React Boston

Sep 21, 2019 / Boston, US


TypeScript + React (
Apr 29, 2019
This talk will provide a brief summary of the world of typed languages, an overview of TypeScript's features, as well as deeper dives into how TypeScript integrates with the world of React.
  • Chris Toomey
React Hooks: a Guided Tour (
Nov 23, 2018
Dave will give an introduction to hooks and the motivation behind them, show examples of hooks in practice, and explain how you can try them out yourself.
The Component is King for Modern Web Development (
Dec 14, 2017
Swizec Teller talks about how components are the future of web development.
Testing API Contracts with Snapshots (
Dec 04, 2017
Dave Ceddia talks about using Jest's snapshot testing to verify your APIs are working as expected.