Mar 08, 2018 / London, UK


State Management in a GraphQL Era (
Mar 20, 2018
We're going to start with exploring the evolution of making a SPA. Then we're going to dive into the problem of how fetching, caching, and reading data really complicates state-management and see what approaches we took with different libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Angular, and React.
  • Kitze
The Dark and Lonely Road to Styling in React (
Mar 20, 2018
CSS is hard ! I made a living out of it being hard but when React was introduced we had a whole new level of fighting over CSS, there are so many ways to approach it and so many tradeoffs one can do when choosing the better approach that a talk that will go over these options is more than necessary.
We Need To Talk About Our Frontend Workflow (
Mar 20, 2018
Building high quality interfaces that are consistent across products is hard. Fear not, Design Systems with React is the solution!