the Next.js framework. We’ll walk through the concepts and use code examples to cement your understanding. You’ll get the most out of this session if you’re comfortable with React and ES6 syntax.
              • Sia Karamalegos