GraphQL Summit

Oct 30, 2019 / San Francisco, US


Serverless GraphQL with Netlify Dev (
May 21, 2019
In this talk we explore how Serverless and GraphQL work together, explore ways to stitch individual function schemas, and get hard numbers to fight performance concerns.
GraphQL + Suspense (
May 21, 2019
In this talk, Jared Palmer, Engineering Lead at The Palmer Group goes deep on the past, present, and future of data fetching in React apps.
GraphQL + Audi = Yes! (
Dec 05, 2018
Audi's Director of IT Digital Tech Solutions and Strategy, Jeff Titus, shares his GraphQL journey and lessons learned along the way.
  • Jeff Titus
Beyond Static With Gatsby & Apollo (
Dec 05, 2018
In this talk, learn how Gatsby & Apollo help you build apps that combine the performance and workflow benefits of static sites with the flexibility and power of server-driven sites.
  • Jason Lengstorf
Teaching GraphQL (
Dec 05, 2018
Whether you’re ramping up a new hire, mentoring a co-worker, writing documentation, or giving a technical talk, you’re constantly expected to share knowledge as requirements and technologies rapidly change.
GraphQL Schema Design @ Scale (
Dec 05, 2018
GraphQL's type system is what makes it so powerful. However, as our schemas grow, they sometimes become hard to evolve, hard to reason about, and hard to use for our integrators.
  • Marc-André Giroux
Netflix Studio Insider: µServices to GraphQL (
Dec 05, 2018
Dane Avilla, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, shares the lessons-learned at Netflix as we established a mechanism for teams to 'opt in' and migrate from various microservice platforms (REST, gRPC, etc.) to GraphQL while preserving 'Freedom & Responsibility'.
Shipping 'Belonging' with GraphQL & Apollo at Airbnb (
Dec 05, 2018
Airbnb's mission is to create a world where anyone can Belong Anywhere. But we can only deliver on that vision by executing! GraphQL and Apollo Platform sit at the center of a portfolio of tools engineers at Airbnb are using to ship faster.
What's next for Apollo Client (
Dec 05, 2018
Learn how to manage local state with Apollo Client, as well as some of the new tooling available with the Apollo CLI and VS Code extension.
  • Peggy Rayzis
Moving from Redux to GraphQL (
Dec 05, 2018
Shruti Kapoor, Software Engineer at PayPal, and Perumal Palani, Member of Technical Staff - 2 at PayPal, walk through the decisions of moving from Redux to GraphQL.
GraphQL at Shopify (
Nov 04, 2016
In this talk, we'll explore how Shopify designed and built its GraphQL API to make it easy for any team to extend and use our GraphQL schema.
  • Apollo GraphQL