React Day Berlin

Dec 06, 2019 / Berlin, Germany


Writing Your Own React Renderer (
Jan 07, 2019
Talk about reconciler, life cycles, and custom-renderer. The idea is to introduce how to create a custom renderer and how the reconciler handles elements, components, and instances.
  • Raphael Amorim
Troubleshooting a slow app, a practical guide to great React Native performance (
Jan 07, 2019
React Native is amazing at helping you deliver in production live apps very quickly. But to get there, you sometimes have to cut corners. Once you have a successful app loved by thousands of users, you start to wonder how to tackle performance issues. Figuring out where to start can be tricky. This will be a practical guide about tools that can help you identify bottlenecks and quickly find ways to increase your app’s performance.
  • Jean-Remi Beaudoin
Insights from Building Rich Animated Experiences in React (
Jan 07, 2019
Have you ever wondered why good performance is so hard to achieve in heavy animated web applications? This talk is a practical retrospective on the discoveries, the pains and the journey that led me to build reliable bulletproof animations and transitions in real life production projects.
  • Jeremias Menichelli
So You Want to Use React Native in Your Mobile App? (
Jan 07, 2019
In this talk, Karan will share his learnings from working on the React Native infrastructure at Skyscanner. These are concepts, issues and roadblocks that a developer would encounter in their journey of integrating React Native in a brownfield app. Knowing these ahead of time would help folks take the right decisions when building their own React Native infrastructure.
  • Karan Thakkar
Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path in React (
Jan 07, 2019
One of the crucial elements of performance is to ship relevant content to your users as soon as possible. But in modern web applications, figuring out what to ship and what to prioritize can be hard. Framework driven applications have the big disadvantage of being pretty heavy for the initial load. We will start from understanding how the browser works, then we will explain what the critical rendering path is and how we can optimize it.
  • Alex Moldovan
Type Systems & Props Design - Exploring PropTypes, TypeScript, Flow & Reason (
Jan 07, 2019
Badly designed props can lead to components that are frustrating to use. While there are a couple patterns to make components more pleasant to use, ultimately it needs a type system in combination with a good editor integration for an even better developer experience. Yet not all type systems are the same. They offer different features and therefore lead to different experiences.
Using SVG in React Native (
Jan 07, 2019
In this talk, I'll show you how I integrated the use of SVG with the opinionated component and state system of React, but in the same time keeping things highly performant when interacting with the UI thread - a topic a lot of developers are struggling with.
  • Ori Harel
Building A Large Scale React Native App (
Jan 07, 2019
At HuffPost we just finished rebuilding our main android news app in React Native. Explore some of the decisions we made about our code base and how those decisions impacted the success of the project and its future potential.
  • Raphael Eidus
3D Components in React Application (
Jan 07, 2019
Denys makes 3D photorealistic games which run in web browsers. He cares about performance, reusable and high-quality code.
  • Denys Periel
Framer X Inside Out (
Jan 07, 2019
Framer X is an advanced interactive design tool, powered by React. In Framer X, you can use actual React components in your design, bringing Code and Design together in a completely new way. We’ll talk about the challenges we encountered while creating Framer X. From how to make a performant graphics editor to building a dynamic component loader.
  • Artem Riasnianskyi
Sleeping better at night with (
Dec 20, 2018
In this talk Tomasz would like to show you how YOU can start covering your app with e2e tests and showcase coolest features that has to offer.
  • Tomasz Łakomy
React and GraphQL - Building Blocks (
Dec 20, 2018
Building GraphQL apps in React is no easy feat but is hugely simplified by GraphQL clients that intelligently take schemas and types into account. In this talk, we'll explore what a newer more flexible version of the urql library will look like, and how it encourages experimentation so you can build your own, custom GraphQL client more easily.
  • Phil Pluckthun
Leveraging Context API in Redux (
Dec 20, 2018
Redux and Context are frequently discussed as competing state management solutions. Redux is strengthened, but also sometimes limited by its prescription of "one true global store." This talk discusses a synergy between the two technologies to address this 'limitation' in certain cases.
  • Brian Mullin
Powering Code Reuse with Context and Render Props (
Dec 17, 2018
This talk will explain how context and render props work and give you some ideas of how to use them to simplify your own code.
  • Forbes Lindsay
Feature Driven Architecture (
Dec 17, 2018
Large applications cannot be structured the same way as small applications. Many good decisions you make for a small application suddenly become bad once it grows in code and organization size. Let me walk you through a number of challenges and good decisions for scalable applications.
  • Oleg Isonen
Tip Top Testing in JavaScript (
Dec 17, 2018
In this talk we'll dive into the approaches and strategies needed to create a great unit test environment for your JavaScript and React applications. We'll examine what makes the perfect test, what to avoid, and how to use more complex features like mocks and spies to enable you to write tests more easily.
Abstracting the Business Away with React+Redux (
Dec 17, 2018
Let's talk about how React fares in the real world when 'the business' gets involved.
  • Elianne Schutze
Structure Your App's Story With Sagas and Selectors (
Dec 17, 2018
If React is designed for the view layer, and we’re using Redux or something similar for the state, then where does the business logic go? This talk looks at the different options and tries to answer that question.
  • Rebecca Hill
Secrets to a Successful Design System (
Dec 17, 2018
In this talk, you'll learn how to pitch a design system to your boss, rarely discussed technical caveats and challenges, and how to set your design system up for success from the start.
  • Monica Lent
The Lonely and Dark Road to Styling in React (
Dec 17, 2018
Let's walk this road thogheter and I promise it will all be fine and you will leave with an ideia of type of styling is better for each project. Hint: There is no perfect way...
Designing React Native Modules For Every Platform (
Dec 17, 2018
In this talk, we'll do a deep dive into how React Native and Metro goes about resolving platform specific code, common patterns for separating platform-specific code, and look at those same patterns from the perspective of a platform developer to see how we can make them more resilient to new & upcoming platforms.
  • Vincent Riemer
React Suspense Deep Dive (
Oct 08, 2018
Suspense is an exciting new fundamental arriving soon in React. This talk explores this interesting new paradigm in-depth on the client and on the server, outlining its implications for current and future front-end development.
  • Tejas Kumar
    A Pragmatists's Guide to ReasonML (
    Jan 03, 2018
    People in our community are bursting with excitement about ReasonML - but why is that, and what does it have to do with our beloved React? Is this something for hipster types only, or will we all be using it in a year's time?
    • Marcel Cutts
    Augmented Reality With React Native — a Medium Worth To Bridge? (
    Dec 19, 2017
    Since Apple and Google have introduced ARKit and ARCore respectively, the excitement for easy access to Augmented Reality (AR) on everyday mobile devices is exploding. So let’s take a look of how we can marry this new medium with React Native in the most efficient way. We head dive into AR by understanding our UX goals with an interactive AR stage demo (so bring your device!), identify implementation paths as well as existing and new libraries.
    • Dino Scheidt
    How to Support All Styles of Styling (
    Dec 09, 2017
    Today's front-end community is highly fragmented when it comes to styling. From good-old css, css modules, and inline styles to numerous css-in-js libraries—there is a range of options to choose from. This talk puts forth some best practices discovered while building a React component library shared across all different engineering teams at Signavio.
    • Jan-Felix Schwarz